Why the targeting isn’t just about whistle blowing

Because i have seen many posts about targeted individuals being targeted because of whistleblowing, i have to write why i think that whistleblowing will not make a Targeted Individual a target.

A person is usually considered a whistleblower, when he / she betrays the unwritten laws of the group to whom he/she belongs. The person will not close his or her eyes to injustice, or will talk about “secrets” that the group share, and that, if they come out, will harm the groups image. At the same time, for military and secret service to target you because of whistle blowing, you need to have access to secrets that will be dangerous to society. None of the Targeted Individuals have access to such information.

So why isn’t the TI dangerous?

– Many whistleblowers will not be targeted, most of them actually.

– There are thousands of individuals with all kind of ideas in society, some very dangerous indeed, and they will not be targeted or harmed in any way.

– Many targeted individual’s pets and other family members are targeted. It doesn’t have to do with the culture of the family, you can’t target an underage individual, just because you think parents are not good enough, unless, of couse, it’s not justified by some kind of reductionistic ideology, like genetics. And why hurt innocent animals as well? Many victims have reported murdered or hurt pets, on a daily basis, year after year.

– Many Targeted Individuals are very young when the targeting starts. In China, they can be as young as 17.

– They spend years of surveillance and are very patient to achieve their goals, spreading rumors, creating social situations that are not real, infiltrating all kind of people in the TIs environment.

– The victim is tortured night and day. After the first wave of torture, i think if behavior modification would be the aim, the perps might have succeeded already there, but they still continue.

– The victim is tortured night and day, day and night, every minute and hour of their lives, both mentally, physically and emotionally. Is there a need for that if you are a whistle blower, everything have been taken away from you, and you are not a criminal or dangerous person in any way?

– Younger targets will not be able to form any kind of family, because love life will be sabotaged and interfered with. Why would anyone interfere in one of the most private areas of your life and the most sacred, like falling in love, have a family and children.

– Do you spend so many resources in one individual, if you don’t have any hope of gaining something?

The conclusion is that, even if, in some cases, some targets might be whistleblowers, they become victims because of very important information of a secret nature, and not because they happen to have an opinion, that might diverge from the consensus. Most people in society have ideas that diverge, and they do not act on them, and they won’t make the person a target of electronic harasment and control.

The most likely reason is experimentation on human beings without consent.

Comments on this article when posted on FB

Robin Webster: I was targeted covertly for several decades, I believe, and when I began to wake up to what was occurring and fought back, I began to call myself a whistleblower. I suspect government whistleblowers who later become targeted is a rare event. I think it’s about social stratification, exclusion, and intolerance towards all kinds of different people for different reasons. A way of establishing an extra-legal form of second class citizenship not unlike being placed under house arrest. Just some thoughts.

Carmen Lupan: I agree that they want to see to that the important positions in society are occupied by some individuals but not by others.. and still i think that they will not know what you’ll become decades before they start to target you. There is no way of knowing that..!They cannot predict that i think, they can’t see into the future, unless they are co creators of your future..

DiMarigold: IMHO, the ‘targeting’ has nothing to do with the victim, and everything to do with the person who NEEDS to control & harm others. TI’s do themselves additional injustice to think that they cause the harm to come to them.

Robin Webster: I too suspect it could be a way of shifting the political landscape in favor of the torture regimes, but no way to prove this that I can think of. I guess we could poll TIs to see what their political leanings and beliefs are. Mostly liberal, independent, or libertarian?

Carmen Lupan: Great Idea. But after years of torture and mind control, it’s difficult to find out for sure what opinions they had from the beginning. I think that the openness of the harassment and the openness of the gang stalking (how many people are aware, but say nothing and participate) would be a better indication of the political landscape shifting.. (when related to TIs).

