STATE BRAINS: Supercomputer technology and mind control by Eric R. Naeslund

On September 19th, 1970, the New York Times had an editorial about the future threat of our technological civilisation. It was published under the heading Brainwave and predicted that we very soon had to update the word brainwash and replace it with brainwave. It said that if George Orwell had been writing a sequel to 1984 at that time, he would probably been rejected as archaic, the simple methods of controlling people’s minds described in his famous utopian classic title. They wrote that he today might envisaged a society in which a newborn baby’s first experience would be neurosurgery, an operation in which the child’s brain was fitted with miniaturized radio devices connected to every major center controlling reason and emotion. The New York Times explanatory model may seem too remote or brutal to digest for many, but during the whole period of cybernetics; medical, social and behavioral research with remote control and radio communication, had been developed by progressively more extensive methods to study life. At the time of The New York Times article, international projects had already started to investigate human life at steadily earlier stages. These methods were many times as inhuman as The New York Times horror utopias. The same year as Orwell published his anti-utopia 1984 (1948), the Swedish best-known child hospital, Sachsska barnsjukhuset, had started to implant electrodes in the brain of newborn babies for brutal experimentation (see the 12-page report Dr Frankenstein at Sachsska Children’s Hospital). The same projects went on in all western countries like England, USA and New Zealand.


This was at a time when the new science of cybernetics had been realized and the first super computers were programmed for brain experiments by two-way radio-communication. Surgeons and medical doctors started already in the 1940s to implant patients during operations. Similar to a Christmas gift for the world, Professor Norbert Wiener’s book Cybernetics was reviewed and called for being one of the most important titles of the 20th century. Norbert Wiener suggested in his book that the first tests with remote controlled brain research took place at Princeton’s University 1942. The new technology was established with brain implants, radio communication and super computers. Other terms like man-machine interaction, brain-computer interface, biotelemetry or mind control (i.e. behavior technology) are also used. The most well-known hospital in Sweden, the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm has 1946 started to push electrodes into unwitting anaesthetized patients during operations without their consent or knowledge.

On the 28th of December 1948 the French newspaper Le Monde published half a page about Cybernetics with the heading, “A New Science – Cybernetics – The Mechanical Manipulation of Human Reactions – Will it One Day Help Creating the Best of All Worlds?” They indicated that completely new methods of neurological manipulation could be established. In fact, it was not only about man’s brain and behavior but all biological processes, electronically functions and computerized systems was predicted, already from these early years, of being possible to control by the new science of cybernetics. Le Monde said: “It is a lesson of cold mathematics, but it throws light in the adventurous 20th century. The hesitation between an unlimited confusion of human affairs and the origin of a colossal surveillance state, where the comparison with Hobbes ´Leviathan´ seems like a pleasant joke…Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the creators of cybernetics to add to the technicians from all branches of science some serious anthropologists and philosophers interested of the world’s development.” They indicated that from now on, more and more of the global affairs would be taken over by cybernetics.


The New York Times had a week before Le Monde, the 19th of December 1948, published their first article of the new science of cybernetics and assumed that the impact it would come to have, would be equal to the earlier discoveries of the quantum and relativity theories. They wrote that cybernetics seeks the common elements in human and mechanical brains and until then, it had only been known to a small circle of the elite. Some of Dr. Wiener’s inner circle, they wrote, believe that it’s further development will lead to an revolution in our understanding of the workings of the human mind and behavior, both normal and abnormal, comparable to the revolution of our understanding of the physical world brought about by the relativity and quantum theories. These discoveries were to be realized by connecting the human brain to the electronic computers by radio communication. The New York Times reporter William Lawrence wrote the article and said that cybernetics only had been known by a few. He called them an elite and this topic was subjected to the same kind of secrecy as that of the atomic weapons. The threat from the bomb could not be concealed after Hiroshima but the discoveries of the new science were much more complicated and the potential and the areas of application were not meant to reach the public. This had the effect from the outset, that all information was incomplete, confused and often deliberately misleading. Only those involved knew about the aim and few others understood the meaning of the term cybernetics. That science, which would plant the seeds of a new future on earth, where enlightenment or darkness was obvious to be much more sharply contracted, compared to the world where these new discoveries were born – depending on whose interests the new brain technology was going to serve.

