Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips – with a TI perspective

As targeted individuals, both who know, think or are not sure, if they are implanted, we experience a few symptoms that we often label “science fiction” – experiences and “nightmares”. Examples are:

  • Enhanced hearing: Some targeted individuals experience sounds louder then they really are (often also used to sleep deprive TIs and disturb them).
  • Upload/Download of thoughts, images, personalities or previous experiences, that are experienced with all senses (visual, thoughts transformed into one’s own voice, feelings exactly as they occured), a little bit like virtual reality.
  • Cyberthink: Retriving information without previous knowledge about it, and sometimes seeing another TI retrive one’s own information, sometimes word by word. Another experience is thinking word by word about something that will soon be broadcasted on radio or TV – that sometimes is interpreted by TIs either as “copying” or media-harassment.
  • Mind reading. The implant/s will read our thoughts and send them to a computer or as sound to another individual, enabling “perps” to anticipate our movement and plans and what we are going to to next (often because they will try to interfere with it). Communication the other way, can also be experienced: The TI will receive voice messages from the perpetrators, something that, at least in the beginning will be scary, especially because of the negative messages. This can also be done, at least partially by a learning computer that will learn to communicate from the TI.
  • Hypnotical programming and brainwashing. Negative, painful sensations are triggered by certain words or actions, that feel like “attacks”. Sometimes the implants can also be activated remotely by somebody else, that is, not by the implantee himself or herself (as it happens in the case of trigger words), but with some kind of remote control from outside. This can also create the sensation that the TI is attacked with electricity, or directed energy weapons. It is though not excluded that directed energy weapons and other non-lethal weapons are used on the TIs. in order to incapacitate them partially and sometimes completely.

The information below can be useful for TIs, shedding light, informing, emanating discussion, aiding our understanding about what we stand up against with and what we deal with. The original manuscript can be found clicking here.

Ellen M. McGee’s and G. Q. Maguire, Jr.’s Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips

“ABSTRACT: My purpose is to initiate a discussion of the ethics of implanting computer chips in the brain and to raise some initial ethical and social questions. Computer scientists predict that within the next twenty years neural interfaces will be designed that will not only increase the dynamic range of senses, but will alsoenhance memory and enable “cyberthink” — invisible communication with others. This technology will facilitate consistent and constant access to information when and where it is needed. The ethical evaluation in this paper focuses on issues of safely and informed consent, issues of manufacturing and scientific responsibility, anxieties about the psychological impacts of enhancing human nature, worries about possible usage in children, and most troubling, issues of privacy and autonomy. Inasmuch as this technology is fraught with perilous implications for radically changing human nature, for invasions of privacy and forgovernmental control of individuals, public discussion of its benefits and burdens should be initiated, and policy decisions should be made as to whether its development should be proscribed or regulated, rather than left to happenstance, experts and the vagaries of the commercial market.”

Scientific predictions of the future involve a time when man will merge with machines, and when people will become the science fiction’s cyborgs. Implantable computer chips will enhance memory and people’s senses in general. There are few doubts that interfacing the brain and computers is possible. 3 million people live today with artificial implants. Deaf people have thanks to cochlear implants been able to hear sounds. For the blind, there is hope of developing implants that restore vision in the future, either with the air of retinal implants or cortical implants.

The next vision of the future happens when these technologies combine making human beings a multimedia machine that can interact and share experiences with others in a huge worldwide network.

“The linkage of smaller, lighter, and more powerful computer systems with radio technologies will enable users to access information and communicate anywhere or anytime.”

The components of these systems will be so small that they will be almost invisible. For this to be possible, the implantable brain chip, direct neural interfacing must be developed. In 1968, Nicholas Negroponte said that man and machine till merge in the future and Professor Gershenfeld said that the technology will be embedded by bioengineers in our bodies. The technology is expected to alter human nature. With the aid of this technology we will be able to alter our external and internal world. Once it’s done, the network of brains will create a “collective counsciousness”, “The Hive Mind”.

