Magnus Olsson: Living with Brain Implants

If you haven’t seen Magnus Olsson’s first lecture about nano brain implants, please check out the last post.

This is part 2 and his concerned mother is also speaking about how it feels to live with Magnus and everything that he is going through. All from dizziness to nausea, to seeing him collapse, and going to the hospital to be ridiculed.

Brain Researchers are today responsible for one of the biggest crime in our times. One of the victims is Magnus Olsson and his mother is on his side.

This is one of the most beautiful videos a victim can watch and a very good video to show to family and close friends who often are skeptical.

5 thoughts on “Magnus Olsson: Living with Brain Implants

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  2. I think that THEY are screwing up with Magnus big time publically. Most of those people on stage and in the audience know well what is happening but are not allowed to tell. Well, I am allowed. I never signed any secret contract 🙂 THEY didn’t tell me.

    I wrote about this many times, they are called “psychiatrists” around the world or maybe ?! illuminate in US, not sure about that one. They run the world, all the people in power are them… true victim will not get support from doctors or the police… cause it’s them, those are the rules… Every country which has mental hospitals and mental system belongs – and that is EVERY country under UN umbrella, some call it new order… I am not sure. They are doing this at least since WW2 in EVERY country and this exists for more than 100 years since the y invented mental health. Victims cannot escape, cannot solve problems by moving… that’s the way it is. In the past they used brain implants/electrodes with a battery like for DBS, these days who knows… They might target the whole families, the family tree is very important – they pass this right to do this to someone via blood line. They can use and still another identities, for example if targeted family has kids they screw/make them kill themselves or institutionalize parents and REPLACE them – steal identity so they can do the same thing to children – no one can escape because they are surgically mutilated and manipulated from distance. Bob Marley sings about it – one of the biggest, “Could you be loved”, Metallica sings about it: “Justice for all”, “Shortest straw”, “Battery”, “Master of puppets” etc- all songs from the 80s. In 60s and 70s and mainly 80s it was a real pandemic around the world. If you are them like that Breivik guy who got 20 years in prison – prison is for THEM for a victim there are no human rights. There are still people in the World who are not THEM and are not being targeted but are on the looked out – if you are them you can get away with almost anything and do things like, Marylin Mason, Lordi, Kiss etc. – biggest in their rank, if you are not them you might get screwed simply because you got a wrong tattoo or belonged to a targeted family. They are still many potential victims in the World (people who are not them) so that’s why they are not letting this go public – everything is done in complete secrecy – they are exploiting their supremacy, they want to control the World and they do. Eventually they will be only ones left but till then… STAY

    ALIVE. This is the truth.

    BTW those findings about human brain and implants can cure Parkinson, tremor, Alzheimer, impotence – big one (some call it the mark of the beast), neurogical diseases etc. deafness, blindness… IF YOU ARE THEM – it enhances a standard of living for THEM, for victim it is done involuntary and it’s pure torture. And yes THEY can see thru ones eyes, hear victims internal dialog… most of THEM closest to the victim have also some kind of implant which allows them to hear victims internal dialog via brain-to-brain link real time and act accordingly.

  3. Nice post. Very informative. But no, they won”t be the only ones left. They’re not smart. They just lie. Lies don’t go anywhere. They just create more confusion. And confusion makes people ask questions. The more they lie. The more confusion. The more people asking questions. The more people awakening to the truth. Simple.

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