TI “Symptoms”

Targeted Individuals Symptoms

 Picture: The most visible and common TI-symptom, especially in the first stages when the attacks are uncontrolable and the body has not coped with them yet, are the red eyes.

Here we try to classify all kind of symptoms that tageted individuals experience on one page.

We refer to “symptoms” as both “effects” and “control mechanisms”. They have both functions at once.

Mind Control

Control and manipulation of thoughts, feelings and ultimately behavior

  • Control of thoughts and thought patterns; feelings and their expression; behavior control.
  • Dark NLP and gang stalking (street theater) that anchor feelings to certain words, and sometimes colors, certain types of people or objects… Creating the illusion of ”guilt”.
  • Hypnotic ”trigger words” that results in specific sensations, feelings or behaviors.
  • Monitoring attention both where to look but also what to think about and in what terms.
  • Real time mind reading before it becomes aware; erasing thoughts and memories; short time memory problems.
  • Induced memories and ”synthetic” associations (that are believed to be made by a computer that is aware of the context).
  • Induced dreams or manipulation of dreams.

Social Control

Isolation of individuals through social and societal systems of control

  • Fabrication of false evidence that justifies ”Crime prevention” (fabrication of evidence of crime and rumor spreading); In almost most case, Targeted Individuals are accused of a sex crime with no chance to defend oneself.
  • Sudden unemployment.
  • Loss of friends, because of rumors or direct control.
  • The perpetrators take over the friendship and social life of the TI. They are always rude, and manipulative and not real friends.
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Mental Illness (voices in the subcounscious, V2K; trying to describe what is happening for others) putting the individual in psychiatric care.
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Substance Abuse (tampering food with drugs, poisons or medication; blurred vision; read eyes; disorientation; head aches; memory loss; difficulty talking or making sense) destroying the targeted individuals reputation;
  • Creating ”symptoms” of Insuline related diseases (pain in the spinal cord, back of the head, terrible head aches, high blood sugar levels, enormous fatigue) creating early retirement or poverty because of inability to work.
  • Creating “symptoms” or dementia because of apparent difficulty, sometimes, to express one’s feelings and thoughts; memory problems when the “attacks” are enormous.


  • Thought surveillance. TI:s thoughts are read in real time.
  • Looking though Targeted Individuals eyes and seeing what the targeted individual sees. Knowing where the targeted individual directs attention.
  • GPS surveillance. The Targeted Individual is tracked down at any time all the time, in real time.
  • Remote Neural Monitoring: Some targeted individuals claim that a person’t brain can function as a fingerprint and that can be picked up by satellites. That enables both surveillance of the individual and thoughts.
  • Gang stalkers often let the Targeted Individual know that he / she is under surveillance and can’t escape. They can come up and insult the TI, or say something that is only known by the Targeted Individual, as an indication of ”remote (real time) mind reading”.
  • Financial surveillance. It looks like every penny a Targeted Individual has is counted and only a certain amount is allowed for the Targeted Individual to gain.

Torture: Physical, Mental & Psychological

TIs experience pain in every part of the body

The Human Body

Psysical pain due to ICT-Implants or non-lethal weapons

  • Direct pain in the body around the clock and that only gets worse and worse due to ICT-Implants or other kind of devices, often labeled by Targeted Individuals as non-lethal weapons, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) or simply radiation.
  • Pain in the spinal cord.
  • Pain in the back of the head.
  • Pain in the “amygdala” or the limbic system.
  • Pain in the forehead.
  • “Cooked”  brain.
  • Electroshocks in the brain.
  • Pain in the chest.
  • Tooth ache.
  • “Heart attacks”
  • Pain in vital organs: liver, stomach, heart, lungs, eyes.
  • Iching eyes – leading to tears and red eyes.
  • Food is poisoned.
  • Electronic sexual “rapes” during sleep or while awake, probably with ICT-implants.

Hypnotical trigger words

  • Can mimick any of the above symptoms: radiation, pain, bad tastes, head aches, and so on or trigger unbearable fatigue.
  • The trigger words come in whole sequences, like they were taking out of a dictionary with all synonims and all words that sound alike.
  • While some trigger words have effects on the mind and body, other’s have emotional effects only (sensibilisation of the Targeted individual to certain words, that trigger negative emotions, like disgust, fear, anger).
  • The trigger words are sometimes reinforced through dark NLP and gang stalking.
  • Trigger words are in the beginning very difficult to discover because they are coupled with the TIs routines.  The brain can’t differentiate always between what it is made to believe and what really happens.
  • Once discovered, they are “released”; becoming aware of the “truth” wins over the lie that the mind has been told. When they are discovered, new trigger words will be programmed into the subcounscious.

Mental pain

  • Loud syntethic telepathy. The attackers talk with some of the victims 24/7. They use interrogation techniques that are only used in the CIA or secret service. That is labeled also V2K (voice to skull, or loud synthetic telepathy). A learning computer with a synthetic voice that can be modulated in any voice, can take over partially or full time, after the initial stages. This keeps the victim awaken and always tired.
  • Silent synthetic telepathy. The victim doesn’t hear the attackers but there is thought manipulation, directing their attention.

Psychological pain

  • Bullying at work, friends and family suddenly lost leading to Isolation. Bullying in general.
  • Because of what appears, as social problems with other people, the Targeted Individul moves to a place where the “attackers” and the “manipulators” can spread around any kind of rumor for people in the neighborhood and can take control in another way.
  • Gang stalking (rude people in crowds that appear and insult the individual, using both verbal and non-verbal communication). Having 20 people, or more, strategically placed to for example look with a hateful look at the Targeted Individual. They are all strangers, they are all rude. They appear every time the TI is outside, and it can take many different expressions. Sometimes it looks like they have some kind of scheme and the harassment follows a pattern, and when it achieves a certain stage, they reset themselves and it startes all over again.
  • Street Theater: A group of people playes a whole show for the individual, and it appears to follow a predetermined plot.
  • Following the Targeted Individual’s thinking. The thought surveillance is perceived as humiliating.
  • The home is entered and the perpetrators don’t steal things, but can destroy them or they can leave objects that don’t belong there. They often seem to enter with a key, because the doors are not forced.
  • Thefts in town, at airports: money of belongings.
  • Destroyed means of transportation: car or bike.

Total lack of support

  • When the Targeted Individual meets health professionals they are not interested in what the TI tells them. Symptoms are treated in the “old fashioned” way. Many times TIs are forced to take the wrong medication and to agree to sometimes stigmatizing labels in order to receive their pension.
  • In certain countries, the TI, can be forced into psychiatry, where total loss of human rights occurs.
  • Blacklisting often leads to inability for the TI to find work, or has to accept a job way under their specialization. At the new job, the TI is constantly under harassment and is bullied.
  • The police participates in the harassment and is totally insensitive to what the TI goes through.
  • The media ignores the TI-cause.

Other symptoms

  • Strange coincidences happen all the time, several times a day.
  • The TI can in his thoughts intercept what it’s going to be on TV in a while, depending on subject of interest. Some TIs are sure that the people on TV are copying them or harassing them.
  • “What you think about becomes reality”
  • Expectations turn out exactly to the opposite leading to cognitive dissonance.


108 thoughts on “TI “Symptoms”

  1. please help me. I have been a TI since March 10 2004 because I turned in big drug dealers and child pornography the person I turned in was paul teuffola his previous girlfriend turned him in too and started having the same problems before I did. Once I realized what it was I have been to the fbi, secret service I was a sworn in special agent under the name of cynthia smith, as my code name I really need your help they are kidnapping kids and hiding them in a neighborhood where I used to live and the cops are involved their all imigrants from germany and a few other countrys. this is edangering my life. 503-799-0794 I attend
    everest college and Im trying to get a real badge to arrest these people. I want to be and victims advocate

      • Hi i am an Austrlian ex private investigator with over 20 years expereince that is helping Dr Helen Tsigounis whom is trying to return to Australia but she has been the subject of constant intimidation and threats by facebook posting by Satanic Masonic network in Greece. The book the Red Back Web gives the full story of why Dr Tsogounis is being targeted.

  2. Hello,

    I just sign up to become a menmer of your association.

    Have been targeted since I’m seventeen and I’m 34 yet.

    I just anderstood what they were doing and juste learn about it in looking on internet.

    What kind of action are we going to taken in the future monthe.

    I’m looking for a union between targeted people and associations in order to complain and to change everything this.

    Pls let me know

    Best Regards


    • I tried to register but did not get any access. I am a victim since 2000 (or longer). Targeted by criminals, with no chance for a regular job.

  3. To the Public…what is described above is exactly what i am experienced in the past years nonstop 24/7 since 5.sept.2007…bestialic..bestialic i have refused to communicate with the Swiss Government Deadsquad/Stalkers/Perps (13 activ murder attempts survived) and i have paid a high price for it (Tortured to a Cripple/Krueppel) but i am continue to refuse to communicate with this Mengele/Nazis even if they kill me I KEEP ON WALKING…my only Weapon is going foreward and expose them (Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich/Churches of Zuerich, my own Family and there Friends and a publicly none Homosexual (Tuntas) groupe (covert by the Swiss Government/Town of Zuerich) of Zuerich/Schaffhausen which is close to my Family(Aebi/Stamm/Schaetti) …..I am beeing denied access to the Swiss Justice System true Foulplay/Stalking/Torture since 2006 and my courtcases i have filed to the ICC and the European Court for Human Rights have been snappt from the Postdelivery from Trinidad and Tobago (my legal residence) for a second time to the Courts in Europe…the German Embassy and the Cuban Embassy in Trinidad have refused to help secure the delivery to the Courts (they made a Joker out of me , the Deadsquad/Stalkers was bevor me there…..on the 5.sept.2011 i have traveld to Europe to deliver the Courtcases myself to the Courts but i did not reached the Courts true Stalking/Torture and i have been forced to returne back to Trinidad…i organise the tripp again to the Courts in Europe…I WILL NEVER GIVE IN TO THIS UNIMAGEBEL CRIME….this criminal Government(Schurkenstaat) Switzerland will pay an enormes price .for particypating/practice this Crimes….
    Michael Aebi 24/7 under bestialic torture since 2007
    Ps: I have a cleen Policerecord/Leumund in Switzerland and in Trinidad and Tobago…i am not a Criminal…
    My Website: thehuntedhuntthehunter.wordpress.com and my Blogs on “peacepink.ning.com and USA Microwave Weapon System Murder and Brain Abuse

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  5. The truth about illegal telepathy / mind controlling experiment in Finland.