“The hive mind…is about taking all these trillions of cells in our skulls that make individual consciousness and putting them together and arriving at a new kind of consciousness that transcends all the individuals.”

First, the technology will be adopted by people with disability, but in the next stage, the technology will be used to enhance human beings. At this point, ethical evaluation is imperative. Soldiers on the battlefield will be interested in the technology, and some people who’s work depending on networking and information sharing.

Why do scientists want this science?

  1. The implantable chip will increase the range of senses (seeing IR, UV, etc.)
  2. The implantable chip will enhance memory.
  3. The implantable chip will enable “cyberthink” – invisible communication with others, when making decisions.
  4. The implantable chip will enable consistent and constant access to information where and when it is needed.

” The first prototype devices for these improvements in human functioning should be available in five years, with the military prototypes starting within ten years, and information workers using prototypes within fifteen years; general adoption will take roughly twenty to thirty years. The brain chip will probably function as a prosthetic cortical implant. The user’s visual cortex will receive stimulation from a computer based either on what a camera sees or based on an artificial “window” interface.”

The ethical questions asked is if there is any real reason and benefit from implanting people and enhancing human nature, if humans should play God, and if the predictions made aren’t too optimistic.

As far as we TIs know, interest for this kind of research stems from authorities, the military and futurists. The view of the future for some futurists like Kurtzweil is among others at least “digital immortality”, if not physical immortality, that will enable humans minds to live in the future in a computer. Other’s people’s lives would later be experienced by relatives or other people. The research that TIs believe is done on them, and torturing them, is done for the sake of a few people’s dreams and because of the wish of the military to enhance it’s soldiers (and eventually, as it will be discussed later, to control entire population’s thoughts and behavior). Already now in our time, abortions for children that will be born with a handicap is encouraged, leaving the research to benefit human kind in other ways, without people’s knowledge about it and torturing thousand of innocent with scientific methods that are not safe. Implants can lead to cancer and the implants are putting pressure on our minds and bodies, while our entire life and integrity is lost.

The most frightening implication of this technology is the grave possibility that it would facilitate totalitarian control of humans. In a prescient projection of experimental protocols, George Annas writes of the “project to implant removable monitoring devices at the base of the brain of neonates in three major teaching hospitals….The devices would not only permit us to locate all the implantees at any time, but could be programmed in the future to monitor the sound around them and to play subliminal messages directly to their brains.”

Using such technology governments could control and monitor citizens. In a free society this possibility may seem remote, although it is not implausible to project usage for children as an early step.

That the technology will be implemented by the military is no doubt, is concluded in the paper. Later, when other people will be able to take advantage of the technology, control of information links will be important. Potential for sinister invasions of liberty is an issue for the future. There could be advantages with the technology, but the dangers are even greater.

The issues are too significant to leave to happenstance, computer scientists, or the commercial market. It is vital that world societies assess this technology and reach some conclusions about what course they wish to take.

As TIs we have all experienced the worst of everything that this technology can do and what the results can be. The perpetrators test the tech on us, while it is still not working properly and it’s nothing but torture. It is still not safe, because the implants can lead to cancer and to other disturbances in the human body that in time can and will eventually lead to diseases and a premature death.

As Targeted Individuals we might be marginalized from society and at the same time we have a deep responsability for the same. Therefore, discussions about the ethics of the technology regarding the future of populations in society is important to be discussed. Or, what do you think?