Norbert Wiener was quite clear that there was a conflict between strong power and human interests and with an extraordinary importance. With monitoring of brain functions and biological control, man could achieve perfect health, happiness, and increase the capacity of mental power but also add new properties. Wiener assumed it would take a long time before the ordinary people would reach the new resources, if it ever would happen, he added. During the 1950s he realized that the technology was misused and the large-scale abuse perverted health care, as behavioral manipulation led him to reduce his scientific work. Instead he started to travel around the world to warn of the danger he had participated to create. On March 18, 1964, he was in Stockholm, Sweden and held a lecture at the Royal Academy of Sciences, but during his speech he got a heart attack and died.


The abuse which took place at hospitals among other places, and the military interest of the brain technology made it inevitable to build up a defense that nothing was disclosed. Secret agencies like MI5 in Britain, CIA in the U.S. and others became an important participant in order to close any leaks. The international development and the corresponding organisation that can be seen from the U.S. seem to have been the model in Sweden and other countries. The mental institutions, hospitals, prisons, medical associations, professors, pharmaceutical companies, and even the researchers of animal experimentation with electrodes was incorporated in the projects behind military or security institutions secrecy, and there were not many who wanted or dared to refuse their suggestions. Already in the early 1950s, medical institutions in the U.S. suggested to their researchers that they join the CIA in this secret operation. In 1953, the Director of the Institute of Mental Health had a meeting with Professor John C. Lilly, famous for his experiments with electrodes in the brains of dolphins and monkeys. This was something Dr. Lilly told about in his memories, The Scientist (1978). He said that the Director proposed him to join the CIA in his experiments. But he refused and the reason why, as he expressed it to the Director, was also published in his book. He said: “Dr. Antoine Remond, using our technique in Paris, has demonstrated that this method of stimulation of the brain can be applied to the human without the help of a neurosurgeon; he is doing it in his office without neurosurgical supervision. This means that anybody with the proper apparatus can carry this out on a person covertly, with no external signs that electrodes have been used on that person. I feel that if this technique gets into the hands of a secret agency, they could have a total control over a human being and be able to change his beliefs extremely quickly.” This was the capability half a century ago. Nowadays the same can be done by in-ject able biological chips, and brain-computer tech-nology is used for an infinite number of remotely conducted research projects including political, medical, behavioral, cognitive, psychological and ethnographic investigations. These covert active-ties are often referred by targeted people as mind control, or behavior manipulation. In U.S., the CIA had 1949 started its first brain project. In England, Professor F.C. Bartlett at Cambridge University used people 1947 in control experiments, as mentioned by Wiener in Cybernetics. Professor Robert Oppenheimer held a speech 1955, which was cited in Science, were he warned that the behaviorists with mind control would be a greater threat to the humanity comparing to that of the nuclear physicists with their power to split the atom.

The use of the technique was developed at quite a rate and it soon became clear to those in the know, that there was not just a medical research interest behind it all, but also a political agenda. In 1956, the American Psychological Association arranged a symposium on the consequences of the new technology. Two of the participants had their speeches published in the scientific journal Science in November the same year. Dr. Skinner said that science was steadily increasing its power to influence, change and meld, in one word, control human behavior. He also expressed the dangerous applications of such a technology and told that this was a dream for all dictators, “of all the dictatorships espoused by utopists, this is the most profound, and incipient dictators might well find in this utopia a guidebook of political practise.” His colleague, Dr. Carl R. Rogers said that the development of behavioral sciences was growing along with capacity to predict and control behavior. He posed the question of who was going to be controlled, by whom and for what purposes, and added that he believed all of them were to agree that behavioral sciences were making and would continue to make increasingly rapid progress in the understanding of human behavior. But he had the courage to express fear that the tremendous potential power of a science that permits the prediction and control of behavior may be misused, and that the misuse constituted a serious threat. That misuse has gone on now for over half a century without any debate and without people’s knowledge.