    Strange finding with CT-scan:

    Radiologist said, it’s a harmless 1cm “tumor” in my pineal gland.
    But I know better, because im still in contact with the people who is
    responsible for my brain-chip. I can’t get them to
    justice, but im working on making the world believe, what has been
    done to me in the past 1.5 years. Incl torture, humiliation and
    brain washing. Ive tryid to end this with no luck.
    Police or the government cant do anything, because this is impossible
    to prove. Even radiologist couldn’t identify the chip. Im hoping
    of finding a way how to prove that this chip exists and im forced
    to be in contact with my ex friends, which decided to start
    abusing technology to make my life a living hell, with no apparent
    reason, except they don’t have anything better to do.

    This is how you can contact them:
    Jukka ja Heidi Lehtovaara, taiteentekijäntie 8 d 51, 00350, Helsinki, Finland.
    +358 400419310, MSN: jlehtova@welho.com
    Im hoping, that someone could somehow make this stop.
    Im having hard time to write anything in english, but im doing my best.
    My contact information:
    TE, Helsinki, Finland.
    +358 417108527 toel@wippies.com
    This is what needs to be done somehow:
    hopefully I find a way how to resolve this, before it’s too late.

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  7. If you read your Bible, you will have had prepared for this. I wrote an artcle about this in 1973.
    So I have the Spiritual Insight to resist the devil. Resioting the Devil is the same method used in a bullfight. knowiig this: we fight not against flesh and blood (people we can see)

    • Yes! It’s so true! i can’t wait till it’s over! The people who have done these things will not even be able to handle it when the tribulation comes. Not that I will laugh. I still have compassion for them and pray their eyes will be opened up before it’s to late and they receive forgiveness for what they’ve done. I already forgive them. I can’t wait till it’s all over though. This is a very painful thing for people to go through. I pray for them.

      • Orwell did mention an attack a minute, Orwell was conditioning us ! as the n.w.o. have this thing whereby they have to tell you what they intend before they do it !

    • im a cradle to graver ti, id like to hear from you, from marti in Scotland. jahhova:witness’s train theyre congregatons to g.stalk you know, this crime is called American_autogenicide.

      • I get an attack a minute from the media , ive studied ‘ customized radio/tv programming for ti ‘ for 21 year’s !

  8. Here is the truth about Mind Control:

    The World is run by Illuminati. Chances are most people are simple by blood line. For example you can’t be a policeman or a doctor if you are not one of them.

    They invented the Mental Hospitals, Psychiatry and Mind Control as they developed the technology and I know for sure that they had technology this already 60 years ago and even before. First ones that had the right to put someone int mental hospital were blue blood famillies, then they recruted others. They are know performing Mind Control on unrestrained subjects as they call them (go google Jose Delgado Physically controlling the mind). In the past they had some silly rules that only them can have a tatoo for example or is alowed to change his name…

    I think that they loosend up a little bit by know but if you are by some chance NOT one of them (go check with your parents) there is a very big chance that if you tried to pull something like Merylin Mason does (one of the biggest ones in their pyramid) you’d get so screwed via mind control gadgets that you would not know what hit you.

    They are known to exterminate the whole famillies. They have some sysop secret way to make you spill your guts and tell them everything. You wouldn’t believe what they uncover. Sometimes they simple kill the parents (or make them kill themselves) without the court or the police because this is FOR THEM. Then they would replace the parents with their own people, take their posessions and put the children into mind control program simple because of their blood line. In the past they rarely lived long. Eventually they will be only ones left in the World.

    If you are targeted with REAL MIND CONTROL know this: You have probabbly some sort of a battery in your chest, On the top of your head you have an RF antenna with FM transmitter implanted. Also some sort of cochlear implant so they can talk to you. They can hear your silent speech (thoughts) and they can see what you see. Usually they start when you are not aware of this with giving you physical problems with deep brain stimulation, and use strong sexual abuse. Then they start to gangstalk you. They cooperate among countris so you can’t escape anywhere. They are buliding some sort of file on you where they record every thing about you that you might did to deserve this. They show this to everyone you get in contact with even on your job. EVERYONE YOU GET IN CONTACT WITH HAS TO DO WHATEVER CONTROLLERS TELL THEM TO. If you are despite that refusing to see a psychiatrist, really bad things start to happen when they start to talk to you via syntetic telephaty and let you know that they are watching you. Most people go crazy then. They might tell you that you might be the choosen one and want you to fight it. Don’t believe it. Remember they want you to kill yourself. As soon as you start to produce seek staff in your head you should turn yourself up to the nearest mental hospital where you will be diagnosed with Paranoid Psychofrenia but YOU WILL STAY ALIVE and that is the only goal here. They will harras you for a couple of days in mental hospital but then the voices will stop, they will tell you it is because they are giving you drugs, remember they all BELONG, that is why you will not get any support from doctors or media because it is controlled by them. You should take your medications when out because they see when you’re not and then harras you. Be religious about it. I will post here how to disable this implants on your head when I found out how. I already tryed shaving my head and put TENS stimulator on bumps on my head, didn’t work but mybe I didn’t use it enough, diathermy (I would start slow and be careful not to hurt myself) is another choice but you can’t buy that thing because they will not sell you – they say you have to be licenced to use it, also go to the sauna, another choice is scuba diving deep but I will not advise it because you have to be trained, you might try to use BARO-CHAMBER, also they don’t want you to drink, they say no, no you shouldn’t drink when you are taking your medications, well YOU SHOULD drink glass or two of red wine but never get drunk, do not go to far. And don’t get scared, remember they are NOT ALLOWED TO KILL YOU REMOTELY, their goal is to make you kill yourself.

    “They say: only – only – only the fittest of the fittest shall survive – Stay alive! Eh!” – Bob Marley (one of the biggest in their pyramid).

    My harrasment lowered, they still harass me with voices, sexuall stimulation etc. and I am not sure is it because I was first implanted 30 years ago as a 10 years old boy or I managed to do something with methods I described.

    Also this works for me (listening out loud with headphones): (Metallica is one of the biggest)

    I am sick and tyred of all the bullshit I read all over the internet and cannot get in contact with a genuine target anywhere, so if you had psysical symptoms, gangstalked and might hear voices don’t get scarred, and your psychiatrist tells you to take RISPOLEPT (RISPERIDON) INJECTIONS every two weeks and pills at home contact me:



    • Thank you for all the information. You are a real and most experienced TI. Please let’s get in touch. I am a TI too nation wide. I will tell you all details mind control and gang stalking happening to me. Contact me please at my email zemichaelgebru@gmail.com. Please, please I need you. I hope to get a reply from you soon!

    • hey man i’m a v2k victim and it aint the government ,its some people I know who I fel out with seriously over a monetary issue and they get this stuff on the black market. I don’t want to hear about the friggin bible, tin hats or any of that crap -iwant to cut these fucking things out of my skull. I need to know things like where would be the most likely place that cochlear implants would be placed, can you jam them etcetra. I want to fight back solidarity, kevin at kevonevo69@gmail,com

  9. Chances are that almost all people posting here and reading this belong but just a warning for those who are NOT one of them (go check with your parents if you are not sure), be careful what you do cause their eye is always watching. Courts, jails, police and human rights are for them, if you do something stupid or you pulled the shortest straw (Metallica song) and you are simply born in a family which is targeted (yes it is eugenics at work) you might and up in their mind control program, experimented on, gangstalked, diagnosed with paranoid schizofrenia, forced to psychiatry and your life will become a living hell.

    In that case contact me:



  10. Also I have found that them have also some sort of brain implant in their heads and probably a battery (go listen Metallica: Battery) but in their case it enhances a standard of living, in victims case it is a hell. They have their own private thoughts but they can make it somehow to hear a victims internal dialog (thoughts) via their head/ear implant. Try this when you are talking to someone and in doubt, try tell them something inside(silent speech – NOT ALOUD) and watch face reactions. Did they hear it? Mybe, not all probably have this capabillity. I think that humans are moving towards transhumanism but it is all done in
    secret. And one more advice for genuine victims: ALWAYS STAY COOL no metter what is happening inside your head. And remember most people belong and try to make friends with as many as possible, you want them on your side, if you say something against someone that person will know (they tell everything) and you might created an enemy. They might help you if you make friends with them- they are not alowed to tell you what I am telling you, be good, don’t ever loose your temper or coolness. No metter what. “Could you be loved” – Bob Marley (one of the biggest and a good guy)

  11. End one more insight: Most of the patients in the mental hospital are them, they play their role, what kind of benefits they get besides pension plan from the state they are living in I am not exactly sure. But it is a big joke, mental hospitals will be almost empty without them, but they are not very good at chess :)

    One more: See that guy Breivik, and Charles Manson for example? What they did, and they are declered mentaly OK, first one got 22 years in prison for killing 70 people second one life sentence but only because they belong. See how far that human rights thing goes (which is for them)? I can only guess what would happen to them if they didn’t belong. THey are now writters and getting fan letters all the time. It is just like couple a hundret years ago when someone who was blue blood could get away with almost anything and someone else would get his arm or head choped of for steeling an apple.

    O, and that guy, one of the biggest on their rank Aleister Crawly, which declered that he talked with a dead pharaon or an Egyptian god and he told him what to writte in his Book of Law, he said his number was 666 and was declared as the weekidest man alive, but I red that he put couple of his women into mental hospital, what gave him the right to do this? Only that he BELONGED, he is now a role model for many rockers.

    Weird, ha? How come noone ever tought of that, or is it that NOONE IS ALLOWED to talk about this? Well I don’t belong and I am a victim so I think that gives me the right.

    And I am from Europe, but it is the same kind of thing going on all around the World.


    My name is Tome and I am GENUINE MC victim. Could you please just reply?

    I cannot get in contact with a genuine MC victim anywhere, I suspect my emails are being screened, could you please reply?

    I am very much interested in your insights.



