Ethical Aspects

While in the US, the majority of the TIs used to be whistle blowers, seem to be targeted because of their background or political views, the same trend is not as apparent in Europe. The TIs are chosen out because of opportunity, because they are easy targets, at random or because they happen to be in the security service’s records of one reason or another.

Who are the perpeterators?

– Scientists.

– The Military.

– The Secret Service.

– Some of the politicians.

– Big, Powerful Corporations.

Who are in their service?

– The police.

.-The medical community.

– Anyone working in the public domain.

— Any of the groups above have influence and power over the every day citizens because of their position of power and influence.

Why does the Government do this?

If you look in history, every time there has been research done on people without their consent, no matter the pain and the suffering it has caused the victims, the reasons have been the following:

1. We are doing research on people that are no good. (Prisoners, Terrorists, Jews, Criminals, Already Mentally Disturbed or Deviant people).

Ethical Discussion: Nobody deserves this kind of torture. First of all, no matter who we are, the International Laws regarding Human Rights is for everybody. Second, many people that have been tortured in the name of terrorism, have not been terrorists at all. Torture is also an unreliable form of information, “A tortured mind can’t be trusted”. In Nazi Germany, Jews were the prime targets; They were fooled that they will travel away, somewhere, but were taken to concentration camps. Hitler and his supporters fooled the public, and even if the public knew what was going on, they said nothing. In many way, targeted individuals experience about the same thing: at first, some targeted individuals think that it must be some kind of strange, absurd game, they never believe that the perpetrators go as far as torturing their victim day and night, without trial, without even feeling the need to inform the victim what the cause is. Even the worst of all criminals have the right to a fair trial and to be treated fairly. Even when the victims is “said” to have behavioral problems or suffer from depression, this should not further justify even more torture. The torture that targeted individuals experience, cannot be compared to normal depression. It’s far worse.

Disclamer: None of the TIs are criminals, dangerous criminals, terrorists or mentally ill.

2. We have to maintain technological advancement, or other nations will become more advanced and eventually take over.

Ethical Discussion: The one’s conducting the research could first develop safe methods of research. A country that is technologically advanced, should not measure it’s advancement only by it’s level of tech, but also it’s level of ethics and morals. Work in stead to make this kind of intrusive and humiliating experimentation on all human beings all over the world illegal and no other country will take over.

3. If we sacrifice a few hundreds or thousands individuals nationally or internationally, it will benefit millions of others.

Ethical Discussion: Who is to say that I or You or Somebody Else have the right to live happily but not the Other? Who is the technology benefiting in a world where millions of people still die of hunger, diseases and thirst? The only people that this research is benefiting are large computer companies, the secret service, the army and powerful individuals in our governments. This kind of torture is always done in the Name of Humanity, but there is almost no discussion about what effects it will ultimately have on Humanity. We see glimpses about how the technology might benefit humanity in maybe 20 years, but none of the implementation is yet safe (that’s why we are tortured by it). People are not informed about. Newspapers show how BCIs can help people, but they don’t show the very aspect of the BCI that can control and torture the same people. There are documentaries about Non-Lethal Weapons, where they say that they do not kill, but they do not show the fact that with a Non-Lethal weapon you might be able to invisible and at a distance slowly torture a person or a group of people at once. And because we are targets, we know that the technology can be abused, and that it is abused. Nothing is holy for the perpetrators.

4. We can’t come up with the same results if we don’t do this kind of unethical murderous research without consent and it’s important: It is a matter of national security.

Ethical Discussion: This is, besides the “humanitarian” reason discussed above, just another justification and cover up for the torture of so many people that have not even been given a choice. How is the government protecting the nation, when it becomes the enemy of the people? Who is the Nation, if not it’s citizens? This justification is also in part a very good lie, because the implication from companies that develop products that will in the future be used commercially is huge.

14 thoughts on “Ethical Aspects

  1. Here is the truth about Mind Control:

    The World is run by Illuminati. Chances are most people are simple by blood line. For example you can’t be a policeman or a doctor if you are not one of them.

    They invented the Mental Hospitals, Psychiatry and Mind Control as they developed the technology and I know for sure that they had technology this already 60 years ago and even before.

