Regulate Implant Technology before Human Rights abuses become common practice


The advances in some areas of the human brain sciences and the possible threats for the future became apparent to Ellen M. McGee and Gerald Q. Maguire already in 1999. They talked about ear- and eye implants but also about more advanced implants and sensors in the environment able to spy on the human being and to control behavior and the human mind. The same ethical questions arising then are still very important today.

Since 1999, the progresses in implant technology happened very fast. It is possible today to connect a human brain to a computer, creating today’s cyborgs.

Technical innovation, scientists claim, are neither good nor bad, but how it is used and the moral and ethical consequences arising from the use of the technology in unethical ways can constitute a threat. Today, the technology and its applications are still completely or partially unregulated. There are still no laws that admit, recognize or regulate how and to what extent human brain functions can or cannot be altered, leaving a very open and huge range of possibilities for anyone that has its hands on this tech to use it – even when tested on people with more normal implants, like cochlear implants, eye implants or pace makers.

Because the brain chips are such a huge research area right now and because so many kinds already are developed, is it important that already today, formulate strategies and directions that might be able to at least diminish some of the consequences of this technology and eliminate abuses. Implanting this technology in the human body without knowledge or consent, must be prohibited.

Soon enough, the technology will be widespread enough to be used in normal medicine in the form of for example nanotechnology or parts of vaccination against viruses of any kind. The human being subjected must be informed and humanity must know what the technology is capable of.

Paradoxically enough, the brain implant technology is getting too little or no attention or ethical debate. At the same time, the potential of this technology to affect human beings and change them is huge. The threat of the implantation technology is in fact greater then genetic changes or enhancements. Genetic changes are very much limited of the human biology. Creating human-machine hybrids doesn’t have the same limitations. A computer connected to a human brain can share information at a distance. The potential for computer-chips implanted into the human brain to change humanity is far greater.

ELLEN M. McGEE and GERALD Q. MAGUIRE (2007). Becoming Borg to Become Immortal: Regulating Brain Implant Technologies. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, 16 , pp 291-302 doi:10.1017/S0963180107070326

2 thoughts on “Regulate Implant Technology before Human Rights abuses become common practice

  1. Hello everyone! I recently came across this subject (though I’m not a TI, thank God, lol at least not yet) and became interested in it, so I went on Wikipedia hoping to read more about targeted individuals, but no article existed on it. So I decided to put time and effort and created one yesterday, and wrote all of this important information the best I could. Please take a few minutes to read it, edit and make any improvement if possible or needed. That’s the link:
    If you have a Wiki account, please log in and go to the talk-page of the article, and join the discussion there to support my position of keeping this valuable article available! Here’s a link to it:
    Thanks and have a nice day

  2. I was Illegally RFID implanted and under illegal survelliance /gang-stalking. This happened shortly after 2 surgeries hearing voices & they where reading my thoughts and repeating them back. I was misdiagnosed and also went through electronic torture. This RFID chip has a tracking device to where you have no privacy or GUN rights so government make people go crazy and blame on the MENTAL PEOPLE, and the RFID CHIP has been known to cause CANCER. I’m a mother of 2 girls help me to get the word out to get my kids back. Before the surgery I wasn’t diagnosed with no condition at all and scared to go to docters. This organization that is survelliance me and harassing me is well funded going on for years and they are Using cell phone JAMMERS which are illegal so this has to be law enforcement of some sort

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