Targeted Individuals can possibly be poisoned

Some years ago, a TI organization did a survey on TIs and it revealed that around 18% found poisons in their system.

Heavy metals and other toxic substances create many of the symptoms that TIs have such as digestion problems, blurred vision, heart palpitations, and attacks on the nervous system, etc.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for TIs also to test for heavy metals and other poisons. Some of these poisons are absorbed also by furniture, clothing, mattresses, chairs and eventually a person’s skin. If you think you are poisoned and experience digestion problems, vomiting, head aches and dizziness, it’s important to shower and change clothes. Some TIs have reported terrible smells as well coming with toxicity.

Many toxic substances can be at least partially absorbed by activated charcoal. Even normal charcoal is good, but not as good. Activated charcoal doesn’t work though on pesticides and some other toxic substances, but it could be worth a try.

It is possible that poisons or other chemical substances are used as a complement to technology, especially if you live alone and have little contact with others.

Example from

Elemental and Vaporized Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Elemental mercury toxicity (which usually occurs in the vaporized form) can cause:

  • mood swings, nervousness, irritability, and other emotional changes,
  • insomnia,
  • headache,
  • abnormal sensations,
  • muscle twitching,
  • tremors,
  • weakness,
  • muscle atrophy, and
  • decreased cognitive functions.

High exposures of elemental mercury can cause kidney malfunction, respiratory failure, and death.

Organic Mercury Poisoning Symptoms

Organic mercury toxicity (most frequently in the methylmercury form from ingestion), causes neurological malfunctions, and especially in a fetus, impaired neurological development. Other symptoms include:

  • peripheral vision impairment,
  • stinging or needle-like sensations in the extremities and mouth,
  • loss of coordination,
  • muscle weakness, and
  • other impairments of speech and hearing.

33 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals can possibly be poisoned

    • I am often poisioned. My phone is hacked, I am followed always and watched. They seem to suggest through creative advertising that if I agree to romance my woes will come to an end, and to that I say no thank you. I am not much of a praying woman, but my heart aches for so many women tonight who will undress and lay in bed on the chest of an enemy. It breaks my heart. Best wishes to all TIs. I am one of your Sisters.

      • Have had all the above and much more…the advertising is a distraction..stay strong

  1. My son was poisoned twice via food in his refrigerator. One poisoning occurred in a fresh salsa that he had purchased at his local co-op that was sold without a plastic adhesive that sticks to the plastic tub and then is covered with a regular lid. The perpetrators evidently put some kind of solution in the salsa that caused him to vomit immediately after eating it. The salsa was just been purchased a day or two before the incident so it wasn’t old. This made me think that unprotected food is vulnerable for TIs. My son and I were both TIs at the same time and while I never experienced food tampering I did have pepper spray put onto my door handle while visiting my son (which resulted in a visit to the ER) and another time I came home to find that my overstuffed easy chair had been sprayed with some kind of skin irritant that caused immediate itching. I didn’t initially suspect contamination and used a flea bomb, to no avail. That is when I suspected contamination of my chair. I vacuumed the chair thoroughly and the itching ceased. Gang stalking comes in such a myriad of forms that a TI can barely keep up with tactics employed by the perpetrators. These kinds of opportunities to describe methodologies used by perpetrators is vital information for the TI. Thank you for the current information.

    • Wow. You are describing what I have been experiencing for 25 years constant poisonings, heavy metals, rare earth metals, nuclear isotopes and now gasses from refrigerators. All achieved via tresspassing my apartment. I am suffering horibally, and cannot prove it. I was informed Government involved together with money and research. Last refrigeration stunt was during the pandemic. Suffered, possible nervous system damage and ocular lesions. I now believe they are trying to eliminate me
      Antonietta Berardelli, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    • True. They intercept my 911 calls which is felonious in nature, and nothing is ever done about it. Putting boogers in your food is a mainstay everyday given that you have to look out for, but yes, they are poisoning us with with other agents to speed up the murder process. Your hot flashes ladies are probably not what you think they are. Do your homework. Many of us are alone, but we love ourselves, and that gets us through every single day without FEAR. Take care and be aware.