    First ones that had the right to put someone int mental hospital were blue blood famillies, then they recruted others. They are know performing Mind Control on unrestrained subjects as they call them (go google Jose Delgado Physically controlling the mind).
    In the past they had some silly rules that only them can have a tatoo for example or is alowed to change his name…

    I think that they loosend up a little bit by know but if you are by some chance NOT one of them (go check with your parents) there is a very big chance that if you tried to pull something like Merylin Mason does (one of the biggest ones in their pyramid) you’d get so screwed via mind control gadgets that you would not know what hit you.

    They are known to exterminate the whole famillies. They have some sysop secret way to make you spill your guts and tell them everything. You wouldn’t believe what they uncover. Sometimes they simple kill the parents (or make them kill themselves) without the court or the police because this is FOR THEM. Then they would replace the parents with their own people, take their posessions and put the children into mind control program simple because of their blood line. In the past they rarely lived long. Eventually they will be only ones left in the World.

    If you are targeted with REAL MIND CONTROL know this: You have probabbly some sort of a battery in your chest, On the top of your head you have an RF antenna with FM transmitter implanted. Also some sort of cochlear implant so they can talk to you. They can hear your silent speech (thoughts) and they can see what you see. Usually they start when you are not aware of this with giving you physical problems with deep brain stimulation, and use strong sexual abuse. Then they start to gangstalk you. They cooperate among countris so you can’t escape anywhere. They are buliding some sort of file on you where they record every thing about you that you might did to deserve this. They show this to everyone you get in contact with even on your job. EVERYONE YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH HAS TO DO WHATEVER CONTROLLERS TELL THEM TO. If you are despite that refusing to see a psychiatrist, really bad things start to happen when they start to talk to you via syntetic telephaty and let you know that they are watching you. Most people go crazy then. They might tell you that you might be the choosen one and want you to fight it. Don’t believe it. Remember they want you to kill yourself. As soon as you start to produce seek staff in your head you should turn yourself up to the nearest mental hospital where you will be diagnosed with Paranoid Psychofrenia but YOU WILL STAY ALIVE and that is the only goal here. They will harras you for a couple of days in mental hospital but then the voices will stop, they will tell you it is because they are giving you drugs, remember they all BELONG, that is why you will not get any support from doctors or media because it is controlled by them. You should take your medications when out because they see when you’re not and then harras you. Be religious about it. I will post here how to disable this implants on your head when I found out how. I already tryed shaving my head and put TENS stimulator on bumps on my head, didn’t work but mybe I didn’t use it enough, diathermy (I would start slow and be careful not to hurt myself) is another choice but you can’t buy that thing because they will not sell you – they say you have to be licenced to use it, also go to the sauna, another choice is scuba diving deep but I will not advise it because you have to be trained, you might try to use BARO-CHAMBER, also they don’t want you to drink, they say no, no you shouldn’t drink when you are taking your medications, well YOU SHOULD drink glass or two of red wine but never get drunk, do not go to far. And don’t get scared, remember they are NOT ALLOWED TO KILL YOU REMOTELY, their goal is to make you kill yourself.

    “They say: only – only – only the fittest of the fittest shall survive – Stay alive! Eh!” – Bob Marley (one of the biggest in their pyramid).

    My harrasment lowered, they still harass me with voices, sexuall stimulation etc. and I am not sure is it because I was first implanted 30 years ago as a 10 years old boy or I managed to do something with methods I described.

    Also this works for me (listening out loud with headphones): (Metallica is one of the biggest)

    I am sick and tyred of all the bullshit I read all over the internet and cannot get in contact with a genuine target anywhere, so if you had psysical symptoms, gangstalked and might hear voices don’t get scarred, and your psychiatrist tells you to take RISPOLEPT (RISPERIDON) INJECTIONS every two weeks and pills at home contact me:

    • Your psychiatrist is under NLP and hypnotized computer 24/7 same as your entourage is!!!!
      Don’t get fooled by a computer or any other US technology!! Even your family members don’t have traces of your torture in their memories. It’s only what they will tell you!!!!
      I’ve been victim of it for 39 years, i have been chosen because i am Jewish!!!!! Hitler’s path!!!