The table below shows the frequencies which are connecting the brains’ of the U.S. population to the supercomputers, by the electrodes, transmitters and chips which are implanted at U.S. hospitals. The scheme was published in the scientific report “Telemetry is Coming of Age” 1983 by the professors Stuart Mackay, Thomas M. Spear, and Dean C. Jutter. Some frequencies are near to microwaves which start at 300 MHz.

To got an deeper understanding of the extraordinary resources, Dr. José Delgado explains these technical miracles in a research report entitled: Two-way transdermal communication with the brain: published in 1975: “Communication from the brain to a computer and back to the brain, for the establishment of artificial intracerebral links and feed-back circuits…Clinical application to human of ´on-demand´ programs of stimulation, triggered by predetermined electrical pattern…Long-term electrical stimulation of the brain to influence autonomic, somatic, and behavior responses or to provide information directly to the brain circumventing normal sensory receptors.” The underlined text refer to the possibility to induce sensory stimuli like sounds, speech, sights etc directly into the brain. Those projects are extensive and were developed already in the early 1950s by Professor Ewen Cameron and the CIA, financed by the Social Department of the Canadian state. The European Group of Ethics with the Swedish professor Goran Hermerén as chairman handed over a declaration 2005, to the EU-government regarding to this technology (see in the end of this article) where they took up this method. To understand some of the very positive applications of this technology, a very interesting research report was published 1976 by Donald K. Eddington and Michael Mladejovski of the University of Utah. It was published as, A Computer based brain stimulation system to investigate sensory prostheses for the blind and deaf. They mentioned that their transmitter had 64-channels, including the possibility for stimulation at the same time of as many centres or areas in the brain: “Artificial vision might be provided by visual prostheses which would bypass the eye and optic nerve, providing direct electrical stimulation of the brain. The purpose of this system is to enable a blind person to see well enough to be able to move about safely, and to being able to read at useful speed.” This example gives an idea of the paradise offered by remote controlled brain science, but the negative applications are as many. People need to control this unknown field of science. As Professor Yoneji Masuda stressed it in his title The Information Society from 1980 regarding to the brain systems, by the words: “The development of the information society in industrialized countries could be promoted in an extremely distorted way, assuming a totally military and undemocratic nature,” but added if the people took control of the systems, we could live free, healthy and creative up to a average of 90 or more. To cover up the present direction, psychiatrists declare as a routine practice, the people who try to free themselves as experimental victims, insane to protect the secret use of brain-computer technology or so called mind control, i.e. behavior manipulation.


The most serious disclosure about the military’s use of supercomputer technology and brain systems was published 40 years ago by two British scientists. It was Professor Malcolm Varner and his colleague Michael Stone who in 1970 published the title The Data Bank Society. It is a strong protest against government power over our minds an reveal the advanced computer systems established. At that time, the U.S. war in Vietnam was going on and they had sophisticated methods to implant people, by medicines and hospital injections. In that way they connected a large part of South Vietnams upper and middle classes to supercomputer control. Varner and Stone wrote: “Hopelessly thwarted in its attempts to improve information input, the U.S. Command in Saigon has devoted its most skilled resources to rendering its information processing ultra-sophisticated. Then, for the substance of tactical and strategic efficiency it has substituted the appearance. It has invented what is, in effect, a computerized ‘extermination machine’.“By that way they could scrutinize a large part of the population and the supercomputer sorted out 33,000 individuals who were important VietCong sympathizers – of the kind that they planned to kill them. It could be done through the connection to their brains, and look like heart attacks, strokes or other natural death reasons, and they wrote: “The High Command in Saigon is now extending the idea of computer selections to individuals – as well as to suspected areas. This year the programme aims to ‘eliminate’ 33,000 individual Vietnamese civilians who – it has been determined by the computer – are Viet Cong sympathizers.” They indicated that this development may well touch the Nazism in destructiveness. Similar opinions have been made by several leading personalities with insight into the brain technology- Being able to kill people can also be evidenced from the Swedish Defense Research Institution (FOI) and the secret police SAPO´s activities.


