Video: Demonstration Brussels against Non-Consensual Micro-chipping and Mind Control

Several victims gathered to demonstrate against Mind Control and Non-consensual micro-chipping /implantation in Brussels, March 14th, 2013. They had a chance to speak to the public and share some information with non-victims. Click on the picture of video.

5 thoughts on “Video: Demonstration Brussels against Non-Consensual Micro-chipping and Mind Control

  1. I especially like the music: Bob Marley, we should all listen to him, just to clarify
    People behind this are called “psychiatrists” and these days most of the people
    in the developed countries belong but not all of them know all the details…
    somewhere in future they will be only ones left in the World and there will be
    no more potential victim to choose from for whatever reason. True victim is put on 24 h/day survelance, everybody you get in contact with is approached by them, so no-one is allowed to help you or tell you anything. The victim is BLACKLISTED, rejected from society in some way… but you CAN get a job, and live… I do.

    I used to send emails like crazy and never got any response… except one advice which says that no-one can help me and I should find a good doctor – psychiatrist, but they don’t run the show, the show is run by hidden ones – “psychiatrists” are they called.

    Bob Marley was one of the biggest and a GOOD GUY, “Could you be loved”

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