Katina Michael: Micro-chipping people

The many sides of neuro-technology by Katina Michael and the ethics of being connected to a computer. Who are we entrusting our brains to? Is the connected human body and brain an extension of the machine even though it’s supposed to be the other way around?Watch the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “Katina Michael: Micro-chipping people

  1. It is much worse that depicted here. The brain chips are designed to subliminally intermesh with the subconscious and even unconscious. Robotically, remote-controlling the body from ‘central command’ by any unethical employee or elitist or whoever. There is no firewall capacity of the brain against this technology once the chip is installed … willingly or covertly by political/thought police.
    The horrors of this phase of non-humanity of global technocracy is just beginning. The organizations pushing for the implementation of brain-chipped society have totalitarian desires.

  2. they don’t need implants,,, they can pulse anything they want through walls,, now , today, medicine, triggers and other commands.

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