Dennis J. Kucinich (Dem-Ohio) placed a bill before Congress just three weeks after September 11. He stressed that the United States had to cease its involvement in other countries’ national affairs, people’s health and freedom, through the use by space-, sea- and land-based radiation weapons. The arsenal which have been developed by cybernetics. He referred to the same kind of weapons as called for two-way radio communication with the brain: “Through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted population for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or population.” The potential of these invisible weapons are of uncontrolled mass destruction and can interfere in any brain or biological functions wherever they take place, concerning human beings, animals, harvest and even the climate. “The term ’exotic weapons system’ includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space,” mentioned Kucinich. Few people understand that this is one of the greatest secrets at present in our world. What he really means is that the U.S. military satellites are constructed with systems that can damage the ionosphere (90 to 640 km above earth), the stratosphere (20 to 50 km above earth), climate in any country but also to create tsunamis and earth quakes which is done by affecting the Earths tectonic system. This terror is intended to make damage or destruction of a specific country and people on Earth.

His proposal seeks to protect the civilian population from misuse of these invisible brain weapons. The terms mood management and mind control includes the capacity of the satellite systems to manipulate biology or behavior or change the mood of a whole population. That nation which has access to satellite system with these applications can also use this extraordinary potential to create events that coincide with a desired international development at a foreign and military level. He stated: “The President shall…(2) immediately order the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, and deployment of all space-based weapons of the United States…The terms ’weapons’ and ’weapon system’ mean a device capable of any of the following…(III) directing a source of energy (including molecular or atomic energy, subatomic particle beams, electro-magnetic radiation, plasma, or extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation against that object; or (ii) inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person.” By a person is meant anyone on earth wherever he tries to hide away or whoever he is. If he is a risk of the secret state project or of any other reason is an enemy, he has to go through hell or behavior changes in the brain systems. The quotes “inflicting death or injury, destroying mental health, bodily health or economical wellbeing” belongs to routine methods of security agencies internationally. The situation is identical regardless whether there are prisoners at Guantanamo Bay or the detention center in Stockholm, Sweden, that are exposed. Implantation and brain experiments are similar in appearance internationally.

Sweden has since half a century behind the Defense Departments secrecy developed the brain and behavior technology. They have established a network with leading Professors to create a new social order, a neurological change with military power. In this techno political structure are behavior changes, increase of violence, racism and brain diseases a part. The ability to control biological functions can be either a hell or a heaven, depending on the purpose of priority. Our current social degeneration is a part of the destructive forces which now has a power not even the government can or want to control. There has never in the human history existed a more totalitarian development and the institutions with power over these resources doing anything to keep the project undisclosed. Professor Goran Hermerén published 1986 his book, Kunskapens Pris (The Price of Knowlede) in which he gave a picture of the grave anti-democratic values of the researchers: “…Action research can be characterized as follows. Firstly, the purpose is to bring about social change – or prevent the authorities decisions. The latter is the case, if these actions collide with the goals and values of the researcher and those the researcher have solidarity with.” The Swedish State Investigation SOU 1972:47 saw 40 years ago the obvious, that this trend threatened to create, as they wrote: “…an unassaible police state with a very effective and inhumane governance.” Today’s reality is more of a military power as the scientists, professors, medical associations, Board of Health and Welfare and other state and private institutions join with an increasingly higher degree of control of the citizens brains. The model is to create more of threats, hatred between groups and racism which has its origins in the control of our cognitive functions, as FOI, the Swedish Military Research Institution, declare its goal.