    • Tome sounds sincere.
      When the socialist workers party called NASI took control of a once republic nation, it was financed by secret societies in the western world. (William Cooper, Listen to the Mystery Babylon series produced around 1993 to identify who is behind the mind control and why it is happening.) The NASIs could have been guided and funded to actually take over and keep Europe under fascism, but Hitler, a political puppet, followed orders from above and superseded his generals tactics to take Moscow… Hitler divided the forces and sabotaged the invasion.
      It was obviously already decided that Germany would not take the sheeple into the chaos of the new age of Aquarius. The takeover of the great experiment of humanity belonged to the civil liberties of the USA. The freedom/responsibility to remain free experiment for the herd of humans not members of the mystery school.
      If you were covertly implanted with your brain-chip, you likely showed some public signs of non-conformity that the rest of the herd just refuse to do. I see sheeple shrug their shoulders and exclaim “What can you do?” You likely tried to do something.

      So, Hitler once said mind-control is the best way to take over the world. At the same time, Sem-Jacobsen, Penfield, and Delgato were religiously digging for methods and technology to control the brain covertly from a distance with the intent for it to go unnoticed. This is why you were brainchipped.
      Myself, I began exposing NAFTA corruption explained by Shelly Ann Clark in Canada. And with worries about the financial manipulation and collapse of Canadian economy and starvation fears for my family and friends and citizenry. I began devising a communication network, money system, food production heated by waste natural gas flaring through winter months. I had no idea that the secret societies were all around me following their orders to sack the “old world” based on civil rights and liberties of everyone.
      You see, if Trumps attempt to correct the corruption in the USA political system fails, then likely all the non-secret society public will be squeezed out of existence. The wicked ruling class within the shadows of government will become the new successful rulers of the new world. All the non-secret society traitors to their countries will be eliminated as untrustworthy like what Hitler and Stalin did. In fact, they both used the secret societies to gain control of the countries and even eliminated other “brothers” of the craft who were not happy with the new leader. Secret society internal politics, hey?

      The Brain-chip must use the microvolts emitted off of the brain-cells to power the nano-interface, nano cell-phone, nano CPU. Quite a miraculous device to take away your willpower or just to trick you with their many tactics of deception. William Cooper commented in his Mystery Babylon talks the development of electronic implant surveillance 24/7 back in 1993. There are some more good links to the applications and history of brain-chips at
      Dr. Duncan wrote a book about “Satellite Terrorism” but was forced to used that title by the publisher. My opinion is the brain-chip has not enough power to communicate with satellites and the cell-phone microwave-tower grid is the true prison-grid of the present/future.

      This is a religious war between the secret societies vs State-Church-Mob according to Cooper. He is likely quite correct. Alex Jones doesn’t point the finger at the world-wide secret society religion undermining western public culture with the brain-chip/gang-stalking control of the sheeple like Cooper did. Dr. Duncan gets into the gang-stalking.

      The new gestapo is likely homeland security operating the brain-chips from various central-command bases, maybe country by country.
      While I was in Central America last winter. My brain-chip was likely controlled by Canada long-distance-plan. Cell towers springing up everywhere in central America, now… expanding the prison-grid of course.

      You are likely upon earth to learn as much as you can. Maybe this can help you all a little bit.

  2. Chances are that almost all people posting here and reading this belong but just a warning for those who are NOT one of them (go check with your parents if you are not sure), be careful what you do cause their eye is always watching. Courts, jails, police and human rights are for them, if you do something stupid or you pulled the shortest straw (Metallica song) and you are simply born in a family which is targeted (yes it is eugenics at work) you might and up in their mind control program, experimented on, gangstalked, diagnosed with paranoid schizofrenia, forced to psychiatry and your life will become a living hell.

    In that case contact me:

  3. Also I have found that them have also some sort of brain implant in their heads and probably a battery (go listen Metallica: Battery) but in their case it enhances a standard of living, in victims case it is a hell. They have their own private thoughts but they can make it somehow to hear a victims internal dialog (thoughts) via their head/ear implant. Try this when you are talking to someone and in doubt, try tell them something inside(silent speech – NOT ALOUD) and watch face reactions. Did they hear it? Mybe, not all probably have this capabillity. I think that humans are moving towards transhumanism but it is all done in
    secret. And one more advice for genuine victims: ALWAYS STAY COOL no metter what is happening inside your head. And remember most people belong and try to make friends with as many as possible, you want them on your side, if you say something against someone that person will know (they tell everything) and you might created an enemy. They might help you if you make friends with them- they are not alowed to tell you what I am telling you, be good, don’t ever loose your temper or coolness. No metter what. “Could you be loved” – Bob Marley (one of the biggest and a good guy)

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  7. These people are criminals without a conscience, there is not point discussing ‘Ethics’ about their actions when their intention is to harass/ drive innocent humans to suicide, mental institutions or prisons.
    Only thing all TIs should do is start blogs and websites and Expose this crime, spread awareness to the general public in all ways possible.
    Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking in Chennai, India, starts as Cyberstalking.