    • Hello Tome!

      I have been targeted since 2011 and I have not found anyone to talk with. I found some guy from my own country but we have problems to have contact. He sent me reply last autumn but my post didn´t receive it. I got it in january this year (sending day was from last autumn!!!!) so I don´t respect using the email. I sent he back almost 6 answers but I didn´t got anything back. That´s why I´m sending a short message for you also to the webmail; https://targetedindividualseurope.wordpress.com so you can answer there if we cannot get contact through my mail.

      Your story is horrible, because of your long history as being targeted. I have got the same kind of torturing and 24/7 gang-stalking. It has been so hard – but you can imagine it. It´s almost worse that I can´t talk to anyone about the crime which I´m faced to. I allready wrote the police, but they directly put my papers to the social workers.

      I don´t know why they attacked me… do you know why they made this to you? I have not been on visible place at any area. But I´m university student and I have studied social siences (sociology and social anthropology (and my teacher has been very visible and being part on conversations about immigrating, racism and so on.)). I have also worked with immigrants and some people said to me with gang-stalking that they thouhgt me to be a jew (I`m not), they have also said, that for some reasons me and my family are allowed to destroy because of eugenics. They are building cyborg -techniques inside of me. I don´t know how, but they are doing it wireless.

      I hope that you have my message and I got yours. But I also suppose that if they can use my e-mail for their own purposes they can even sent you back some messages with something that I didn´t even wanted to say. But because of that I but little bessage to the www-side I wound your e-mail address also.

      Yours H

      Yours Heidi (I pu to the web only the first letter of my name; H)

      • Hi Heidi, I can only give you some tips from my own experience, see I become aware of this only the past 12 years since they started to give me voice to skull and gangstalk me, before (20 years) I had all kind of physical problems, headaches, fainting, tremor, ear huming, pitching, clicks, sirens – all on left side of my head / ear but couldnt realize what is going on – basically they are keeping me under survellance for more than 30 years just I am aware of it for the last 12. They might keep an eye on you much longer than you think just it started to get intence in 2011 for you, cannot tell for sure. And no, this does not happens to someone random as many victims think (that it can happen to anyone). If you are THEM you are safe – you have the right to do this to other people, no-one can do that to you. I wrote about this many times, they are called “psychiatrists” around the world or maybe ?! illuminate in US, not
        sure about that one. They run the world, all the people in power are them… true victim will not get support from doctors or the police… cause it’s them, those are the rules… Every country which has mental hospitals and mental
        system belongs – and that is EVERY country under UN umbrella, some call it new order… I am not sure.

        I consider myself lucky in one way if I can say that, I was surgically mutalated more than 30 years ago – and I think that since than the implants in me losened up a little bit – I went to souna, went to baro-chamber and did many crazy things in desperation. There were even times when in desperation and seeking for help I was running to a mental hospital and it helped me realize what I know today, most of the mental patients in mental hospitals and out are THEM – “psychiatrists” in disguise, I even beat them all in chess :) when they stoped harassing me with V2S after couple of weeks in it.

        I stayed alive somehow, so should you.

        “Could you be loved” – Bob Marley

        For exact description see Metallica (THEM of course and biggest) lyrics:

        “And.. justice for all”, “Shortest straw”, “Battery”, “Master of puppets”, “Eye of the beholder”, “Welcome home sanitarium”… etc.

    • Hi Tome,

      dark NLP, wrap around, social control, isolation, communications control, sleep deprivation, pain, elektronic harassment, hypnosis, cancer, and so on…Technology makes it possible. Could be used for good, but does go wrong. From my legal understanding a crime against humanity. However, try to persuade the lobby. Currently I keep protocol on what they are doing to me and effects I can observe on others, analyze the architecture and compare it to other destrucitve cults. In case they torture you I would recommend to contact an UN advisor.

  13. I myself am being targeted I’m sure they will read this and rephrase it to me later on during the day just. For the sake of harassing though I am writing this privately

    • Hello anonymous!

      I´m also sure that my e-mail is in their use, beacuse they “see” everywhere. I suppose also that they syncronise my telephone first to their computers, beacause I got telephone calls mostly only from my familymembers and from my own workplaces. But I have not received even all messages from my friends and some people have not received my messages. I have got this problem since all this started. I have also found out that I cannot all the time get contact with people when I´m calling to them. and they don´t have any mark in their telephones about my calls…


  14. Hi,

    I spent 10+ years trying to expose corruption within the family court, ACS, CPS, and also with the lawyers and doctors involved in the Family Law process.

    There is no doubt that I rubbed one too many people the wrong way and became a TI.

    At first, I could not sleep because I simply could not “shut out” or “stop” the voices in my head at night It was brutal and relentless. The voices and topics racing through my head were all over the place. It became so unbearable that I had to take sleeping medication to quiet the noise in my head. After a while, that no longer did the job either.

    Then came the stalking and surveillance.

    Then my dog was shot while protecting me in the woods.

    Then the headaches.

    My car broken into.

    The locks to my house door punched out.

    My screen windows cut in order to gain access.

    The list goes on and on.

    Of course no one would listen and I would simply be ignored as being “paranoid” or “crazy”.

    No matter how much evidence I produced, it would be ignored and the attacks would be increased. At one point suicide seemed like the only option.

    Eventually I would crack and begin a death spiral into substance and alcohol abuse. somehow, it was as if the switch was suddenly turned off and I just stopped everything.

    It was almost as if this was just a game someone was playing with my life but I was not allowed to die. When i came right upon deaths door, all the voices and other crap stopped.

    Now the headaches are coming back with a vengeance since I started investigating TI’s. People have no idea what type of monsters are currently behind the wheels of society. Folks, this world is in big trouble.

    My issues ramped up when my ex got involved with someone who was a pedophile and apparently has major connections or possibly even does work for the Government. I have had family members and friends suddenly turn against me after speaking with this man and my ex wife.

    The pattern is always the same when people speak to them.

    Slow and steady speaking with massive repetition. Relentless phone calls, messages, and contact. All in a monotone spooky voice.

    Next thing you know, family members and friends are cutting all tie with me. They do not want to speak, they will not tell me why, and they will not explain what their decision is based upon.

    And they are doing this even though I have the arrest records and proof that the man telling them this information was arrested for exposing himself to his own underage daughters.

    I think sometimes I am living in a parallel universe.

    I am just waiting for the games to stop and the end to come already.

    Then again, what fun would that be to them?

    • I’m a poisoning victim in the US . I took a government job that was a den of perps or snakes as my lawyer warned me.

      At the time I didn’t know what gangstalking was but soon found out. This was Feb 15, 2011. I was happy
      for the promotion. I soon learned to be the unhappiest man in the world. The supervisors and employees were without exception the most brutal sadistic personalities I have met anywhere. I worked harder than I had worked for years with zero recognition and poor reviews even if I finished my projects on time.

      Eventually I asked to quit but no it was too fun tormenting me(you wonder if they torment their families when they go home? I noticed that the perps often had no family or were estranged – so there is your answer.).

      Anyway, it all ended with a massive aerosol poisoning on October 24, 2013. I was poisoned twice before I realized what was happening. They coordinated it with the paid gang stalkers who moved around my unit who started it all up as soon as I was home. It was beyond painful. You can’t begin to imagine and the hospital was full of perps so my medical care was marginal or nonexistent.

      Anyway, no recovery in sight. The people were worse than criminals and they walk about as free men. I hope they all rot in hell.

  15. I don’t call them perps, cause they’re named “psychiatrists”. What they can do is manipulating your body by manipulating your brain from distance, left side of the brain is controlling the right side of the body and vice versa. I had it all, Parkinsons symptoms, epilepsy symptoms, tremor symptoms, ear humming, ear pitching, shaking, fainting, tics on my face and neck, V2S, dreams… and gangstalking…

    I forgot: sexual stimulation (usually in unapropriate situations) or the lack of
    it, strong headaches… all symptoms induced via brain implants and(or) other
    things they’ve done to my body.

    Also click like morse code or something on left side of my head – just as a
    reminder they’re here, breathing by my neck… and a syren on my left side that
    always threatens to repeat…

  16. I’m going to add my comments here. I found this website through TI “Rachel O’s blog–On Gangstalking”. I have lived in Europe, I’m from the US, and I now live in Thailand. It’s true, the stalking is non-stop, round the clock, world wide, controlled and manipulated by police and every doctor, every shop, every store, every neighbor, while all the actor “friends” turn away leaving me to be attacked. Most or all of the websites for targets appear false to me, with disinformation galore and trolls writing misleading articles and attacking people trying to communicate. It’s very possible what I write in this post will be deleted but every time I log in to a computer my post will show up. Victims cannot reach other victims due to the surveillance and monitoring of the internet. My qualms with this site are that “electronic rape” through “implants” is simply ridiculous. How do you get raped through an implant? Is this some cyber game of rape, you are implying? No. It’s being done through teleportation of the body, simultaneously in two places at once. The body appears to be sleeping (it happens while sleeping so the victim is unable to get out of the hypnotic state) and then while in an altered state through technology, drugs and however else they are doing it, the victim is raped but it seems like a dream. Teleportation technology has not been publicly announced, but it’s in the experimental phase.

    Also, visible symptoms of targets is not “red eyes” as the first discernible feature, in my opinion. You really can’t tell who is targeted. Many of the “perps” are simply targets themselves, and have made a concession to this organization to participate, rather than be murdered themselves.

    There are more discrepancies between the reality and what is written in the above article, but it’s a fairly decent description. No mention of any research, surveys or interviews of victims or how this information was gathered. It is not reliable, in the methodological sense. When studies and surveys come out about gang stalking and symptoms become published or at least attempted, the plight of victims will take a giant leap from obscurity to legitimacy.

  17. I was interviewed on my current and ongoing experience as an MK ULTRA experiment and the subsequent stalking and attempted murder through poisoning and drugging. I was interviewed on August 7, 2012 on The Morning Liberty Show with RJ Hender. Please note, for anyone who listens to the interview, that I was and still am heavily under the influence of mind control technology and drugs and poisons that are trapped inside my body. I am named as “MJ” in the interview.