In Sweden the military research institution FOI states in their annual report for 2011 that their objective is to direct the cognitive functions (thoughts, reason etc) of people for the lifetime and they add that they have advanced methods to change the behavior of individuals. This is not for some few people but more for the entire population. Biochips are mixed up by medicines and injected at hospitals. This was also something Professor B.F. Skinner suggested in a New York Times interview in September 1970, that behavioral technology also would include the leaders of society. This project goes on in all the EU-nations and the same is valid for the entire modern world. This has been taken up by the European Group of Ethics with the Swedish Professor Goran Hermerén in a declaration delivered to the EU-commission, March 16, 2005. In that they mention that we stand at a crossroads of a technology which can be a paradise or slavery, and that this must come up to the knowledge of the citizens. “Brain-computer interface or direct brain control: the technologies involved above are communication technologies: they take information from the brain and externalize it…How far should we let ICT devices get ’under our skins’? When do ICT implants threaten the dignity of the human body, its identity and its basic capabilities?…The use of ICT implants in order to have a remote control over the will of people should be strictly prohibited. Does a human being cease to be such a ’being’ in cases where some parts of his or her body – particularly the brain – are substituted and/or supplemented by ICT implants?…How far can ICT implants give an individual, or a group, specific capabilities that could become a threat to society?…To what extent might this technology be misused by the military?…A broad social and political debate is needed as to what kind of applications should be accepted and legally approved…” They demanded for special ceaution of some applications: “Intrusive’ technology by-passes normal sensory experience” which means to induce sound, voices, sights etc directly into the brain. When it came to absolute stop for some applications, they wrote: “The EGE stresses that the following possibilities should be banned: ICT implants used as a basis for cyber-racism” – a sign of their opinions and ideals, as can be seen from another application they demanded to be banned: “ICT implants used for changing the identity, memory, self perception and perception of others.”

This subject is a project with Governmental planning to incorporate all people for medical research, brain experiments, social investigations, behavior studies and manipulation as changes of our cognitive resources will be made if we do not fit to the state norms. Brain technology is going to take us into a new world, create a different society and we are all going to be reshaped toward state models developed in secrecy – and this is the most serious issue to be known by everyone, and to change to something more humane and democratic. The Swedish Defence Research Institution FOI declares in their annual report of 2011: “HUMAN-SYSTEM-INTERACTION – FOI’s Department for HSI conducts research and development of methods for valuing and developing the relationship between man, machine and system. Maximum use in systems during all the life cycle requires taking into account their needs, possibilities and constraints in the development of technology. FOI develops systems and methods with emphasis on the interaction between people and technology. The goal is that the systems be designed so that the human cognitive potential, i.e. the ability to perceive, understand, and sorting information, can be utilized for maximum system effect. We develop and integrate behavioral and psycho-physical knowledge about human behavior in complex and stressful environments. We have unique tools of modelling human behavior…Operations in the defence research often involves large physical burden on people at risk of serious injury.” These systems are intended for the entire population and the same development is going on all around the world. The nations which don’t have hi-tech themselves are captured by the superpowers. To save us from being the military’s chip-brains, the issue must come up to debate and public knowledge.

Brain-systems can be used for everyone’s advantage – artificial intelligence, control of brain waves, external knowledge, memory banks, health care and virtual realities are all developed and needs to come under a public debate to discover the science of bio-cybernetics, which is a decisive part of our present and future. If we can begin this now, we are more likely to make the best possible use of one of the richest potentials ever seen – and at the same time neutralize the misuse of a technology which has been developed out of mass media knowledge and publicity.

