D.O.P.E. ft Twice: I’m a Machine (Like a robot)

One of the first songs about what micro chipping & trans-humanism does to people. Please share.

“As soon as you have the microchip in you, your life is no longer in your own hands. It is not in the hands of your biology, fate, destiny, god or your own. It’s in the hands of a human being, controlling a computer. Transhumanists and other enthusiasts, claim that the chip will enhance your abilities, ignoring the bad aspects of this technology, which can create computer-controlled slaves. ”

Carmen or Twice, says.

EURON: European Robotics research Network

EURON is a shorthand for “EUropean RObotics research Network”. It is the community of more than 225 academic and industrial groups in Europe with a common interest in doing advanced research and development to make better robots.”

The chosen name doesn’t probably only have to do with the research on robotics but also on the huge amount of money that it will generate in the future.

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Strong emotions of hate, anger and frustration can reject a BCI

Link: http://books.google.com/books?id=9bYkk4WoPRMC&lpg=PA121&dq=brain%20computer%20interface%20in%20amygdala&hl=sv&pg=PA112#v=onepage&q&f=false

According to the book excerpt below, the BCI research is focused on teaching the BCI of an user to collaborate with it’s user. Strong emotions would lead to rejection of the BCI (something that hurts). The human body treats the BCI more or less as a an extra limb or the prosthesis it really is. Strong emotions are so powerful that they can lead to rejection of the BCI. The question is of course if the induced anger and frustration isn’t because of the researcher’s attempts to teach the BCI to respond to the emotional states in appropriate way, without it being rejected.

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