  18. Hi there. I am “borrowed” too. I’m french.

    Nothing is possible to take action.
    The manipulating network works fine. Nothing to be done.

    Yet, they let us communicate.

    I pretend their main goal is sociologic.

    – to demonstrate the lack of forward-thinking,

    – to demonstrate we all think and act religiously regarding our needs,

    – to demonstrate that people, are *not* in possession of themselves
    but obey all kind of injunctions and fears, among which
    “needing persons hijack you from your precious time” , “needing person are kind of contagious” (like psychiatry),
    and so forth …
    and thus that people are not thinking and acting freely at all !

    – thus demonstrating that human society, in fact, doesn’t exist at all !

    Just think : they have been studying people thinking and acting, for about 30 years !
    What jumps out to mind is that people are not, psychiatrically, free. Very few of us are.

    Sociologically this is a BIG discovery.

    So, now,
    let’s get in touch one another,
    I will make a list of the more of us that I am able to, and we’ll go forward.

    Guillaume Farny

    Guillaume Farny
    14 rue Hector Berlioz
    93000 Bobigny

  19. Due to the issue, greetings from Finland – from a targeted individual too (for over 16 years now). My web page: mappi123.suntuubi.com
    Don’t give up. Stay in tune, don’t be chicken. Keep it simple. Remember – stalkers are too only human individuals, not gods.

  20. I just read the description and the comments and it is scary. Scary to see there are so many people suffering from mental illness. I don’t expect to be believed but there is no helicopter watching you, there’s no people driving cars in your street. I believe there are military electronic weapons but you are not targeted. There’s no micro-wave attacks on you. Accept the truth. Be aware of your delirious speech, see a specialist and get better, but most of all, please don’t hurt people around you. They are not responsible for your painful state. Thank you.

    • Are you saying that all the people here claiming themselves victims of electronic harassment, mind control and gang stalking are mentally ill people? If so, explain in more details.

      • The mind controlling people, the ones using the secret directed energy weapons are creating situations in their victims lives to make the victim appear to have a mental illness. they are not actually ill. A wide variety of illnesses, be it mental or physical, can be created by use of these secret DEW’s

        Goodbye knives and pistols, hello undetectable deathrays and perfect unsolvable murders.

  21. I want to tell everyone to write a book about their experiences. Take more trips and vacations. Have more support groups. Form your own tech groups and develop ways to block these waves. These waves can be stop.

  22. i’m tellin you right now that this stuff aint gonna go unpunished. v2k is . speaking from a man on the business end of it for four years now the most insidious eviltechnology everconcocted and its cruelty makes the people who inflict it on others the most horrendous vapid substanceless shells of humanity.they become what they use and there is no escaping that.. I don’t have much problem with the gang stalking anymore because I shot two of them with my wrist rocket and they are pretty cowardly anyway-wont even come out and fight me in a secluded parking lot at night though I’ve called them out dozens of times/ I;ve lost 3 jobs , my family untold money amounts and my dna is compromised perhaps irreparably..,they never compromise, and exhibit the most vile attributes of blatant fascism., and would seem like people who read as bedtime stories the malious malificarum while being harkened back to the good old halcion days of the inquisition, vladt the impaler and other Transelvanian monarches dripping with byzantine -not mere cruelty, but perverted unmitigated cruelty, and for all their dream insertion (the coaxing and analyzing your poor slumber;s imagination , one has to wondetr what perverted substance these people harbor psychologically in theis sub conscious-I suspect similar attributes to a jeffry dammer . This is my suggestion and wish you all to heartened and have faith in your own innate powers no matter how much the try to obscure those positive feelings. do it by sheer dint -and cold bereft of emotion memory , but do not lose faith or love even when you;ve been sent to room 101(George orwell 1984) and you feel the radiation coursing impendingly through your neurological circuitry. Xts attempted murder, rapine of the soul andflys in the face of national and internationallaws ans I believe we should organize and see also what happens in james walbergs case, I think it will set enough legal precident to flip this whole thing around. in my case I know the names of my assailnts and id like to see nuerenburg -like sanctions promulgated -the federal death penalty would be apt however short it would fall in repaying something so unnaturallyand starkly rapaciousy stolen from a human being. I say organize set the evidenciary backdrop then lets clean house. Incidentally,my mother died last may and the whole time these people hijacking my optical neurons looking at my mom in agonizing death throws of cancer kept up their little cacophonous barrage ofshittalk throughout so you know they are not people who are impulsive-its not a one off-its methodically premeditatedly and malignantly-pathologically thought out there;s no excuse or alliby and they know it. no room for pardon or exhoneration ; and it is organized crime in every way wanting the evocation of the rico act, kevonevo69@gmail.com-please do lets organize effectively-we can either go out on our feet or our knees and I plan to sell myself for as high a price as I can reap from them ,solidarity kevin

  23. if anyone is still reading this, what i am having problems understanding is the matrixing well i dont know what to call it … it looks like things are predetermined, like they are preempting events or things i will be reading or seeing … how is that possible, i am ruling out “suggestion”

    specially disturbing are these

    Strange coincidences happen all the time, several times a day.
    The TI can in his thoughts intercept what it’s going to be on TV in a while, depending on subject of interest.
    Some TIs are sure that the people on TV are copying them or harassing them – i dont feel this but some strange conincidences are happening … what is this called.

    what is this strange matrixing like they know whats gonna happen next or are they just bluffing?

    • Everything on a TI is driven. They can make people do anything like a zombie. They can read your thoughts and after make you see the answer on tv or simply a related message, or sentence, or anything that shows to you what you were thinking about. Or may be answering to that dude you had into your head.

      They can make others to talk about what your were thinking or make you go to find what you were looking for.

      We are simply robots, with no random events anywere. They can also make people see you as they want to, as they can make anyone to thing about anything.

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  25. I uploaded to youtube definitions and descriptions and video examples of the definitions and descriptions here: http://youtu.be/Kxr7DGi5P7A

    If of all the definitions below an experience of a Targeted Individual is not explained then I request a reply of what is not explained. I think that the definitions describe what of all that a Targeted Individual experiences.

    The definitions are:

    Targeted Individual – A person who either experiences like-sense of touch, like-sense of smell, like-sense of taste, like-sense of hearing or like-sense of sight which experience is not because of sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of hearing, or sense of sight which experience is torture, stalking, harassment or some other harm or a targeted individual is a person who experiences movement of self which movement of self was not intended by thyself and was intended to occur by some other person whom intended that torture, stalking, harassment or some other harm occurs and which movement only occurred because of transmitting from at least one artificial device.

    Targeted Individual – A person who either experiences Synthetic Imbuing which Synthetic Imbuing occurring is torture, stalking, harassment or some other harm or a Targeted Individual experiences movement of self which movement of self was not intended by thyself and was intended to occur by some other person whom intended that torture, stalking, harassment or some other harm occurs and which movement only occurred because of transmitting from at least one artificial device.

    Artificial Device – a thing made or adapted for a particular purpose or produced by human beings which thing did not occur naturally.
    Note: If a human being didn’t touch it, it wouldn’t exist on Earth.

    Synthetic Imbuing – Experience of something like-sense of touch, like-sense of smell, like-sense of taste, like-sense of sight or like-sense of hearing which is occurring though the experience of like-sense of touch, smell, taste, sight or hearing is not caused by sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of sight or sense of hearing.
    Note: If a person experienced a Synthetic Imbuing then a person who experienced a Synthetic Imbuing experienced something like-sense of touch, like-sense of smell, like-sense of taste, like-sense of sight or like-sense of hearing which was not caused by sense of touch, smell, taste, sight or hearing.

    Self Primary Personal Synthetic Program – Both created from initial data when self is birthed or the earliest data of experience of movement of self which movement of self was not intended by thyself, which movement of self only occurred because of transmitting of an artificial device and data of continual state of self {(Remote) Neural Analysis} is conjuncted with earlier Self Primary Personal Synthetic Programming the result of which is continually consistent Synthetic Imbuing or continually consistent movement of self which movement of self was not intended by thyself and only occurred because of transmitting from at least one artificial device.

    Natural Self – The person-body only; no consideration of person when transmitting from an artificial device occurs is included.

    Non-Naturally Habituated Person – a person whom if not a single transmitting from an artificial device to the person occurred then the person whom was not affected by a transmitting from an artificial device is incapable of securing or procuring food, shelter or water.

    Non-naturally habituated person – a person whom if not a single transmitting from an artificial device to the person happened then the person who did not experience a transmitting from a artificial device is not able to secure or get food, shelter or water.
    Note: If both a person is Natural Self and is not able to secure or procure food, shelter or water then the person is a non-naturally habituated person.

    Synthetic Hybrid Person – A person who is both able to procure food, water and shelter if no Synthetic Imbuing occurs and if no Synthetic Imbuing occurs then the person is not able to do all the actions the person does.

    Synthetic Communication – At least one person attempted to impart or exchange information to another person and the person who the information is imparted or exchanged to experienced like-sense of hearing (though no actual spoken language was heard) or like-sense of sight (though no actual letter, words or sentences were seen) or like-sense of touch (though no actual Braille was felt).
    Note: How do I Synthetically Communicate? Both I think and my thinking is the communication.

    (Remote) Neural Monitoring – Experiencing of what another people senses of sight or hearing with a computer screen monitor or earphones or headphones and a computer; or experiencing of Synthetic Imbuing of another persons senses; or a computer program occurring which analyzes what a person senses.

    (Remote) Neural Analysis – Data created of monitoring of Bioelectric occurrences in a human brain.

    Mind Reading – Experiencing of transmitting from artificial device specifically transmitted from analysis of data created of monitoring of bioelectric occurrences in another person’s brain.

  26. I’m a TI, and I’ve started a website at http://tiactionhelp.blogspot.com/. I was wondering if you’d take a look, talk to me about it, and perhaps plug me in to your Target audience. I’m not really getting to many visitors, and I think the information I’m providing could be helpful to other Targets.