Anyone in media – journalists, TV-producers, authors – politicians or social activists who would like to get access to a reliable source material regarding this techno-political development, may contact me at:

When this topic will come under debate everybody will much better understand what lies beneath both disasters and tragedies, secret agencies specialities to create with the brain technology. For saving us from being military’s puppets and chip-brains, the issue must come up to public debate and awareness. It is more severe than any previous Gulags or concentration camps. For all journalists, authors, TV-producers and others who need a edited information material that covers all aspects of the brain technology, research projects, political use, future planning and the positive applications, there are a lot of both short articles, fact material, manuscripts and more comprehensive reports.
Of the more extensive papers, seven is in Swedish and four in English. The Brain Wall (200 pages) consists of excerpts from the best 30 books – Frankenstein includes scientific and medical research reports in extracts (250 pages) Another is what Science, Nature, New York Times etc has written about this development from 1948 to 2000. 150 of their articles in extracts. Documents is made up from state reports, official papers, military research documents, affidavits from prisoners, doctors statements of implants etc. These reports are approx 900 pages and a source which covers all features of the brain technology and its use.

The Swedish Hjärntexter, (Brain texts) 100 pages is divided into 30 articles, state reports, scientific texts etc in concentrate. Regeringsskrivelserna (Government Correspondence) is 250 pages and consists of five letters addressed to the Swedish Government during the years 2002 to 2007. It gives a good picture of the research, their own responsibility, leading doctors, the abuse and includes 200 pictures of x-rays implants, professors, victims etc. When the matter comes up in mass media the book Datorhjärnor (Computer Brains) 300 pages will be published. There is also a poster book Slaget vid Brainpoint (The Battle at Brainpoint) with 150 edited pictures regarding to this issue. There is a report Säkerhetspolisen 2000, concentrating on the abuse of prisoners (Security Police 2000) but also a smaller paper (20 pages) covering the same (this is at internet) Justitiedepartementet och polismyndigheten som brottsorganisationer (Department of Justice and Police authority as Crime Organizations), also Hjärntexter från New York Times (25 pages) translated extracts of articles (Braintexts from New York Times), Cybernetics which is 50 pages and the best paper to read to have a basic understanding of the subject, as well Hjärnans faktamaterial 25 pages (Basic Fact Material), FOI:s Superdatorsystem 25 pages (Defense Research Supercomputer System). At internet is also Öppet brev till Modern Psykologi 20 pages (Open Letter to the magazine Modern Psychology), När Staten Våldtar 8 sidor – Frankensteins kärlek 14 sidor and the two English versions When the State Rapes and Frankenstein’s Love plus the Swedish Hjärnprojektet – min egen historia (The Brain project – My Own Story) 60 pages.

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By Eric R. Naeslund, 2011

5 thoughts on “STATE BRAINS: Supercomputer technology and mind control by Eric R. Naeslund

  1. I have the information, that the chips are not needed at all. It is the electro-magnetic waves of every living being, that are used to implement this technology. I truly believe, that this technology can be used in a positive way to improve the lives of the humanity. But there should be a law, to protect people from the malpractice of this weapon. Thank you for the information. I am looking forward reading more about this exciting topic.

  2. Excellent! Very informative. Agree: public scrutiny sorely needed. TI suffering currently afoote without any consent from IND (individuals) violates US First & Fourth Ammendments. And remains inhumane. The entire chain on the ground becomes cyber surveillance from “car caravans” of spooks. Whom are informants of no-account. TIs are: Senoirs, singles, widows or anyone. Excellent Biblio, too. Bravo, Mr Naeslund.

  3. la mafia usa queste tecnologie di Stato,ormai!Per prevaricare gli altri,resi oggetti daderubare,pilotare,uccidere.E c’e’ di peggio.Gente in divisa(vera o falsa non so) costringe a non fare o dire niente che possa svelare il terribile segreto.Webb non permette comunicazioni ne’lettura di notizie al riguardo: saltava tutto.Hanno preso connessioni!Migliaia di persone giovani esperti sono pagati per questo.

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