TI-Health: Foods That Fight Inflammation

Inspiration to this post came from a comment on another post that suggested that some of these effects are inflammatory.


Salmon is rich in Omega 3

“Many of your TI symptoms are caused by simple inflammation from the chemicals they use. Try anti-inflammatories and go live in a free standing home with non-TI’s. The chemicals are intended to cause severe inflammation and headaches. I know, I’ve had it all done to me. There are direct antidotes to these as well but I’m still in the process of formulating those and I’ll post as soon as I know for sure.

Lethal and non-lethal Poisoning has been a counterintelligence staple worldwide – so look for that before you buy shielding or listen to useless speculation from Talkshoe and the paid opposition websites. Do some research and use the scientific method. You can find solutions. These people aren’t Gods. They’re sick, misguided criminals with a few military toys they shouldn’t have. You can fight back.”

This comment was written by anticovertwaralliance.wordpress.com and it was a welcome one.

Here are foods that fight inflammation:

Onions and garlic, salmon and other fatty fish rich in omega 3, soya, beets, tomatoes, and others you can check out if you click on the following link.


3 thoughts on “TI-Health: Foods That Fight Inflammation

  1. yeah, i knew about the garlic and onions.
    celery is another (immune booster).
    Raw Honey is another (builds up cellular walls to immune system.
    Lavendar oil is an anit inflammatory oil. A&D ointment is another and works WELL lavender oil.
    OATMEAL and chamomile (anti inflamatory)

  2. Studying an old woman for half a century. And
    Ppl die/ cia complain of death/ no where research. And get called world superpower. I feel like idiots re going to fuck up this world lol. They re not gojng to let u free. With out ti, they cant steal secrets n become technology advance

    • Targeted individual is probably used as calibration. From isolating ti thought they can use that to read other brains of people.

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