18 thoughts on “Ethical Assessment of Implantable Brain Chips – with a TI perspective

  1. Nanotechnologies, Ocular Eye Implant Transmitter

    I am another victim of a Brain Implant. They called it an Ocular Eye Implant. This transmitter is capable of transmitting their voices, reading mythoughts and showing me visual stimuli both inside my Visual Cortex. The Implant behind my right orbit was placed during a covert operation that had me hospitalized in May 2010.
    This law enforcement group they called Conintelpro had me tear my home up looking for cameras and transmitters outside my body. Now I know that they were in me all the time. They had me fall and I injured myself, I had to call an ambulance. While being transferred by ambulance I lost consciousness, I was being closely followed in the ambulance by another car, when I went out. I awoke 10-15 hours later being wheeled into another hospital to recover from an unauthorized surgery that uploaded my visual history with nanotechnology.
    They may have put some of this technology in me since birth. I have displayed some very unusual behavior and thought patterns at different parts of my life. I was an easy target for the last surgery because of a injury that turned into a chronic pain situation and I was forced to take a variety of medications. After this I became socially isolated and didn’t leave the house much or communicate with my friends or family because of the pain and medication. This I hear is a reason that makes you an easy target by the CIA and The New World Order and their technically abusive technology. This technology is also used to direct pain to certain pin-pointed anatomy.
    This Army Corp of Engineer technology was felt when I had an MRI, it was very painful and I thought that it would show up. They taunted me that it would not be showing up for the public to see in this case, and when I had it looked at… even though my old head injury should have shown up they obviously compromised my records and I am now in need for someone else to help me with getting this physical evidence.
    I need someones help with this who will recognize what I am talking about and hopefully help me with a protective order or removal. Please call me if you can help.
    I have names of the people behind this. I am being followed I have received death threats. They have ruined my life, taken my home and almost had me killing other people.
    They said I was made a human experiment and they have a hologram of my body in front of them(skeletal view w/ organs intact). They use this body double and do terrible this to it, like surgeries while I am awake. They are taking my health with this experimentation, please help me… They have also talked about “THE END Of TIMES” and something called THE BLUE BEAM PROJECT! -Susan (707)223-2753


    Susan Jeanne Kennedy

    • Hi there i’m a TI (Targeted Individual) from South Africa. Give me a call at (+27 0742882040) or email me at I know everything they are using on us with pictures & exactly which people are involved in electronic harassment & why. Please give me a call so half of your problem is solved. Its just the other half that you will have to remove by somebody you really trust. You must contact me immediately. Please inform other (TI’s) to contact me as well. I will soon be opening a website with all the info that will assist Targeted Individuals. Feel free to relay my contact info to all other TI’s so I can help them too. Cheers to all for now 🙂 I believe in living free like GOD intended it to be.

  2. Hello, I have been a TI since March of 2004, but I have had the technology since I had eye surgery at 8 years old. I am now 52. I am a single white female getting ganged upon and harrassed by my own drug dealing and child pornography making family. I thought I was raised like the Brady Bunch ethics and morals, but later came to realize that they had an ulterior plan, I was used by my family as a spy which gives me the creeps. I lost my whole family over this which is really devastating. My two younger sisters and brother have gotten themselves into something that is very scary the black drug lords which now have my computer program. I have tryed to do everything in my power to stop these people, even enrolled in college and completed 4 terms as an honor role student in Criminal student. I know for a fact that I was used to pass information for alquaeda and then discarded when I found out about it. My life will be better and I will be wealthy because of it. Carol Walker 503-799-0794. Lets get these people sued. and take away there power Lets make a movie about Targeted Individuals. I have been called every name in the book but they will not win.

    • Hi there i’m a TI (Targeted Individual) from South Africa. Give me a call at (+27 0742882040) or email me at I know everything they are using on us with pictures & exactly which people are involved in electronic harassment & why. Please give me a call so half of your problem is solved. Its just the other half that you will have to remove by somebody you really trust. You must contact me immediately. Please inform other (TI’s) to contact me as well. I will soon be opening a website with all the info that will assist Targeted Individuals. Feel free to relay my contact info to all other TI’s so I can help them too. Cheers to all for now 🙂 I believe in living free like GOD intended it to be.

    • Email:

      There is a movement called The Global Revolution and it’s the real deal. It’s a members only organization designed to properly inform targets, provide a network of other targets who are ready to fight against this, give us confidence and the knowledge to wake up everyday feel victorious! We have a plan and it’s going to work! Join us!