  27. They kidnapped my cat and returned him to me rat-poisoned a week later. Now, two years later, another cat is missing and my dog shows me where she smells something “wrong” by the fence where the cat goes in and out of the yard. When I ask her if the smell is person or dog, man or woman, by holding out my hands and giving her 2-choice simple questions she insists it is a human male that she smells. Her answers are the same every time, even when I switch up the hand and word associations. Her hair stands up and she’s pissed. She’s a very large pitt-bull with a little labrador and smart. They stole my cat the day before his 10th birthday. They are scared of my dog and won’t come in the yard now, just hide behind the fence and leave their Marlboro butts laying on the ground in their favorite hiding spot (probably on purpose so I see the mess). Pansies.

    I haven’t been able to breathe outdoors for years. That’s how it all started. I woke up drowning in mucus every night for 4 1/2 years. All of it started right after some creepy guy infiltrated my life and tried to kill me by sabotaging my car (and failed, obviously). If I don’t leave home now it’s not as bad. But if I leave or talk too much online it gets worse again. When I go outside, even for only a minute, the chemtrail toxins STICK to me like a magnet and the smell is so strong I have to scrub the hell out of my skin to get it off. I can smell it on myself but not on my boyfriend, even after he has been outdoors for several hours. I also have battled morgellons (hint: take a LOT of vitamin C, liposomal if you can). Have they “magnetized” certain people to chemtrail metals while others are “set” to repel them? It seems like a very likely possibility to me.

    I have already been almost completely cut off from all my previous friends and most of my family. I left the city becasue of the suffocation problems because I thought it was just pollution but now I know better. Now I’m surrounded by neighbors who are sadistic and borderline retarded both. They kill and burn everything that grows, obsessively. I had to put up a fence because they were killing plants and whole trees in my yard by cutting and driving in nails (strange, yes). I’m sure some of them are working for the pervert’s. They are exactly the type of creeps that would relish such decrepid employment.

    My dad has been a target for decades. My grandpa (dad’s dad) was a freemason. Dad said grandpa got shot in the chest with some sort of weapon and died from a heart attack. He showed me where the attacker was hiding in the bushes. My dad rejected the creeps, and that may be why he was targeted. He is a genius and (atleast half) of their bloodline, so they wanted him. But he calls them child molesting satan worshippers and sees them for the mentally handicapped, disgusting bags of crap they are.

    The more they attack me and my pets the more I will write and talk about it. (Just know that, perv’s). They are too cowardly to attack me straight on. Cowardly pansy’s. They are so cowardly it’s pathetic. Must be because they know I’d kick their asses with nothing but my fingernails and teeth, simply because you can’t kill someone who God still wants alive. Impossible. So instead, they hurt my pets, who are just little, helpless things. The perv’s like to hurt little helpless animals because they are seriously sick and think proudly of their sadistic sickness due to their lack of legitimate talent or abilities. They are not good at anything, so they attempt to be good at being mentally ill and really stupid, and succeed at failing.

    Faraday-cages are one way to go for some relief. Make one for your internet or cable box, or if you can, live or sleep in one! Metal roof and siding, tinfoil windows. It does help some.

    • But wait! There’s more! Today I went out placing signs and posters around “missing cat.” There was the creep, following me, taking down my signs. He drove right past me as I walked with my signs, pulled over and took down the missing cat sign I had just put up. So I yelled (from about a 100 feet away) “why are you taking down my signs?!” What a COWARD!! I could see him startled with FEAR that I even spoke to him. “You aren’t allowed to put them up” Then he quickly got in his truck and drove away. What a CREEP! I had to go home, print out more posters and do it ALL OVER AGAIN! Unbelievable!

      • I am astonished that there’s MORE!! Same day too! It’s ridiculous but it’s such a perfect example of “gang stalking” I just have to say what else happened today so others with odd situations can get some ideas of what sort of childishly stupid things these people (if you can call them people!) do. I got a phone call this evening from some 40-50ish age chain-smoking-sounding woman saying that my missing cat just went under the fence in my yard. “Quick, go outside and call him…” Of course I had to call him, just in case, but he wasn’t there.

        This is a perfect example of a psyciatrically fu**ed attempt to bring someones hopes up and then smash them into disappointment. It’s a vague, kniving way to upset a person without any clear evidence that it was intentional. If I am to tell anyone that I think it was intentional they would simply say “they must have been mistaken.” But when relentless, unprovably-intentional, cruel things happen over and over it is obviously not just coincidence. The bad-“joke” phone call also implies that some creep has actually stolen my cat and has him, whether they really do or not, causing further potential anguish. They will do things that are so absurd people will laugh at you and call you crazy. I have a perfect example from my dad:

        A couple times a week for several years my dad would get angry in the morning, claiming that his brother stole his only-worn-once underwear out of the clothes dryer and replaced them with old, dirty, poop-stained underwear! Ha Ha! Yes, I laughed too! The mind tends to assume that Dad dirtied his own new underwear with poop-stains and was paranoid…He also claimed his brother had stolen some of his walabee shoes. This went on for years. Then one day I noticed that for the first time in many years my grandpa’s shop was un-padlocked. Nobody had a key since grandpa died except my uncle. I had not seen the inside of the shop since I was about 7 years old, so I was curious and had to have a look. What do you think I found? A shitload of close to new men’s underwear! And some of dad’s wallabee shoes.

        So don’t think a constant-flowing herd of jerks or repetitive stupid gags is just “coincidence” necessarily. These people are like eleven year old, sadistic little boys with their stupid games. It’s their job. They are big, bad spies (they think…HA!) More like cowardly goblins. They want us to doubt ourselves until we have lost our confidence in our own sanity and crumble. It’s all psychiatric games. Remember that. These are not smart people, they are stupid, but they have been TRAINED in how to drive a person nuts. You likely are not nuts, but they will try to make you think so…And I haven’t even mentioned the other vague phone call today or the guy in the black hoodie that ticked off my dog late last night…I’m sure we all have a lot of strange stories about “creeps in the bushes,” etc…

  28. To the person accusing us of insanity, most of us our highly educated professionals who crossed the wrong person or entity at some point in our lives. The result has been a corrosive life of stalking, intimidation , slander and occasional poisoning. I understand it’s hard for someone of your limited experiences to comprehend but governments have large cadres of counterintelligence people at their disposal to enforce their will. These people act as private armies for anyone with the money to pay them to destroy a life or cause a covert death. This has a long history worldwide e.g. Der Stasi or the KGB but unfortunately has become the way to silence or dispose of difficult people in the United States that you can’t outright murder.

    The CIA and State Department have long harassed their ex-employees but now everybody’s doing it.

    This has gotten out of control worldwide. You can read “Terror Stalking in America” by David Lawson for a reference..or you can simply buzz off and go play with your Xbox and leave intelligent discussion to the grown ups.

  29. Many of your TI symptoms are caused by simple inflammation from the chemicals they use. Try anti-inflammatories and go live in a free standing home with non-TI’s. The chemicals are intended to cause severe inflammation and headaches. I know, I’ve had it all done to me. There are direct antidotes to these as well but I’m still in the process of formulating those and I’ll post as soon as I know for sure.

    Lethal and non-lethal Poisoning has been a counterintelligence staple worldwide – so look for that before you buy shielding or listen to useless speculation from Talkshoe and the paid opposition websites. Do some research and use the scientific method. You can find solutions. These people aren’t Gods. They’re sick, misguided criminals with a few military toys they shouldn’t have. You can fight back.

    • I agree with you. It’s important to exercise and detox. Sleeping close to walls won’t make things better, always try to sleep at a distance from most walls, especially the top of the head should be far away. The frequency might bounce back.

  30. Whether you sleep close to a wall or far away is irrelevant in this case. I’m not talking about electronic harassment at all and anyway If you are advising people about electronic harassment then why aren’t you advising them to build a Faraday cage? It’s very simple to do and will block EM energy of any frequency if built right and grounded. If a maser or microwave device is being used then moving your head about isn’t going to make a wit of difference. Build a cage. End of discussion.

    If this is a response to my previous post about inflammation. then I need to point out that they used simple toxic chemicals in my attacks and those chemicals clearly came with antidotes. I also observed toxic effects on the people who delivered theses chemicals. This has also been documented by a case in San Francisco.

    • I guess that everyone knows that a FC would help. Nonetheless people in FC with V2k experience no improvement. I think that there is enough information on the internet about how to build one and they’ll do it if they want to. In my case, i found out it helps if I sleep far away from walls. Jogging has helped other TIs and sports. Well the body itself from the attacks release toxins too. It’s not so much that they deliver to all victims any of that. I think that you are talking about a different type of targeting.

    • Many TIs are also implanted and the implants are programmable and they work in intervals. They get triggered according to the programming in the FC too. If you only speak about gang stalking, I think that the second part of it hasn’t started for you yet. It begun for me too with Gang Stalking and with sensations that everything was poisoned but it developed into electronic with time, so I am not even sure if all the poisoning sensations from the start were real chemicals or just induced states with technology. But I see that there are definitely many sides of this type of harassment and different states of it. Thank you so much for your feedback, explanations and comments.

      • If you have implants get an MRI and document it. If you have ‘sensations of poisoning’ get environmental toxicology done. You will find that your ‘sensations of poisoning’ were in fact poisons-pesticides and toxic industrial chemicals that you’ve been attacked with. Follow up with an allergy test on the compounds that are found. I did and they were–provably. I’m wondering why *anyone* would sit back and just let criminals & vigilantes(even state sponsored ones) do this to them and not get medical help for it. The help is available people-use it , build a case file and sue the bastards! FIGHT BACK!

    • I guess that everyone knows that a FC would help. Nonetheless people in FC with V2k experience no improvement. I think that there is enough information on the internet about how to build one and they’ll do it if they want to. In my case, i found out it helps if I sleep far away from walls. Jogging has helped other TIs and sports. Well the body itself from the attacks release toxins too. It’s not so much that they deliver to all victims any of that. I think that you are talking about a different type of targeting.

