Charlie Vietch: Resistance to the Post Human Slave Borg


5 thoughts on “Charlie Vietch: Resistance to the Post Human Slave Borg

  1. They do not need to remove our genes, they need to remove the psychopaths ruling the world. And speaking of shivers, that queen give them to me. SHUDDEERRRR! That Bilderberg looks like Satan Himself!

  2. That is the one thing they “CAN’T HAVE”…which is “OUR SOULS!” I am not my body, it is theirs. I am experimented on, surveiled 24/7.

  3. I find you to be “very” together! Like listening to myself here. A very lucid rant. Lol! Your heart qualifies you. NO underground railroads today. I could use one, but people would rather go shopping. Campaigned for Ron Paul last go around, and you know that Homeland Security fucked with us and still is. And if you know a little more??? You choose death immediately if you speak of it. The passion is still there, but with discretion. This here will get me punished enough already. Keep talking, just keep talking. With whispers…when you can as you say. OH! And don’t face any camera, they read lips too. For me, the mind is read, but I still try. Laughing/smiling. The rapes have ripped me open, from vaginal opening to rectal, but they have some nice laser type suturing. Waking up, with a healed incision. WOW! Happy to not remember any of it. But the evidence is always there. Just one of many here.

  4. My name is Oguz Icsoz, I’m a film director. I live in Turkey. I’m being tortured with electromagnetic radiation for three years, by expartner of Turkish Benetton, a Turkish businessman. Read my case at My all data access is being monitored and filtered so please contact me through mobile or viber, same number for both +90 535 951 30 14
    I need to reach independent media and human rights organizations and with their help I have to get out of Turkey.

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