  2. High levels of electromagnetic frequencies were recorded and photographed in my home in conjunction with City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri. The Attorney General of Missouri Joshua Hawley assisted me in finding out what these levels meant. After three attempts for answers, due to evasion by City Utility’s lawyer, nothing was resolved. All of my symptoms of electrocution can be found in books and on EPA sites for physical electrocution from electromagnetic frequencies. Yes, a handful of times in the past year perfect strangers sprayed me with chemicals. In the past week chemical smells in my home. However no assault should ever be discounted for what it actually is. If people do not have EMF readers and cameras to photograph with public authorities- the high levels of electromagnetic frequencies… their electrocution symptoms must be believed! Persons of interest who are targeted by corporations, governments, police, utilities, ‘neighbors’… have to contend with directed energy weapons, brain computer interface, harassment, electronic, no-touch torture and rape, intimidation, and poison and disbelief. A ‘neighbor’ to the south of my home, consistently sprayed pesticides directly into the air, on the other side of the privacy fence where I was at… if I were ever in my backyard. At which time went back inside. Just because the world is not ready to hear the truth about the current state of affairs concerning experimentation carried out on unwilling humans… does not mean all of our symptoms do not merit belief. You might like to know that the herb chaparral historically rids the body of heavy metals. Historically taken in conjunction with milk thistle, poisons can be deleted from kidneys and liver without harm to those organs. Chaparral traditionally was used by Native Americans to cure cancer. It is historically reported by scientists that it kills fungus, bacteria, virus, worms… as well as historically found to be a great anti-oxidant, and anti-biotic. The EPA tried to ban this western ‘weed’ from sale or use in the 1980’s in the U.S. Under public pressure it remains on store shelves. Today it is eradicated in western states in the U.S. with the very pesticides it can clean from our bodies. God bless you, for your information above. Thank you. P.S. When I filed an Internal Affairs report with the Springfield, Missouri Police Department after they attempted twice to detain me 96 hours for mental evaluation, because of calling them to record two home break-ins and a laser hit to my left eye- the Attorney General stopped his assistance to find out what the high levels of electromagnetic frequencies were, in my home. I thank the Missouri Attorney General for the assistance he did give, but note his email stopping-all-assistance occurred on same day submitted the Springfield, Missouri Police IA report. Thank you, sincerely, Josephine Grace

    • Last night high EMF readings were huge in my room and I had to walk away from a business my boyfriend brought me And my daughter to because there were major EMF readings alerting me as a massive headache hit both of us… A cop parked directly behind us. I am going to be leaving anywhere I get these feelings from, even though my boyfriend flipped out and my phone wouldn’t ring through when he was trying to reach us. God bless and I pray your day is safe♥️♥️

      • I’ll pray for you , I hope that someone does something soon it’s intensified for me here in Nampa idaho to an umbearable point , my right side of my stomach is in constant pain my insides are being cooked dayly . How can our bodies beat this ? We can’t and I won’t go to the doctor because they are a part of this evil . I wish your boyfriend would just believe you . Father God please touch her boyfriends soul to just believe her and support her protect her as best he can . In Jesus precious name we pray Amen . I love you sister one day this evil will suffer 1000000 times more than us god bless

    • its’ nano. They combined nano technology and industrial sugars that are vaporized into the ventilation of either your car or home HVAC/AC. You breathe it in and it metabolizes in the blood stream. it responds to a specific frequency range. Then they beam radio frequencies that make you feel like you’re having a seizure or electrocuted. So more than likely someone tampered with your Home AC or vehicle AC. I believe they pour the additive into the water that feeds the AC/HVAC when it runs through the coils it then evaporates/vaporizes, then its blown with the air through your ventilation and you then breathe it in. They then later beam the area with the frequency hence the vibration you feel.

  3. Victim of organised stalking since January 2012. victim of Torture by DEW, Mind Torture and Poisoning since March 2016.

