The Verichip – RFID and GPS


The Verichip

Many TI believe that there is no need of an implant for the perpetrators to track us down. Yet, there is more information that they do need some kind of tracking device so that they can locate us then that they do not need it. In this article we will try to shed a little light on the existing tracking technology. The chips are nowadays very small and they can be injected in any individual without leaving any marks or big traces. The implantation might also have happened long before the actual torture begins.

The Verichip is made by Florida based Applied Digital Systems (ADS). Each Verichip is encoded with a 16-digit number. It is used in Mexico to restrict access to a room filled with top-secret documents; in Barcelona it is used automate entry to the club and payment for drinks.

The Verichip is the latest member of a tech family called RFID. RFID tags are microchips that can be as small as a grain of sand that broadcast encoded information to a reader.

In October 2004, ADS won Food and Drug Administration approval to use its tiny VeriChips in humans for medical applications. The Chip in the VeriChip is a passive RFID, meaning that it must be scanned by a reader in order to read the information encoded in the chip, and can’t track down people.

However, according to an article in, Verichip Corp and the telecommunication company ORBCOMM signed an agreement. The cooperation resulted in the creation of a GPS implant for humans. The GPS implant is of the size of a grain of rice. Another name for the GPS implant  is PLD, personal  location device.

“Once inserted into a human, the device can be tracked by Global Positioning Satellitetechnologyand the information relayed wirelessly to the Internet, where an individual’s location, movements and vital signs can be stored in a database for future reference.”

According to an article published in, the Justice system is interested in the GPS implantable chip, but the recharging issue is still a problem. For a GPS implant to be useful to law enforcement, the recipient should be unable to remove it by picking it from under the skin. A person should not be able to visit a tattoo shop and have it removed. A final challenge is ensuring that the GPS implant works reliably in GPS-impaired environments, such as underground subway tunnels that lack direct line-of-sight to GPS satellite signals.

GPS implants exist since at least 1997, see picture of U.S. Patent Below.


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14 thoughts on “The Verichip – RFID and GPS

  1. Nope, they do NOT need some kind of chip for a tracking device! Start thinking and researching smart computers and satellites. Once the perpetrators have their target, that person’s mind is like a finger print to these super computers. It can and will follow a target any where on earth. God help us all…

    • That is very true, i have been trying to figure what means they use verbally communicate with my inner ear and physically attack me at any point on my body for years now. I dont think it is RFID as they can see and hear what i see in real time.

      • yes, the same thing is happening to me. Radio waves. Remotely controlled by supercomputers, via satellite. This technology is evil. Remote Neural Monitoring/microwave hearing. If you place both of your index fingers tightly in both ears and listen you can hear the pulses trying to get through your fingers.

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  3. I have been implanted with chips. I have been trying to find help to put an end to all this terror that the chips produce. But where in Germany or europe can I get and find help?? I would be happy if someone could help me out.

  4. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  5. Good day. I was suggesting to someone on buying a tracker (such as the rfid) on animals (cattles to be specific) due to the rise in loss of it through stealing in my area, and I was asked to make more enquiry on its effect to the animals, range of tracking, compatibility with the type of animal in question, how it is been sold (quantity and quality), and also it cost. Please can I get more information narrowed to my enquiry?
    Thank you in anticipation.

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