Eric R. Naeslund The Human Brain Project HD

Cybernetics and bio telemetry. Experiments on human beings. The State using individuals for medical experimentation and developing brain control systems with implants and supercomputers able to control large populations and individuals. The perfect tool to create the state within the state.

This is a lecture by R. Naeslund in Stockholm Sweden about the Human Brain Proejct that is still going on today in Sweden in the US.

Jose Delgado (José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado)

Jose Delgado

Jose Delgado

Jose Delgado wrote around 500 articles on implantation of electrodes in brains of humans and animals and believed in a “pscyhocivilized society”, in which people could alter and influence their own brain functions with the help of electrodes. He implanted around 25 patients with electrodes and published a book in 1969 about his ideas and research.

One of his patients tried to resist the remote influence but couldn’t. Another one was moving his head from the left to the right all the time and insisted that he did so by his free will. A 25 year old woman smashed the guitarr that she played peacefully just a second ago to the wall, after stimulation of a region in the limbic system, which regulates emotion.

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