    Initially, the gang-Stalking consisted of a phoned death threat, an implied death threat by video (me in bed and a superimposed figure of a silhouetted, hooded figure lunging a siloutte of a dagger into my chest region. Following that, there were intrusions to my home, damage to property with white dots, and noxious smells followed by sustsined stalking by vehicles and pedestrians, and street theatre. In Match 2016, I began being subjected to DEW attacks resulting in facial burns, scarring, burnt soles of feet leading to gross inflammation of my ankles and excruciating burn attacks to my knees. However, of additional concern is the attempted poisonings I have experienced. Both my husband and I have experienced smelling a sickly sweet odour in the sitting room of our home. I, myself, have lost partial or full consciousness on a number of occasions. I am concerned that a white van parked outside the back of our flat runs it’s engine in the early hours. Our kitchen window is now fogged up with white streaks and dots, encompassing nearly all of this window. There has been no such occurrence in any other flats in our block. I have muscle spasms in my extremities and have on occasion had a tremor in my right hand alternating with loss of sensation in my right foot and hand. I also have burning to my nasal passages on a regular basis. The right side of my body is significantly weaker compared to the left a recent Consultant Neurologist discovered upon detailed examination, with weak reflexes and sensation. I have lost consciousness on occasion and was hospitalised for a ten day period in Scotland after I had gone there for a break in early March 2016. symptomatically, I was talking out of context such as talking about eyebrows while my friend was discussing tennis; I became vaguely aware of this incongruence but then lost consciousness for a ten minute period I was told. The Wednesdax before last I was confused from a poisoning attempt, followed by violent vomiting at a friend’s where I had sought refuge after the attack outside my home. I could smell an overpowering smell and became confused and nauseous outside my home. I immediately rang for a cab and had to leave my husband alone who has Alzheimer’s. I have photographic evidence of all organised stalking, and DEW attacks to my body some of which are posted in PeacePink.

    I want to go home but feel frightened! Even at my friend’s, yesterday, I noted s white van similar to the one parked outside the back of my home. I lost consciousness
    Please forward to:

    Please put me in touch with a well recognised toxicologist in London UK so I can be tested for the presence of toxins and repeated poisonings

    • After a strange smell in my last house brought by my lovely neighbor my daughter and I both started seeing and hearing things and people were intruding our home.. or we were poisoned. Resulted in the loss of our home and losing almost everything we owned. As well as my rental credibility. I work at an insulation company so I was trying to get the 1950 attic blown with insulation due to a tin roof and instead it would rain inside and “Bible school teacher workers” would supposedly be the ones working in the home. They would leave bottled water in my freezer and refridgerator and I would never be alerted only my boyfriend who wasn’t even on the lease. My kids lost everything and at 8and 9 don’t care about toys even. This is a crooked system! They cut a hole above my bath tub and at that point we vacated. I now am understanding this has been all planned and the reason the attic wasn’t being fixed is grown psychopaths needed a playground. Disgusting. Justice to the victims and may God expose every one of them with supernatural force. Amen

    • hi ,i live in uk also and experiencing the same,,been to toxologist at guys and thomas hospital london,is your poisioning still occuring mine has been 3 yrs plus now and my children and dogs,be good to hear from you,jan

    • I am followed by a short black man out of Warner Robins, GA (military) who has been following me for at least two years, and nothing is ever done about it. Never. Ladies please be careful out here. Please. God knows how much worrying I do over the weekends when I know you are out on dates. Please be aware and be extra careful. Many of them use the illusion of love and transformation as a means to destroy your life.

  4. I was poisoned in my food, laced into my toilet paper, purchased bottled water (whole cases), my toiletries ie hair products, bath soap, make-up etc…
    Kimberly Dionne Carlson, TI, Tucson, AZ; @KmeKimberly

    • same here. Hair came out in my hand from CONDITIONER. lip rash that lasted over a month and i think it was from mouthwash or toothpaste that was tampered with. Ive notified police and hospital and neither would even test the products in question. If anyone knows a reputable toxicology office, please post. I am willing to travel. This is truly unbelievable that people would do this and then GO out there way to prevent you from proving it. I also recommend staying away from medications if you can, because i think they can easily lace those as well. Sadly, theyll just try another method to get whatever it is they want u to have. Someone definitely is getting ‘OFF’ on this stuff and they are SICK (which is prob a complement to them). SMH..sometimes it feels like theyre using magic or spells for some of their stunts….

