Eric R. Naeslund The Human Brain Project HD

Cybernetics and bio telemetry. Experiments on human beings. The State using individuals for medical experimentation and developing brain control systems with implants and supercomputers able to control large populations and individuals. The perfect tool to create the state within the state.

This is a lecture by R. Naeslund in Stockholm Sweden about the Human Brain Proejct that is still going on today in Sweden in the US.

9 thoughts on “Eric R. Naeslund The Human Brain Project HD

  1. Perps might be called Illuminati in US, I found that in some countries they are called simply “Psychiatrist”, not in a classic type of way as a trained doctors, but are regruted in a every parts of life, for example they wont let you became a doctor if you are not one of them, or policeman… That is how they differentiate who is a candidate for MC experiments and
    who is not, who is the “slave” and who is the “master”. FOr example, if you are not them (they pass this right thruu bloodline and eventualy they will be only ones left in the World) and you simply change your name or get a wrrong kind of tattoo you can end up in MC programm, experimented on, gangstalked, perhaps diagnosed with paronoid schizofrenia – cuver up for those crimes. They are actors, they are most of the mental patients and regruted from every type occupations. They get sick tattos, they make sick horror movies and books, songs, they can change their name in something like Marilyn Mason, they just don’t let anyone else to try that. If they do they get screwed with MC gadgets (or they are simply born in a familly which is targeted). They are on the constant lookup for prospects. They control media so this doesn’t become publically available. PROPAGANDA AND LIES ARE THEY GAME.

  2. The Police in every country has a record of everyone born in that country, and if they see that someone tries to pull something unusual then they check your record and if you don’t belong you might get screwed. If you do belong it makes it ok. For example you would like to become a singer (or actor) and think you will become famous and think I have to change my name like famous singers or actors. Well, it’s OK if you are THEM, if you are not… that is how they differentiate. Or, ever seen some guy how looks like a freak, acts like a freak or have a sick tattoo (666 or something) and you think to yourself how come I am targeted with this and this guy get’s to do what he does? It’s in the police records (that is why only them have access), if it says that that you are “Psychiatrist”or Illuminati or whatever they are called in your country that makes it OK, if you are not…

    O, Pornstars – its all them, you might get screwed for just a watching too much porn or something sick they produce.

  3. If you are a woman, I’d take a look at my family three, especialy fathers side. You might be targeted simply for belonging to the targeted family, which is not THEM obviously. I think it has to do something with eugenics. Also, how do you think all these progress came in the last 100 years, especially in medicine? Experimented on chimps? These findings about human brain and body can enhance standard of living FOR THEM, in victims case it’s a hell.

  4. This one is also about MInd Control:

    Here is what I am going to do:

    I have already changed my name, I got YIN-YANG tattoo on my hand wrist (an ultimate symbol of duality, moral, ethics and balance . Very powerfull.) and I am going to get another tattoo (something positive and with protective meaning, probbably the eye of the horus – and no, it is not a satanic symbol but symbol of protection and medical meaning and magic in encient Egypt). I think that they have to change the batteries every couple of years, with the tattoo I might see it cause they’ll have to cut it.

    I am going to change my last name to Marli (after Bob Marley and his family, if they let me).

    See, Bob Marley was one of the biggest in their WOrld and he could do and be whatever he wanted but he choose to be GOOD and even his death is suspicious.

    I am not sure that I am in a position to give you an advice which might be accurate, but I always try to stay calm and friendly to everyone no metter how they are harrasing me, it is a Psych game, I try to reframe it, try to make friends with them, I know it’s tough but… They run the World – that is the fact. This thing with gangstalkers is nothing personal, they have to do what they do – it’s their job, I think that the ones who are pulling the strings are those who are watching on the monitor what you see (thru your eyes) and listening to your internal dialog.

    Also, I go to the sauna, smoke cigars (fat ones) and drink a glass or two of red wine every day (never get drunk).

    I am not advising anyone to do the same, it has to be your desision.

  5. I’m TI in EU too. I started blog this week. I’m looking at from a different prospective trying to understand how gangstalking phenomena could be part of new crime fighting, social control strategies by implementing new policing strategies and so called “safer community partnerships”. I think it’s important to frame the problem with existing frameworks.

  6. Hi All!

    As a TI (I call it TI type “B”, the kind having harsh organised stalking, street theater, and EH, later V2k, with mind reading, BUT not always guiding (TI type “A”, having guiding voices to depict the linguistic structure of mind language-by-language).
    An inportant thing for all. In 1992 I had a simple septum operation, and I was not informed that my surgeon went further and made a so called “Cribiform Fracture”, in my case it is a Cribiform “door”. TIs -sorry to mention- dies sometimes having car accident, heart attack, and suicide. In these cases they receive a tube via they nose a nasogastric tube, but in case they have a secretly pre-set cribiform “door”, this tube turns to incarnial, leading to sudden death, without any evidence of the targeting. (So, ones after a well punched police fight, a plastic surgery, a car accident are easy to “kill” using this method. no V2K )
    For some it is there PRE-SET (for a long time), with some (I cannot talk about it in my case) political, gov. issues waiting for the “tube inserted”…
    How “they” arrange it? Relationship infiltrator connected close to people above law comes in the TIs life and with psychological efforts, leads the TI to commit suicide anyhow, or car’s elecronics is blocked remotelly having a car accident (happened to me!).
    The “soul” type is really voulnerable.
    Infiltrator can be there to “introduce suicide” as part of life. Creating big ups and downs. Even with Covert Drugging he/she can assist (GBL is the thing I was always “aided” to have, it causes several effects “driving fast”, “loving a lot”, “accepting the other as he is”, “can be dangerous if overdosed: stop of breathing”), Combining these a lot can be achieved if the infiltartor works well: CAR ACCIDENT – and tubus turns to incarnial (Lots of leaving the TI when in love, going after the other by car), GBL poisoning – and tubus can turn to incarnial (case of coma). Making someone suicidal, and driving a TI towards suicidal behaviour is a crime, BUT not the perperator is mostly accusable but ones who knew the nasal fracture earlier, and gave “that telephone ring” for the surgeon to place it there. People above low.
    When Infiltrator is unsuccesful and TI becomes aware of this “operation” things change. Organised stalking starts. Fals Framing situations. Abusing ones, misleading ones. Even V2K later. Concerning the fals framing at an isolated spot.
    V2K can talk about a wide area of “death of TI”, but finding the “cribiform hole” the vocabulary is automatically narrowed from accidents, heart attacks, to “suicidal”.
    Cointelpro was once against a politician, in democracy indirect cointelpro can be done using these illegal tactics using someone out of politics, but same time still against true politics, a politician, for a higher even national aim, what cannot be achieved in any other way.

    Good: Memory is clear!, Personality is same but certainly disappointed! , Missing friends! , Would love to work! ….
    Bad: Forced Speech, Organised Harrassment, Its Synergy, Inactive NLP fear (see my blog on topic!)

    They can loose “only” one person, and gain a lot concerning negatively depicting him…. (The “reason TI does not even know”!)


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