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  1. TI’s face two attacks. One is poisoning/ fumigation and the other is exposure to high and low frequency EMF. In both cases the person has to be sensitized by a chemical compound first. Otherwise, how could you explain two people in a room one experiencing so-called ‘TI Symptoms’ and the other not?. It’s either the allergic response to a chemical or it’s sensitivity to EMF by prior chemical exposure. These are provable medical facts. F-A-C-T-S. Not speculation nonsense. Please don’t speculate and quote Dr. Duncan until Dr. Duncan provides us with his PhD and curriculum vitae.

    Yes diet , especially one rich in Vitamin E is certainly helpful to anyone but if you’re under chemical attack in your apartment by perps below – I hardly see that diet is going to do a thing. Get out of the apartment and get with a witness! Take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the headaches and rhinitis-they go on for a long time after your exposure. Buy a frequency meter and go to a toxicologist! Make the medical profession work for you not against you.

    Collect evidence, create a timeline and a written narrative- and file a police report. Bring a witness to your sanity as police are gagged on this subject and will do everything to shut you up and put you away. However, it’s your duty to report it-so report it.

    References to UFO’s, Grey Aliens, Crazy talk, Reptile people,”Tech”,”magic”, spiritual warfare and conspiracy nonsense will ensure a quick response from me. Please don’t quote Revelations. It’s not a revelation to me.

    • whatever one feels necessary to do it good. I have stopped eating all carbs and in 6 months my hair turned from gray to it’s normal color. I do not have the same effects, they’re minimal now. I can assure you that changes in diet help. Back to proteins so that your body doesn’t lose it’s source of regeneration. Carbs destroy some of it immediately anyway, tech the rest.

  2. I personally know torture victims from the middle east and also from our past US wars. I know people who have been beaten in police custody. I am also a chemical torture victim here in the US by our domestic security working with their criminal associates. I am in the process of proving this legally. Are you perhaps a representative of your organization rather than a victim of physical torture? This site is for victims of chemical and electronic torture is it not?

  3. it’s been 13 months science tec mind haresment by my own family and friends armond arzmanians , alek nalbadyan , jessica kane , sevan madadian , sali madadian , seven derohanian , jono dersarkisin , artin sarkisian , armen morad and sister in law , hey homi ,aspet minassian and brother in laws , glendale ca 91206 elvis iezgoli and ani arzmanians and anna nalbadyan and anet marderosian, edwin dergregorian ,

  4. i have definitely changed my diet. Stoped smoking. Drinking more water and cut back on sugar seems to help. And yes carbs now i know why one of them was shouting mashed potato at me one day from a car. They really get me to eat carbs. In canteens they pile on the food so i cut back. I substituted porridge for bran flakes for breakfast. Substituting potato for veg seems to work too.

  5. How does changing your diet, drinking water with carbonated soda in it. Help you from been on surveillance 24/7.
    Or been struck by electronic harassment.

    Is this site real ?

  6. My name is artin arzmanians. Been a victim of brutality ,slavery ,mind control prisoner by my own family and friends and baby mom. Aspet Minassian and wifeTalin Minassian and her sister Selin and singer Shiraz burank olive resultant main singer and brother DJ Alex and his girlfriend, plus middle brother and evil wife. All 3 of them with the owner of the resurant olive Burbank CA. Illigal Satellite fraud Dish who has set my family up for the past 8 years since 2011 v2k ukultra and kidnapped my daughter , taken away my rights. Had a 3 day weeding , apparently voice I hear. My daughter was drowned in the bath tub cause they gave her drugs. Again the police should have the records and every Armenian person who lives in Los Angeles. Mainly the people who were at the wedding. If ,what and where. Burbank PD Officer Gamber ( 5 star ) and Jessica Katie Kane ( Nikki Nieves ) Sevan Madadian best friend ( agent )

  7. it’s been more than two years. Still this Persian Armenians in Los Angeles , glendale CA.refuse to stop harassing me like Sali madadian , Sevan Madadian , His cousin Vahe Khachaturian or Madadian. And Loris Derohanian or Khachaturian and narbeh , Arvin and Hmalet ,Sevan Emil derohanian. aspet Minassian and talin could testify. Along with Artin Ayvazian , hovic and Silva Karimi. And Edwin Der Gregorian and Dr Ayvazian and This is way to much. No one in the world has ever suffered and been humilated , cause of Armenians who took advantage of me , my daughter and her mom and my mom.

  8. about gangstalking¨we do have legislation punishing “stalking”. Can anyone explain why and how there is no outrage against “secret intelligence agencies” that are hiring gang stalkers _ ?
    secret private intelligence is CRIME. there is no two ways about that.
    How come there is no global outrage against them, like for instance it was in the Harvey Weinstein case?
    Governements NEED TO TAKE ACTION !

  9. Artin Arzmanians 35 months nero remote monotor by armenians. Joni der sarkisian and sevan madadian / 5 drug sales case dismised along wth jessica katie kane his wife with 2 kids and my own daughter God knows appresntly is not here . started 2011

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