    • I have been gang stalked and poisoned continously for 25 years, heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, refrigerant gasses, acids in face creams, peroxide in shampoos, irritants in clothes causing burns. All these chronic intoxications have caused me both neurological and psychological damage. These vultures, via information I have received from indivuduals, are high ranking narcissistic political masonics who are getting paid to afford their luxury lifestyles. Thus, I am targeted, and used as a scientic test subject. Thank you for this blog. I refuse to be tortured into silence anymore. Antonietta Berardelli, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    • My toiletries were laced with peroxide and acids, as well as my shampoo. This has been going on for twenty-five years. Antojnette Berardelli, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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  6. I have had certain experiences I have had is eating food and drinking water that made me sick! Blurred vision ,burning sensations on my skin especially the face neck and shoulders! Sometimes my face and mouth goes numb to where I can’t talk because my I can’t feel my mouth! Can someone please explain how my food is being tainted !?!

    • i think there are a number of ways for them to do this, and they’ll do whatever is most convenient. I think they are able to get things through your vents which could contaminate the air and everything around including food. I think they’ll go a route like that if they have difficulty physically accessing your foods. I have smelled strange things several times in my home but i doubt you can smell it always. If you have a lot of air surveillance, they can prob get quite crafty there as well as a means to getting something in your home

  7. Im in Atlanta and experiencing what most of you have. These people coordinate with medical professionals, etc, preventing people from taking me seriously from getting help and PROOF! Any suggestions for a NON-COMPROMISED facility or Person to test persons, objects, food, etc? Ive also seen cars about 25 yards from my home spray something out the window that looked like a small mist from what i saw. Anyone know what that or some of these visible sprays are and do….especially that far away? Another time, someone was walking down my street and i seen a cloud of smoke blown towards me, but it seemed larger than cigarette smoke. And what could they be telling people to get them to do this? Also, now as i type, theres no other sounds in my home and i can hear whatever it is they shoot down on my home hit the outside of my house. What is this?? It goes from room to room and is DEFINITELY aimed at my head. Listen out for this if youre not already aware. It sounds like a small tap and you prob wont hear it with ANY background noise like TV, etc. Whatever this is (DEW, laser) it can penetrate walls…not sure why its directed at head. WE also need to find ways to GET TOGETHER. I think they INTENTIONALLY keep us apart for obvious reason so if YOU ARE in contact with someone in your area who claims to be experiencing the same as you (AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THIS), be AWARE because that other person, could Be a perp working for THEM! i have had a few calls and emails from people who i knew WERE NOT going through what i was and was simply sent by THEM. Prob just for mind games and entertainment, as often i think they get people to OBSESS on our every move, so they continue to STAGE events in your life which includes sending people to talk to you (even those close). I am willing to start a group here in Atlanta

    • Talk to no one outside of work. Period. They send men, women, children of all backgrounds to trip you up. I also am a TI outside of Atlanta. No, we are not allowed to get together without their draconian presence. Two years ago I went to a Meetup in Buckhead that was advertised to heal as a whole from targeted treatment and it was all staged against me. And if you are a true child of the Goddess, they especially want to mate and have a child with you to benefit their demonic bloodline. Don’t do it. Just say no. They are demons with no hope of redemption. They are sick. They destroy your life for a season and then the next they are suddenly soooo in love and can’t live without you. Please preserve what self respect you have left. It can take you far. I send you my best. I am one of your Sisters.

  8. I am hated. I am overwhelmed. Two people have tried to make me trust them. I still don’t know if they are good or bad. I know there has to be good to balance the bad but don’t know where to find them.

  9. Im a ti in Nampa idaho my name is Arturo Rodriguez and I’m being attacked , poisoned and tortured in many different forms . After reading the symptoms of organic mercury poisoning I’m positive that’s one weapon being used on me ! I live in Nampa idaho and am scheduled to meet with Debbie kling Nampa mayor, and Nampa idaho chief of police this Friday the 12th at 9:00am to discuss the torture I’m going through

  10. TIs, what I have noticed is they are very eager to cook for you; especially the women spies. Recently a woman became slightly enraged when I kept refusing for her to bring me something to drink. They will find a way to want to cook for you and this is how they poision you. Refuse food and drink from them. Do not believe their kindness. It’s all a front. Trust no one. Always check your food and drink. Keep your head up. We TIs are a very large family here on this planet and the underdog always win!!! It is an honor to be a part of you and not them. I could never face myself in the mirror as a demon of the dark lords. I give you all my love and my best. I truly do!

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