  31. I’d actually be happier if they were just less dull & needy. It’s been about a decade & at the start, it was every kind of threat, violence, robbery, fire. Plenty of disrespect for myself & everyone imaginable: Racial, sexual, religious. It’s a pure troll fest. Got right into focusing on killing our dogs a few years back & lately there’s the regular threat to rape the better half, the nasty threats of violence are always peppered through: Guns, attacks, etc but it’s no more than regular people: Talkers talk. The push to isolate you from people is real though. When they can get long stretches to focus on you, they will. They’ll dress it up as any number of other things but there’s a real old school reliance on repetition & “emotional response” words (names, events)
    Re: “Gang Stalking” The directed audio thing is… Is entertaining the wrong word? ( Directed audio: It’s not a crowd behind you talking about you or the neighbours trash talking you, it’s simply a set of programmed voices & a script that’s half standard fear of misjudgement/attack & half scriptwriter had a horrible family (passive aggressive, bitchy characters who obsess on one topic. In life, those people are far to vain to talk about anyone else for long. The truth is, no one cares enough to talk about you & only you except for TI handlers & they’ll make every excuse in the book about why doing this is right, why they don’t care & have great lives etc…) It’s white suburbia, even when the trappings of direct to “mind” conversation are added..
    This is where it gets sad. The person/s (Just one guy for me, but the techniques are all too standard & spread over years to be random) dribbling sad, insecure shite in my ear most days is… dull. Dull prejudices, dull hopes, dull understanding. If you’ve got an intrusive communications device/system etc, you’ve got access & options. Nope. Misery, all day long. Everything’s a problem, everything’s something else, everything is three things at once (I call him Custard (why not?)- He loves to pretend to be a dull obsessive version of people around me or “someone interesting”. “I play guitar very well” “I dated a model” “I have $###,###,### in the bank.” Keeps getting embarassed when things are deeper than he’d prepared for. He likes to make claims of triumph, claims of ability, anything you would tell your friend to impress them for a second when you were about 8 years old? I’ve heard a solid five years of that dribble on a daily basis from a grown man. As I was thinking about this, a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” threat was made that I should write this because i’ll look so stupid years from now when I find out “What’s really going on…” What’s going on is wasted tech that anyone creative could make something great out of & a contempt for the rule of law. I’ll try & write a .little more later & tidy up the form of this. There are some very standard manuipulative techniques used that can & should be pulled apart. In short, everythings a lie from a sad little person without the courage to dream. It might suck to hear someone hiding & insulting you but truly? All BS, never forget. They might know every detail of your life, repeat memories back to you, etc but they’ll never know why, they’ll never face cost or pain.

  32. Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking in Chennai, India , starts as Cyberstalking.
    Please visit my Youtube Channel ‘OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity’ to see videos of my harassment and do visit the PLAYLISTS section to see Playlist Dr John Hall’s Interviews and Playlist Celebrity Targeted Individuals.

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  34. I an being harassed for years since i was very young starting with my mother who bielivied that my dad was spoiling me with the proper perential attention,continued with Gang stalking during grade school; the chemtrails spraying also started with the big 5-6 outlet Jumbo jet airplane’s i recently noticed that the seats of any passenger plane can be removed at any hanger and the equipment installed; now they use any shape of aircraft including by planesand custume spraying devices; they come up with a recipie to make chem trailes SEM TO “dissipear” as the spraying goes on!

    one day I decide to expirament with a mirror and high index lenses,on a beautifully sunny day i make my own laizer and directed it it to the spraier that i saw following orders! after20 min. it used its “cloaking” device and they stopped spraying for 2.5 weeks! if anyone wants to do this simple expirment -Go for it the more the marier! the harassment still continue, Ihave learned to adapt not to let anyone to get their way with me!Everyone keep living strong will.mind ,etc you are worth it all of your life! Dm

  35. Help,twenty years. Moved to five states. You are the first to describe this correctly. What happens do I die from this person. Where can I find help.

  36. Anyone from melbourne, australia, There is a group of people who work at a private firm BJS insurance broker at lv4 499 stkilda rd, who conduct medical research for private lab research under the national health medical research council. I was told by Michael tranys, Daniel Cunningham, Ajae Lugiusto, Danielle Jordon / Olson, alison.m. that they use the so called v2k signal. Look up ibm brain interface computer system. When I found out I was shocked they do this type of experiment of people. Anyone who wants help contact me on Facebook.

  37. Pingback: 11-05-14- Dr. Hildy® and Guests: TARGETED Individuals – Covert Harassment | One Cell One Light™ Radio

  38. There is no help. They are experimenting on and murdering people
    as I type this. Over the last 10-15 years I’ve contacted numerous gov agencies, the aclu, the police, attorneys, and then some. I believe that after 9/11 we became a Totalitarian fascist country. Go speak to your attorney, and your fascist spies will also contact him/her. For all you know they spy on, coerce, intimidate them in the same way they harass you.

    Be grateful. Many people probably don’t even know what’s happening to them or live long enough to talk about it. It would appear to be an extermination program.
    Have you noticed that anything goes?

    I now have skin lesions, have had multiple bouts of pneumonia, severe headaches, digestive problems, rashes, and conveniently have been diagnosed with eczema. They have literally robbed me blind. (possibly billions of dollars) set up car accidents, poisoning situations etc. One way for them to make you ill, is with things that are somewhat natural. (such as mold)

    It has been reported that certain poisons such as arsenic mimic common diseases or conditions but are also hard to detect. I’ve heard that they can install a stick of depleted uranium in your faucet so that every time you use your water it is tainted. I’ve also heard of microwave weapons being used to slowly cook people to death that actually
    mimics cancer symptoms.

    The rest of the time these genetically inclined psycho’s are busy working on your nervous system. Through noise campaigns, sleep deprivation, name calling, robberies, assault, work place sabotage, road rage, vehicle sabotage,
    equipment sabotage, destruction of property, business sabotage, medical malfeasance, work place misery, (yelling, cussing, treating you like trash,
    not paying you a living wage, not paying you for all of your hours etc) This constant daily stress will have an effect on your nerves and your health.

    Before we go on, lets make no mistake about it, the perpetrators of these “crimes” are operating under laws that most of us weren’t even aware of. Worse yet, many of these people seem to derive pleasure from the pain they cause others. It would appear as though it is something of a sport or entertaining to them. Their pleasure comes from self righteousness and their own sense of control over their victims. Ego plays a huge part in the severity of their tactics and attacks. For example, the more they can degrade you, the more powerful they feel and the more impressive they are to their fellow degenerates. You will witness contempt in their actions and see it in their eyes.

    They love to attack me for my looks, height, weight, and even the medical conditions that they deliberately caused me. They will mock you to your casket/grave, and have very little if any concern for human rights, privacy, truth, justice.

    This “hijacking” was planned long ago. The insiders have a monopoly on everything. Don’t fret though, there is a
    covert underground war taking place right now. Due to the nature of sociopaths, megelomaniacs and psychopaths this is bad news for everyone, but so is allowing homicidal maniacs, proven liars, murderers, environmental terrorists, thugs, money laundering mad men, drug dealers, gang bangers, dirty judges, lawyers, politicians, free reign of the land.

    They are culling the population as we speak. Your future in their hands looks like one of imposed slavery, religion, medical bondage, and unwavering servitude with no room or tolerance for thought or opinion.

    This is probably the time to get right with your God or Creator if you have one. The things that they are doing right now are ludicrous. It’s often very difficult to contemplate just exactly why, or what they are thinking. Instead of trying to make sense of this or add some sort of relevancy to it, I would suggest that although they are human, they are also animals. As such they are motivated by things such as power, ego, greed, control, revenge, money, survival. History provides a clear portrait of what we are experiencing and witnessing today.

    God speed friends and enemies.

  39. Well, watch out for sites similar to this as they are often a front organization designed for counter intelligence purposes. Read a few of the comments, look for misspelled words, run on sentences, ridiculous complaints that are impossible or far fetched etc. This is how they attempt to make us all appear to be crazy or incompetent.

    Sometimes sites like these are built specifically to mock and terrorize us.
    I’m sure that their state sponsored psychologists, counselors, professionals are wringing their hands with glee at the potential to institutionalize some of us and subject us to more of their abuse.

    Maybe I’m just paranoid?

    • Nope not paranoid. That is exactly what they are doing. This and FFCHS are both counterintelligence fronts to entrap and marginalize the victims. I’ve talked to the leader of FFCHS and he gave me a load of BS and bad advice while I was being fumigated nearly to death.
      Feel free to email me anytime. doneroamin@hushmail.com
      Here are the real sites:


    • Nope, this is very much the case with this site, when we see comments about chem-trails (total malarky, as they are crystalized ice particles from jet exhaust), implants (also crap), mind control (except for light sleep suggestions voiced thru audio spotlighting to targets to try to lead dreaming sequences, there is no ‘mind control’, but there IS autocrine and paracrine hijacking by hitting specially located places and position on the body, which also requires: dehydrated state, induced sensitivity by continuous pulsed attacks over many days, and nightly use of gases to slow respiration and increase heart rate (sometime greatly), to induce rapid aging, disease and general stress state.

      But we can tell you this as well: Big Brother IS watching these stalker gang punks. The tables started to be turned, when highly trained military, adept at the use of physical attacks and surveillance at distance, attacks on communications at distance, and thru-wall monitoring of human activity in structures, at distance.

      USDOT has now installed a large array of cameras, some covert, to follow stalker groups, who usually travel at high speed in packs of like vehicles, on large interstate highways. USDOD now flys frequent recon flights to monitor these community mobbing groups as they drive around in circuits, to conduct drive-by assaults (triggering imbedded equipment in homes and apartments of TIs) to eavesdrop and harass targets when they are home, at work, or in their vehicles.

      In short, the US government and allies are well aware of the tactics, of many or most of the targets locations, and of the larger plans of these organizations to hijack society by inculcating as many into their local cadres as possible.

      Almost 20 years of such antics, in a steadily growing number of imbedded groups (some members have been active for more than a decade and have been highly rewarded for ‘their work’ with cars, free rent in apartment complexes owned by the group, and other perks), these groups assume that the government can’t or won’t help victims.

      Nope, the reason is that these hate and crime groups are now ranked as the number 1 risk to national security, and they are very, very high on terrorist watch and hit lists.

      They operate on the government-owned and operated internet. They forget this fact, and that Big Brother is very, very unhappy at being fingered (accused) of the crimes that these groups commit daily.

      The real target is the government itself (in many nations), and the divide of society by trying to turn citizens against the government.

      These governments are not sitting idly by. They have 3rd generation weapons that make those of these gangs look like silly toys, and some of these weapons can vaporize a human at distance – in a building.