    Organized Stalking Chennai City

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  10. Comment s’en protéger. ? Il y a peu de temps j’avais installé un brouilleur dans mon appartement, de nouveau je dormais bien, mais un jour la police a débarqué chez moi avec des appareils , des antennes et m’ont confisqué mon brouilleur car il brouillait une mega antenne téléphonique à au moins 50 mètres de mon domicile, alors que mon brouilleur n’était plus efficace au delà de 3 à 5 mètres. . ! Serait ce la solution. ? Je vais en commander un autre. ..

  11. cool de voir un français ici ::
    Moi pas de problème d’appareillage.

    Par contre harcelé où que j’aille, on veut effacer ma personnalité; comme j’ai été conditionné depuis tout jeune. Par mes parents ma famille, mon pedo psychiatre…

    Que je suis retourné voir il y a 8 ans … et c’est ça qui m’a reveillé :

    Je pensais qu’il était sectaire et avait controler son petit groupe autour de moi.

    On m’a fait croire que ça allait mieux, copine, “bon” psy. Puis ça s’est généralisé à toute “la bonne société” ….

    En fait c’est la même équipe. D’autant que tout le monde semble au courant : boulot, famille, ex copine.

    On a voulu me pousser à une culpabilité folle pour que je devienne une sous merde de compet.

    Je comprends pourquoi j’ai été très tenté par le BDSM depuis tout jeune.
    On me pousse à l’esclavage par la peur et on empêche ma personnalité de se développer.

    Les gens me font echo de mon intimité, mes recherches internet très précises, voir des choses que j’ai pu faire à voix haute chez moi ou même des gestes chez moi, . Controle de mon telephone (une fois voix dedans avec mon ex en ligne).

    Echo de mots clés, de choses qui sont à la fois trop précises et à fréquence trop elevée d’apparition, chez mon psy, boulot, même des gens dans la rue qd je prends mon tel… à la caf, pole emploi une fois la fille a eu peur en ouvrant mon dossier… elle a appelée deux responsables (genre je suis dangereux, c’est une mauvaise blague). Du mal à avoir les prestations sociales auxquelles j’ai droit …
    Un an et demi que mes boulots se passent vraiment mal

    J’ai cru être dans une “thérapie particulière”.. tu parles ça continues et personne ne m’en parle autrement que par sous entendus. On tente de me faire culpabiliser, de me faire croire que je suis un pervers (jy ai cru un temps). Je suis rentré dans les clous depuis 2 mois : “on” attends que je me tape une dépression ou que je m’énérve. Que je fasse une crise d’epilepsie (on m’en a parlé plusieurs fois).
    Que je parle, que je craque et on me dira que je suis taré (que les gens soient au courant ou non, ou juste une rumeur (peut être)).
    Et en fait ça a été comme ça dans ma vie depuis ma toute jeunesse (environ 4 – 8 ans).

    MA vie est dans un vase clos dont il semble dur de s’extraire.. Puis je commence à être déformé..

    Bossé en call center : le tel était reglé ça m’a donné des migraines meme plusieurs mois après l’arret du poste…

    Je vais couper les ponts avec ma famille (en centre du processus), changé de compte en banque. Changer de telephone. Mais je suis presque sur que je serais traqué par pole emploi, l’ursaff, les impots ect .. ect…

    Le pire c’est que dans mes boulots des dizaines et des dizaines de personnes étaient au courant.

    Ca à l’air répandu ?? Meme parti dans une ville lointaine j’ai croisé qques stalkers.

    On a du dire à d’autres que j’étais handicapé. (si c’était le cas, le spécialiste que je consulte).

    J’ai l’impression que tout le monde sait plus ou moins (ou tout mon environnement est controlé, mais c’est super étonnant).

    Je suis un ennemi d’état malgré moi. Et en dépit de toute la bonne volonté.

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