    • Oh wow you have been through it…I am curious so they tried the school thing on you. I was sure that was a scam I never participated in it. Still think it’s a scam they can’t get me to believe that it’s anything other than that.

  3. i actually can makes sounds from inside my head it works but don’t know if anyone will be able to hear it. It sounds like a storm get even louder when i close my ears and close my eyes and tighten my eyes opening my mouth too i hear sounds.

    • Hi there i’m a TI (Targeted Individual) from South Africa. Give me a call at (+27 0742882040) or email me at I know everything they are using on us with pictures & exactly which people are involved in electronic harassment & why. Please give me a call so half of your problem is solved. Its just the other half that you will have to remove by somebody you really trust. You must contact me immediately. Please inform other (TI’s) to contact me as well. I will soon be opening a website with all the info that will assist Targeted Individuals. Feel free to relay my contact info to all other TI’s so I can help them too. Cheers to all for now 🙂 I believe in living free like GOD intended it to be.

      • My name is Susan Kennedy. USA 707-362-7353 Also TI – might be a real Kennedy? Sounds like it’s gotten very personal could be family members? Mind controlled to the point where there’s no music left in my mind. Looking for help by a Doctor Who would know about brain research being done with nanotechnology and deprivation of your own thoughts for years at a time. Thank you any help would be appreciated. Urgent!

        Sent from my iPhone




  5. ELF frequenciais modulaveis na frequência da organização da matéria
    Vai além de biochips microchips a nanotecnologia
    Sabotando assim diagnósticos com a cristalização da matéria
    Lobotomia transorbitais
    Implantes via fossa nasal
    Injetados na corrente sanguínea (localizações e hipnose sintética )

  6. Como aparelho auditivo é cérebro acumulam informações na ordem quântica?
    Como a massa cefálica consegue armazenar?
    Pense nisso!
    Se hora criaram computador quântico e foram inspirados no cérebro para criar tal aparelho através de ondas transmissoras, temos o armazenamento do surgimento e ñ apenas de um sistema orgânico, mas de toda forma existente até então replicando!
    A aplicação de ondas estabelecida sobre tais princípios está sendo utilizada para criar falhas no sistema. Impedir percepção Real que nos acerca!
    P q ñ utilizamos todo potencial da massa cefálica se está constituída?
    Não descrevia. Está dentro da caixa crâniana. É existente!
    P ergunte-se por que não temos domínio de tal conhecimento?
    O que interfere na potencialização que nos igualaria a civilizações, ditas mitológicas outrora existido?
    O que impede o potencial? A aplicação?
    Por que interromper?
    Quantos nascemos perceptores nas falhas do sistema de líderes e seus mecanismos de controle?
    Há muito mais do que o suposto
    Tais vítimas, suponho, podem ser alvos por desviaram das condutas estabelecidas e assim passam a sofrer perseguição
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    Não são apenas mulheres de vermelho que distraem a atenção e podemos obter na mídia o direcionamento do pensar através da desinformação 1987 os sobreviventes.
    Se vc está sob efeito da hipnose com o consciente coletivo, vc não é divergente!
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    Mesmo mk-ultra na ilha do medo.

  7. Please enter my post on linkedin by typing Rafi Geva.
    I will be happy to share my clear point of view on this important issue.

  8. I appreciate this article. Confirmation is helpful, your information provided me with some more answers to my ongoing pain in certain areas and it’s good to know I’m not alone. I recently broke one just below my eyebrow and my whole side of my face looked like it was melting. I actually pulled a piece out of my eye and it was a piece of the black/copper/glass one the size of rice. 2 months my eye and face were painful and I had pieces coming through my eyelid. Now, 2 years later, it starting vibrating 2 weeks ago and now there are more pieces working out through my eyelid. Excruciating pain as it scrapes and cuts my eye and makes me look hideous. Thank you for listening.

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