      The governments have no problem watching, recording, and building a huge case against these gangs, and if needed, mirroring back the same attacks back on the gangs themselves.

      Zero tolerance for domestic terrorism is the agenda of the government, in taking on and dissolving these groups.

      That is the reason for USDOJ sniffing out bad cops in the largest cities and smaller ones in rural areas. That is why the governments are taking on these gangs, that peddle drugs and commit crimes for the drug cartels- to make sure that this threat is neutralized, completely and quickly.

  40. I’ve learn to not fight them. I’ve been chosen for something great. I’ve become so strong. You have to become ugly to survive.

  41. Hopefully, some more sensible people will start posting on here instead of so many internet trolls and sock puppets talking nonsense. Meanwhile read fightgangstalking.com and endgangstalking.com and stay away from disinformation sites that steer you away from the real perpetrators–government & law enforcement corruption.

  42. Go old skool

    1. Use logic
    2. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, avoid fluoride
    3. Stay active
    4. Detox from electronic media.
    5. Limit yourself from TV, PC, cellphone, texting, etc
    6. Learn about yourself and your belief system..remember that as children, we were programmed by our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, etc, our environment, our schools, etc. …Work to understand what is original thoughts from self and what has been recorded from other sources growing up until now. This is how we become grounded
    7. Learn to recognize emotional states and stay in the present at all times. Use future for planning and past to learn from mistakes.
    8. Use imagination wisely but beware of delusion
    9. Today’s world …fear is the ultimate objective by them..lies, manipulation, confusion are the tools. Fear is the mind killer.
    10. Stay productive
    11. Learn to be wise
    12. Keep it simple. We are all humans. The rest is just labels.
    13. All humans today seek advantage by using labels, legal protections, self-proclaimed entitlements, and ideologies.
    14. Bottom line: know thyself , keep a clean conscience, care for others more than yourself , and don’t be a coward.

    • ‘Just Sayin’.you sound very,very familiar . I think we’ve talked before many times. I’ll say this. Let’s stay on topic. This is for victims of chemical/emf TORTURE. This is not a blog to learn healthy habits or to pontificate. Read fightgangstalking.com and endgangstalking.com and help expose the vigilante pigs worldwide.

  43. This is one of the better articles I’ve seen on internet about TI problems.

    All that is described here is as it is.

    What they are doing with this is controlling all your brain proceses.

    They work in your subconscience and at the same time, they have to make see you out there what you think, what they make you imagine. The objetive is to control the way your mind construct the reallity, the porcess of your beleives.

    They control your emotions. They can control everything on you, even all your muscles.

    It’s some long to explain. But basically, you will see as all your life becomes slow. May be you were a high aptitude person and see how all you do turns difficult and so, so slow. Everything.

    This is because they slow your brain in order to make you do a eternal effort to do everything. Everything, until the limit. If you live alone an have no opportunity to have a witness for what is happening to yo, they will torture you till the limit. You turn slow, the same person, but nothing works. Things that time ago you do fast now will take you hours, days, months or even years.

    The thing is that they are monitoring all your brain proccesses, scanning all your frequencies, controlling parts of your brain. The way it seems they do it is by making your repeat everything more and more, so a computer can scan the frequencies related to it.

    This way they make your brain have all the experiences they can. To feel every sensation they can, all af the sensations possible.

    So, if it necesary to have actors out there acting in front of you to make you beleive things, there will be as many as neccesary. A man, a woman, a child, or many of them, even the TV anchors, who make you feel AND BELEIVE what they are trying to.

    You will be always asleep. The objetive always is to find the extreme limit between when you are awake and your sleep. All they do is control your subconscience, the part of your mind where your intentions born. And then, making you go to sleep they take the control of you. They are always calibrating that limit. Always. At last, they will be able to take you to sleep state with no perception of that.

    Look for the video in russia today of Magus Olsson. Basically they do with you the same that they do to that bull in the video. Turn your brain into pause, your conscience.

    You are simply a rat, an experiment, a simulator in the hands of criminals. They are the worst people ever. The don’t understand about moral, feelings nor compasion. Everything are numbers for them, variables and results. These people do torture.

    Try to do always as you are. Try always to avoid beleive irrationial things. Avoid to beleive you are what you know you are not. Be as near (close) as you can of your family and friends. Understand that if you are a good person all the bad things, all the stupid things about people that have been appearing anormaly in your mind ARE NOT YOURS. Don’t beleive them. It has not been your mind who produced them. Don’t pay attention to stupid things. Don’t try to understand how your mind produced them, because your mind didn’t.

    They can generate stupid an irrational things on everybody mind. So if you beleive people is seeing you some way or they want people to see you someway, they will provoque others to thing that way when they are in front of you. The objetive seems to be always to control the beleiving process, the frequencies of that process. That’s the way they control the total of your mind, the total of you.

    About itches… They will try to control everything on you, even your muscles. To use you as an avatar, like in the movie, yes. It is.

    After your thinkings, after the thinkings there into your subconscience are controlled, and after your feelings are controlled too (or at the same time), may be you will feel the itches everywhere, and strange convulsions. This is when they are callibrating your muscles. Every time you touch there where a itch is, you are confirming they what point of your body are the activating in your brain.. When a convulsion occurs in a big muscle, the just can see it. The ithces are used at the most sensible parts of your body or may be where there are many muscles together.

    The control turns always higher.

    Oh, and one thing that geuine TI must know. Most probably you were choosed to be a TI when you were a child, or even before you were born. There is a possibility too that your parents were TI also. This seems to be a entire life experiment. A simulation of a life until the death.

    About accidents that people talks about, they are surely used as distraction. All the problems become higher after that moment. They use this things as an excuse to hide what they are doing. This way you will beleive that all that happens to you is related to that accident/s. Perhaps they caused the accident to have the excuse. If it’s neccesary they do it. All is about distraction.

    Love for all the human beings out there.

    One can never think that exist people (beasts) who do this. It’s impossible to assume. I hope the better for all of you.

    Don’t feel gulty of anything. They are the only criminals.

    • Please, don’t public this coment nor this response.. Instead use the content for your blog if you want. Contact me if you want information about it.

  44. that technicks are used to tread person day or night..and “spydust =radioactive invisible dust can be sprayed in persons home when home its empty and it can be located any time with no GPS location or mibile or any ship in you body.

    gang stalking have been done because keep person under a fiar.. to person have been identified. and otherss that same tap gives a fresh water..so thats a horrow soviet technics which russian mobs and other griminals in octobus sicret military intelkigence agents does..when they launder a monay with innosent peoples snane…just openibg a bank accounts on persons name in any bank in a clibe..where octobus moob håave installed one of they clerk to do it..and person in whom name they open a bank accoubt have never visit even that coubtry …without even any contact in any bank in that country…and they can do launder a monay for decates..because person whom name they misuse sicretly have no any crime in livehood..and thats why they track a people..because they destroy that original innisent people with russian sicret labs methode when situation become to be revalt to the world..that ubited FSB (KGB) does with united octobus criminals..they have russian sicret poison labs in they use . thats computrased banking systems..
    and its real..us well water tap toxity…where body identification technucs has been installed near to water tap..and its gives to recobnised person to toxins..with opening tini toxic capsuls inside of pipe t

  45. Organized Stalking is just part of a much larger conspiracy that involves the mass genocide of the global population. It is being perpetrated by the investment class, which uses the military industrial intelligence complex and their classified technologies to enslave humanity, by exploiting the EMF signatures of our bodies. This is a form of slavery. In the early days of organized stalking, many activist groups were formed to expose this Draconian crime, however, each was quickly infiltrate by the aforesaid complex to ensure that no progress was ever made. The politicians and media were told to ignore any allegations from people who reported being targeted by organized stalking or non consensual experimentation, because this conspiracy involves a world Zionist government whose primary agenda is to depopulate this planet of billions of inhabitants in order to conserve what natural resources are left.

    Since we can’t all be exterminated at once, this New World Order one world government needed a way in which to be able to instantly identify each of us, regardless of where we were located. They were very clever in determining that that the electrical system in the human body also produces an magnetic field which surrounds it.

    This results in a unique electromagnetic signature. Each person’s body produces many different EMF signatures which are projected outside the body, and can be identified by way of the electromagnetic spectrum with specialized equipment.

    It is our own EMF signatures that those behind this New World Order government are using to remotely identify us. The NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network that John St. Clair Akwei describes in his
    civil action against the U.S. National Security Agency, is being used as a covert form of enslaving the American people, because this Network can be used to instantly identify any citizen living in the United States by way of their body’s own unique EMF signatures.

    Moreover, Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks appear to exist in ever country, as a means in which to remotely enslave that country’s citizenry, without the citizenry even realizing that they have been turned into slaves.

    The intent of the New World Order is to first enslave us, then gradually exterminate us as part of a genocidal plan to reduce the global population to just the investment class. What is left of the human race will be turned in transhuman robots who will exist to serve this investment class. The rest of the human race will be destroyed.

    This will result in a global population which numbers in the millions rather than billions, And this conspiracy which is already being carried out, will be realized by the end of the 21st century.

