Strong emotions of hate, anger and frustration can reject a BCI


According to the book excerpt below, the BCI research is focused on teaching the BCI of an user to collaborate with it’s user. Strong emotions would lead to rejection of the BCI (something that hurts). The human body treats the BCI more or less as a an extra limb or the prosthesis it really is. Strong emotions are so powerful that they can lead to rejection of the BCI. The question is of course if the induced anger and frustration isn’t because of the researcher’s attempts to teach the BCI to respond to the emotional states in appropriate way, without it being rejected.

HUMAINE (1) is a consortium of EU researchers developing systems that can register, model and influence human emotional states and processes. Their emotional oriented computing is based on psychobiological investigation of emotion and is designed to interface with human users on an emotional level.

Combining the ability to decode emotions from EEG or other brain recordings with such emotion oriented computing or emotional robots would enable BCI (brain computer interfaces) users to express their emotions or enable the BCI to respond appropriately to the user’s emotional state.

Emotions are high level cognitive states that encode subjective feelings to a situation or an environment. Emotions can carry large amounts of information in a compact form. Anger or frustration at continued BCI errors could lead to user rejection of a system. An emotional aware BCI would realize the irritation and adjust its output. The ability to decode emotional states could therefore empower BCIs to interact with their users in a state-dependent manner or to express the users emotions on their behalf.

(1) HUMAINE (The Human – Machine Interaction Network on Emotion)

Robocasa, a collaboration between Italian and Japanese researchers, is creating emotional robots that can express feelings.

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