Eric R. Naeslund The Human Brain Project HD

Cybernetics and bio telemetry. Experiments on human beings. The State using individuals for medical experimentation and developing brain control systems with implants and supercomputers able to control large populations and individuals. The perfect tool to create the state within the state.

This is a lecture by R. Naeslund in Stockholm Sweden about the Human Brain Proejct that is still going on today in Sweden in the US.

Ethical Aspects of ICT Implants in the Human Body, EGE – Capurro and

In this slideshow, Rafael Capurro, member of EGE, European Group on Ethics, goes a step further and remarks that there are people that are unjustly affected by this technology. On page 38-41, Capurro presents, Magnus Olsson’s page about Targeted Individuals, the Ethics, and Mind Control issues of today, for medical and neurological research.


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European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) on ICT implants

In 2005, The European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE), presented an opinion (nr. 20), on ICT implants to the European Commission. ICT stands for Information and Communication Technologies, meaning that the implants in the human body can be used as a way to send information and communicate with the outside world.

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