  46. There is no chip! If you still believe that touch an electric fence on low voltage or buy a static orb it should drill out of the skin . It no bigger then a grain of rice

  47. Who’s behind it all?- think what group of people belong to a fanatical network from birth and who believe themselves to be the ‘chosen ones’ and have a hatred towards everyone else who they believe to be inferior to themselves. The people behind these cowardly methods of persecution have to belong to a network that is so strong in it’s beliefs that they are secure in that no-one of it’s members will betray the organization. All the talk of the Illuminati/ Freemason’s- well that just doesn’t quite cut it- yeah sure they are involved to a high degree in this but these organizations are just the puppets of the real masters of the operation and were put in place by the real organization behind it all to divert the attention away from themselves. The group behind it all has set up countless of societies in order to block attention away from themselves. The only true members are those that are born into the group, the group then set up societies for high ranking and influential ‘non members’ as a means to gain control of the non members in high positions that they themselves could not secure- and also for the reasons as mentioned to create a block/ a defensive barrier which keeps them from being identified readily. The fact of the matter is that the organization responsible has for thousands of years had plans on how to infiltrate every organization and spread itself around the globe taking positions in influential positions such as the media and the banking sector. Everyone is brainwashed from childhood to believe that criticism of these people is a terrible thing- this allows them to work openly towards their agenda right in view of everyone without anyone being able to complain without having labels attached to them. You only have to look at these people’s philosophy, their ideology about themselves and their ‘OWN’ books on themselves and their beliefs and it all falls in to place. Yes they are a sick perverted race of scum that pretend to assimilate within other societies whilst in actuality are working towards destroying the society that they leech from, they are a parasite that has spread all over the world. They know how to seek each other out and help themselves along in any organization that they have infiltrated one by one thereby excluding anyone that is not a member. Whether it be in a large organization or a small one, whether it be a business or government establishment their methods are the same. They will run down the non members as they believe that everyone not of their kind was born to be slaves to them. Their own writings condone filthy sexual practices, they are the enemies of Christianity and all that humanity holds as good and moral practices. They are a race that is hell bent on disfiguring the world with it’s satanic views and they aim to destroy everyone so that they can realize their dreams and beliefs that they are the chosen one’s who will inherit the world. They are a physically weak race and that’s why they employ dirty cowardly tactics such as poisoning their enemies, and now that they hold key positions worldwide then yes it looks likely that they now have advanced technological weapons at their disposal. Basically once you become noticed by one of these people they will soon spread their dislike of you to the other members, the other members make a mental note of you and your black listed status soon is common knowledge amongst the members within their synagogue. They hold positions everywhere which explains why the targeted individual encounters difficulty issues wherever they go, whether it be at work, at the doctors etc etc. Their goal is to destroy all non members starting with the people who realize what is really going on. You only have to take a look at what they are doing in their country to see what they eventually have planned for all of us who are not one of them, yep, that is the future unless they are stopped. They are a despicable race who are naturally envious and greedy with a perverted streak. Their philosophy is to destroy anyone, even a non member who is not a threat if they are intelligent- in their own words according to their philosophy- an intelligent gentile must be destroyed and treated as a threat even if they are not a threat. This is the filthy mindset of the people that we have allowed in to our societies and let them get away with it for thousands of years. They utilized their methods since pre Roman times and more recently in Russia- tried it in Germany, succeeded in America and the Uk who are now puppets to these people. The rest of the world is next, they manipulate people and cause wars and they are on target to fulfilling their destruction of the entire world for their purposes.

  48. I pray for all TI’s constantly.

    I know this will sound a little weird, but it works for me, very, very well.

    I use a standard “sequin” cloth fabric with tiny, shiny, metal discs glued to a mesh. It is very breathable. This is a bulk “sequin” fabric.

    You can wear this as a turban, as a cloak, as a hoodie, as a blanket, as a shawl, etc.

    The shiny side is work out so the reflections go outward.

    The instantaneous relief will amaze you. Your energy will be reserved and accumulated and the false energies which we are saturated with are dispersed very, very quickly.

    Changing the colors of the sequins will change the energy as well.

    The breathable mesh eliminated the “forced inhale breaths” completely and many of the physical manipulations, in particular the cranial attacks, most voices were eliminated or greatly reduced.

    I showed this technique to people in Boulder CO at the Pearl Street Mall. There were dozens who tried this and swore it worked. I was so taken back by how many people came out and just started talking with me. The number of young women being attacked was staggering, they had no better idea what this was than I did when it began so long ago.

    Please try this and let others know if it works for you.


  49. The more the time passes the less I think I could say to you. The control goes higher and higer over everything. They stop everything they want to. So the last is to turn you totally sumise to their slavery. Greetings to you all. This is real. Take care.

  50. someone has been cyber assaulting me through a musical program by talking within the melodies causing fear of technology and distrust in humanity

    covered and surrounded with no place to turn but to the conclusion via historical protest

  51. I have been targeted for 3 years now. Only within the last year have I really learned what being a TI means. I thought I was alone. There are so many of us, yet we’re ignored. How can they ignore ALL of us?
    For days now I have had a terrible headache. Drugs(ibuprofen) are not helping.
    What can I do? :(

  52. Hello All. The one thing that I believe that most TIs will do most anything for is: To Be Left Alone; To be allowed to move on with our lives in peace. Hence this same plight that gives us solidarity with one another is the same vulnerability that can be exploited to makes us betray one another. Our Perpetrators, Handlers, Abusers, Enemies etc. are very much aware of this, I assume. I can think of no plight that can test your faith more than having your most private activities, mistakes, sins etc. exposed and exploited by an almost invisible evil entity. If that isn’t enough, an entity with the ability to download false intelligence into your brain with impunity. I don’ t ask any of you for a single thing but I pray for you and for myself. Remember: No matter what errors a person has committed in their lives or how many times, no one should have their brain’s contents downloaded and exploited. No one should have to experience almost unbearable psychological and physical torture 24/7 for the rest of their lives. Be as strong as you can for yourself and be committed to your own survival. May the Almighty, the All-Wise protect us all.

  53. What these criminals do, the objetive, is to keep you connected to machine. All on you is processed first by the machine and then your brain acts under the machine orders, responsing as it would do in natural conditions. Your brain will be a machine controlled by the computer. The final objetive is that all in your mind is simulated. That the reality on your mind is all simulated. That you live into a simulation, into a word made by a computer.

    Hope for all. Life in the world is over.

  54. All the symptoms you experience when you are tortured are bacause they are stopping all your impulses. There is no worst torture anywere. They work evertime in calibrate the exact amount on energy they have to apply by pulses onto your mind. With no end, obtaining the most precise scale possible. Every day deeper. At first, the pulses stop your impulses externally, at the level you feel them strong. You fall sleeping everywhere. Thats why your eyes turn red and other things that you feel hard at the first steps (months or few years).. At a conscious level the impulses are more noisy for you, so their work is so noisy too. While they go on and on tunning your impulses they are able to force you more and more naturally, because they control more and more pulses everytime, and deeper, were you feel them lower. That is the objetive, until they control all de impulses at the start levels and then you feel no diference between your mechanized actions and the natural ones. Everything is simulated. They can stop or start everything on you. And you know it, but you can do absolutelly anything, because everything you do implies impulses. And they can tune them all. So the actions you do in your mind to go against anything are also controlled. All your live has been and will be a controlled simulation, a theatre with no oportunities at all, with nothing at all. All around you is controlled, like with a rat, because if not, it will not be an experiment.

  55. Don’t do ANYTHING while you are sleeping. Anything is ANYTHING. They are all the time scanning voluntary impulses deeper and deeper. Leave the bed always when you wake up.
    Don’t do meditation, nor mental control.
    Take far away from all the esoteric things. Take your friends and family out of these things.
    There is nothing sobrenatural or spiritual or thins like that. Telepathy is impossible. Videce is impossible. To see the future is impossible. If people experiment these things it’s because they are joking people, trying that everyone live into their heads, where they take control of them. If they can control the actions of the people just suggesting things into their minds, it’s SO EASY to simulate premonitory dreams or so. It’s so easy to generate anything of this type. They control the energy. The can promote these beleives to induce everyone to pay attention mainly to their heads, what people call mind feeling or sixth sense.
    Keep it real.
    Keep far of TV. Use Internet only for the essential.
    The best choice is to stay active. Do exercise, sports… Try to do a job where you have to be stand up or walking or similar. Try not to work in a desk for hours.
    If you are not going to live from writting, avoid to write too. I mean as a way of scape, of expression. This is dangerous way of expressing what is in your mind, and translate it into anything. Don’t write, go outdoors!
    The best choice is to stay always doing things out there and being at home only for sleeping.

  56. The million dollar question is: how the hell can I know I’m being targeted?

    The answer is simple:

    If they have started robotizing you, connecting all your funcions definitely to the machine, you will listen them, they will cause you great distraction and scare. You will know it. It’s not necessary to explain anything here.

    If they are tunning you without letting you know it the answer is this: Your body and you are doing things without knowing why do you do them. Fingers move alone, with no order; you feel impulses to do things that you would not do, you feel someways with no sense, and so on: going to places with no reason, telling things you would not say, lost con concentration, you sleep so, so much with really no reason, etc.

    The headache people talk about is the worst pain a human can feel ever. They are stopping your impulses for controlling them at all.

  57. Another thing they make you to do a lot is to drive. Driving is one of the most hypnotic things we do. While you pay attention to driving you leave your mind alone and vice versa. You concentrate into driving and then they force that pain they want to domine in your mind. TI’s drive a lot for sure if they have a car. They cause you problems of any kind (familiar, at your job, emotionals…) and after that they force you to drive with the excuse of thinking or whatever and you drive and drive until they do their tunning job. If you go sad to drive they will make you feel as sad as possible. If ungry, the most ungry you are, and so on. You are an experiment, so they will make you feel everything until the limit.

    So, keep outdoors as much as you can to get some time, and try to work near your home, so you don’t have to drive. But, if they decide that you will work far probably you will not be able to avoid it.

    Relationships, friendships, jobs… everything will be most probably destroyed in your “life” (their experiment). They will keep you just staying, surveying with any options at all. Just doing what they need to happen for their experiments and simulate everything into your mind, to see how it works..

  58. Magnus Olsson says in one of his pages that they want you to suicide, but that’s wrong. What they want you to do is to try it. Because you would try it thinking that is you who is doing it. But you will fail because it’s not you, they would just want you to try it for dominating that impulse too. So, there are no options.

  59. Remember that they control everything you do using the dude, blocking the way you think.

    By making you repeat everything they evaluate it until they dominate it and can avoid you to do it or force it as it was by yourself.

    Just pay attention to this. You have been all your life forced to repeat everything and avoided to understand at your level. You have been isolated from yourself and all your capabilities stopped.

    If you want to do something and see you are trying it so much… Look for it, but know what things would you do and wich not. Wich are they forced by them. Don’t change how you are. So often they force on you things that you don’t want to do, just to make you repeat what they want to block on you. Every mental an physical processes.

    Spread this. If i’m repeating if because of this. They can block everything, even these things, until they block the origin of everything. I don’t know how much will I be able to explain this.

    And try ti be always outdoors, not sit. Far from TV and Internet. This is a lab.

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