D.O.P.E. ft Twice: I’m a Machine (Like a robot)

One of the first songs about what micro chipping & trans-humanism does to people. Please share.

“As soon as you have the microchip in you, your life is no longer in your own hands. It is not in the hands of your biology, fate, destiny, god or your own. It’s in the hands of a human being, controlling a computer. Transhumanists and other enthusiasts, claim that the chip will enhance your abilities, ignoring the bad aspects of this technology, which can create computer-controlled slaves. ”

Carmen or Twice, says.

Survival Strategies

Targeted Individuals might at first think that there are limited ways in which they could survive or cope with the targeting and it’s effects. But as time goes by, each and every TI will find the strategy that works. Often, these strategies will reduce the perpetrator’s power and empower the TI. There are millions of websites stating many things. What is stated below is a list of “survival strategies” that most TIs agree upon.

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