Implanted without consent.

Lars Drudgaard and Jesse Beltran interviewed in Brussels about their experiences with Targeted Individuals, ICAACT’s work and the scanning methods. They claim that individuals who suspect that they are implanted usually are implanted. A way to try to find out is to scan for RF-emissions from the body.

It is not normal for humans (or animals) to emit radio frequencies. Yes, the RF-scans must be backed up by medical imagining. Concerns are also expressed regarding the fact that implants only get smaller and smaller and soon enough, it won’t be possible to see them anymore.

ICAACT met in Brussels (Belgium)  for phase three of the scanning process: scanning for RF in a Faraday Cage. Before the actual scanning, they were interviewed by Anton Glas.

An important matter discussed is that it’s very difficult for a victim to get any type of help, but it’s victimized by society once more. Victims are not believed and “old-fashioned” diagnosis are used. There are no physical examinations. There is no explanation to as why one would feel attacked, tortured and in constant pain.


4 thoughts on “Implanted without consent.

  1. A good example of where ‘Agenda21’ is leading society is in the interview of Magnus Olsson by Daniel Estulin. link here:
    Magnus was covertly brain chipped by Swedish medical mafia seemingly for little reason other than expanding the database. I am an example of being brain-chipped for the reason of political dissent against the fascistic take-over of Canadian politics. The first covert implant was for thought monitoring purposes and for devising a plan to disable my dissenting voice. The second covert brain implant’s purpose was even more high tech and seemlessly takes over consious awarness with remote robotic remote control at the same time. Probably, more a solder’s chip. If you are within the microwave tower communication matrix (God, I hope satellites never have the capacity to contact the brain-chip) and have consumed the reactive compound that allows nano energy weapon interaction upon human flesh… there is no stopping the unethical, brainchip possession anyone’s body.
    The brain and body has no way to firewall against cyber attacks other than nanochip software or some kind of built-in hardware within the chip, but the totalitarians would not design anything like this for slaves…….

  2. I was implanted such kind of BCI mind control and reading devices back to 2005. During the year, all my family members were chipped with such kind of thing. But my wife and my daughter don’t believe in this due to mind control by their master.
    I found it out only at Feb. 14, 2015. At that day, they got me fall on the road with heavy traffic once, and have me hit trees with my head twice.
    Beside this attempts, my family were undergone murder procedures lasting ten years long, including slaving me to murder and wife and my daughter countless times.
    This kind of device must be abolished, and those murders have to be punished by the people.
    There are many murders in Canada are very likely under influence of BCI devices, victims includes Liu QIan, Elisa Lam, and almost all schools shootings were caused by BCI devices with the gunman under control.
    Most recent German air flight crashed in France, can also be identified to be a BCI mind controlled tragedy.
    BCI mind control device brought slavery in a totally new way. And the Book don’t forbidden the slavery practice. One of assumption of law was broken by the BCI device, that is the person totally responsible for their own behaviour, while slavery practice exist in the covert way.
    Under the impact of BCI, an individual can be controlled to suicide, assassin other people, self harm, conduct massacre as showing in Norway island shooting.
    Game is getting hard to play.
    currently, nations who practice involuntary BCI impant includes but not limited are: the US, Canada, UK, German, Australia, Netherlander, Norway, and many more where medicalization of social control was practiced.
    Typically, these nations has many school shootings, shootings in public, high suicide ratio and self harm ratio, but covered with fake scientific research with Umbrella of social control and mental health propaganda.

    • You see, when you are covertly implanted by the medical mafia, you can’t point the finger at them and have anyone listen yet. Likely, within hours, the computer-brain-interface’s AI software trains itself to translate your thoughts into machine language via the interface. At this point, all thoughts are monitored and your country’s central-command will always have an upper hand while you resist. It is Orwellian thought-thugs for real, but they will call themselves thought-police after local laws make them lawful.
      They will make everyone who gets trapped by a psychiatrist into an artificial schizophrenic and further give you a phoney criminal record while you resist. Slowly assassinating your life.
      Listen to “Alan Watt – A Globalist Agenda For a Dumbed Down Domesticated Society”
      And if you want to understand who and why is doing this, you best listen to Bill Cooper’s “Mystery Babylon” series… all 35 broadcasts on or youtube. will teach a bit about Covert brain chips installed by the minions.

      Good luck,
      James Sidaway

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