11 thoughts on “Why the targeting isn’t just about whistle blowing

  1. Dear Friend,
    Yes, our American Government has been infiltrated by enemies of our Constitution, our people and our very existence. These infiltrators are not really true American citizens, as they are warring against all of our morals, belief systems, and our American way of life.
    However, they pose as good citizens, and they go after the most powerful positions. They are not real representatives of America, but they are imposters who actually want to destroy our society, and not only destroy it, but after that; they believe they will take over our country and its people. Their desire is to cause America to become powerless so that they can control it.
    They are trying to destroy everything in America that made this country great many years ago. Then, they will be able to take it over very easily.
    We, Americans and especially the Christians need to stand strong and pray that The Lord will intervene, and the people of America will repent of our apathy and lack of understanding about the enemies within our borders.
    We need to pray that God will raise up those brave men and women who will fight the good fight of faith, prayer and bring back the righteousness that is able to exalt our nation.
    God said that if His people will humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways; then He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our land.
    May we, the people of America turn back to our almighty God, and start having the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom.
    I was a missionary in Seoul, Korea for thirteen years, and during my time there; North Korea had propaganda and disinformation flowing, and that same thing is happening in America. Most of the reports from the mass media are total lies and they reflect the bias of a few of the elite that control their broadcasts.
    While I was in Seoul, Korea through disinformation, a rogue/shadow government candidate was put into the presidency through the use of illegal voting methods and die bold computer software that controls the voting numbers.. After this president’s term, he came under investigation, and he committed suicide.
    During his term; the people, pastors and the church members went out in the city hall area to pray for South Korea, as they always do when there is a problem. God always answers the prayers of those who are praying according to His perfect will and with a pure heart.
    Now, South Korea has a wonderful, Christian President, and the people of South Korea have learned so much from being duped previously.
    Now, God is exposing all of the evil deeds of darkness going on in America, and that is a very good thing. The people of America are waking up.
    My prayer for America:
    Dear heavenly Father,
    I pray that You will continue to expose all of the gang stalking and other rackets here in Regent Park, Fort Mill, SC, and all over this nation. I pray that You will destroy all of these evil deeds of darkness going on secretly.
    I pray that You will expose and prosecute the community managers/coordinators that are running these illicit gangs for their own profit and power.
    I pray that You will bring justice and restitution for all of the innocent people that are being persecuted for righteousness sake.
    Please bring all of those who have infiltrated our communities, government, churches, businesses, and every institution to judgement and prosecution, as you did in South Korea. Please bring investigations into all of the activities of the subversives and enemies of our people that have held any type of position of authority in America. Please expose their treasonous deeds, and also all others in America who are trying to tear down our Republic and destroy our Christian and American way of life.
    Dear Father, I pray that all of these traitors will be identified, and either deported or tried for treason, because they are enemies of the state.
    Please bring all of the subversives to justice, judgement, prosecution and hopefully to repentance for all of their crimes.
    Thank You, Father God, Thank You Holy Spirit, and may America come back to our heritage which is Jesus Christ and The Word of God, and may our Constitution be established again for truth and justice for all people; not only the elite.
    We praise You God for Your wonderful goodness and mercy, and we ask that You will bring all of us to repentance, humility, and righteousness and then You will heal our land. Praise The Name of The Lord Jesus.
    Please raise up those with the hearts of Joshua and Caleb to take back our country for the Kingdom of God. We need men and women of courage, faith and the love of God.
    I thank You Lord in advance, as You always answer our heartfelt prayers.
    In Your Name Lord Jesus Christ and all for Your glory. Amen and amen.
    In His love and for His glory,

    Peggy Kannaday
    Regent Park/Glen Ridge
    Fort Mill, SC

    • I believe the very system to the mark of the beast is already here and set in place. This thing is EVIL. Electronic mind control? Just when you think you have seen it all…. I believe Jesus is coming back soon for his bride. Hang in there guys!

  2. minddefensecoach.wordpress.com has tips for targeted individual to avoid being forced to suicide, murder, or conducting mass shooting for them.

  3. I think some of us are born into the program (or sold into it via adoption). I was adopted through a catholic agency and implanted. Since I spent half my childhood in a literal “house of mirrors”, and since I know some of the esoteric/occult aspect of mind control, I think that is why they are using “soft-kill” and “no-touch torture” on me.
    May all TIs find peace soon!

  4. Mine has been lifelong – now 48 years old. No love no family. Just knocked out on drugs and sexually abused -mutilated in fact. Do the gangstalkers know that they are ‘aiding and abetting’? The social mobbers ‘tut’ at me if I display any extraversion to belittle me. Yet they are aiding and abetting paedophiles! Who should be tutting at who! Did quite badly at school as was always drowsy – so no career or proper income now. Also have very poor memory but don’t know why – something like constantly repressing flashbacks to something right at the beginning of my life…………
    So……..as far as I can tell, absolutely nothing to do with politics, opinions, or any form of social reform – just a bunch of bullying perverts.

  5. for me every effort was made to block learning , self actualization and social connectedness, perhaps its as much about who we would otherwise become, more so than who we are or where when the targetting began –

    • I experienced the same as you, Jack, although for me, it has been happening on some level, throughout my life. I only noticed it when things got really ugly for me back in 2008. After looking back on my life, it became clear to me that I was most likely sold into the program at birth, possibly a form of the Monarch or MK Ultra programs.

    • I agree, my targeting follows the same pattern. It started when I was young. I have no idea why but I was made believe that I had greatly offended someone and this was somehow their revenge. Whoever is behind this, probably cannot predict the future but can detect potential and can make a future that will fit their interests, while also probably testing new technology and review patters of social behavior in this situation. The targeting serves many purposes but ultimately we are disposable and we have been chosen for a life of isolation and pain.

  6. The reason is Satanism. It’s not all dark clothing and magic incantations. It’s very mundane and ordinary-looking these days. It’s brought on by someone in your family. Believe it or not, it’s probably your parents. It’s called purging. The parents sign up one of their kids to be purged. If you look back, you’ll realize that you have been treated poorly by your immediate family almost all of your life. This is common with targets.

    My mother had me sign an insurance policy shortly before the targeting accelerated. Now she says it never happened. However, I remember it clearly. I even remember what she was wearing.

    They choose the kid that they like the least, or that they deem useless, incompetent. Some will even sacrifice children that have mental disabilities. You know that child limit thing in China? It’s happening all over the world. It’s just less noticeable in other countries. They call it depopulation but guess what? The earth is not actually overpopulated. It purges itself every second of every day. It’s not possible for it to become dangerously overpopulated. Lives are getting shorter, not longer. Yet, science claims the world is crowded.

    It’s bull. It has nothing to do with anything you’ve done, it’s not happening to depopulate… it’s more sinister than that. It’s an offering. And if they don’t do it to you, it will happen to them. That’s their motivation. “At least it’s not me.” Sad thing is, either way, one day it will happen to them too.

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