Radio Frequency Scan and Meeting in London, April 2012

TIs from Europe and the US met in London in order to scan their bodies and brains for Radio Frequency emissions. It is not normal for a human being to emit radio waves from consistent areas of their bodies, like the ear areas, spine areas, heart areas and brains.

Since December 2011 Jesse, Peter and Lars, founders of ICAACT went on tour, determined to scan TIs and sometimes the general public on request, for RF-emissions from their bodies in the US and Germany. The scan is however preliminary. It is just the first of 3 steps.

According to ICAACT, the three phases of the testing are:

1. Preliminary scan for (RF) radio frequency emission from the Human Body.

2. Obtain medical imaging of the area that has shown emission of RF frequencies.

The aim is to locate possible foreign bodies, UBO’s (Unidentified Bright Objects)

3. Final scanning for RF emission is done in a controlled environment. This is a repeat of phase one in a certified shielded room, also referred to as a faraday cage, to rule out the possibility that the signal might come from an outside source.

4. Surgery, under video monitoring to obtain, possible physical evidence admissible in domestic and international Court)


Upcoming Scanning Sessions by ICAACT 2012

London, United Kingdom – EU (End of April)
Munich, Germany – EU (Still in Planning. Hopefully in May)
Copenhagen, Denmark – EU – (Presumably late spring or summer)

4 thoughts on “Radio Frequency Scan and Meeting in London, April 2012

  1. Hi I was trying to send an email to targeted individuals as I am one and I wanted to join their group I need to meet other people like myself in order to see what we can do about it, watching the video I was intrested in the radio scan and I would like one/ to be scanned I also need to meet up with these guy’s because I need witnesses please can you help me get in contact with these guy? Thanks. Dee.

  2. Hi looking for recent blog entries post late 2020 into 21..
    seems dew’s and remote neural monitoring stills well in focus..stay strong people!

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