Who Is Elisa Lam? – Pt1 – Energy Weapons

We are an International team of Artists, Scientists, and Activists – based in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is the first of a series of videos – kick-starting a human mind-rights campaign. Our goal is to relentlessly inspire international discussion and debate – until all human beings on the planet are free from mind control and silent assassination technologies.

Part 1 – Energy Weapons – explores mind control technologies, from cell phones to gigantic radar arrays, global satellite grids, and super computers. Governments of the world have long considered “mind control” to be the ultimate weapon of war – one of mass obedience. Today, these weapons have become unbelievably advanced and they remain completely unregulated and misunderstood.

The technologies are known, the patents exist, and much of it has been demonstrated. Right NOW – there are untold thousands of people who are being tortured and used as involuntary human test subjects. There are whistle blowers from the CIA and DoD who have written books explaining how the technology works and how it is being used.

It is possible that world politicians and anyone in a position to inspire or influence social change — is being targeted with these technologies? This possibility makes the thought of inaction unbearable. We feel that this is, without question, the most important issue facing humanity today. It is also our greatest opportunity once it is overcome!

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Elisa Lam? – Pt1 – Energy Weapons

    Text book, classic response from narrow minded, ignorant people (sheeople).
    These individuals allow this evil and their inhumane acts to continue. Unreported mainstream, too much misinformation circulating online for confusion purposes. Paranoia the Favourite word used to dismiss genuine victims of torture, yes torture taking place globally, but here in England, Great Britain . Carried out in a society proclaiming to be free, a democratic one. Headed by the Church and governed by a group of people put in place to responsibly lead a nation. Setting various services in place which should be there to help people, be approachable and helpful to those finding themselves in circumstances where they need understanding and assistance. Not to be faced with suspicion, ignorance and the refusal to accept their traumatic accounts. Ones detailing horrendous behaviours been acted out, against a person, by several other individuals. Gang Stalking happening now in a street near you! The whole thing strategically designed to discredit, destroy, distract, disturb, deny a person their right to safety, Wellness, personal well being. Whilst the Television shows torture in fat away countries with helpless victims, it fails to show the single parent, living in the Uk or other country isolted, fearful, Ill, confused, terrorised, victimised, violated, not taken seriously etc etc
    And this apparently is acceptable, must be otherwise action would be taken by front line services, instead of them getting involved with their sirens. Oh the irony emergency services there to help, doing there bit as the perps against a helpless T.I, maybe overtime at double time?
    Anyway sorry for the rant….. Blessings all
    Love & Light

  2. New Targets email: beverlyjonas@outlook.com

    There is a movement called The Global Revolution and it’s the real deal. It’s a members only organization designed to properly inform targets, provide a network of other targets who are ready to fight against this, give us confidence and the knowledge to wake up everyday feel victorious! We have a plan and it’s going to work! Join us!

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