Walter Rudolf Hess

Walter Rudolf Hess

Walter Rudolf Hess

(Born March 17, 1881, Frauenfeld, Switz. — died Aug. 12, 1973, Locarno)

Swiss physiologist. He worked at the University of Zürich (1917 – 51). His interests centred on the nerves that control automatic functions such as digestion and excretion and that also trigger the activities of a group of organs that respond to complex stimuli, such as stress. Using fine electrodes to stimulate or destroy specific areas of the brain in cats and dogs, Hess mapped the control centres for each function to such a degree that he could bring about the physical behaviour pattern of a cat confronted by a dog simply by stimulating the proper points on the cat’s hypothalamus. He shared a 1949 Nobel Prize with Antonio Egas Moniz.

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One thought on “Walter Rudolf Hess

  1. Now this post gets at the fundamental method used to induce autocrine control by external cues (mostly aided by the use of diuretic-doses water and beverages, and use of either dry ice or medical gases to induce slowed respiration and rapid heartbeat. By hitting the back of the neck, top of head and vagas nerve (upper shoulder/upper back and either side of the neck, once trained, the CNS will adopt the beat of activating microwave laser hits, usually on multiple locations simultaneously, by coordinated attacks.

    If you wear earplugs nightly, you will hear the CNS respond to light taps on the ‘trained’ nerve bundle locations. Sometimes, the coordination if crappy, and if you have good shielding, you will hear a virtual ‘rain’ of attack hits.

    If you hold a LED lit watch that lights up at night, it will either light for much longer than normal (by energy coupling with the microwave source) or much shorter (as the perps increase the energy in an attempt to short circuit this simple detection system. If the coupling is strong, it will cause a watch that can chime, to sound off.

    A small LED flashlight that has slightly reduced contact leads between the flashlight top and batteries, will also make a very good indicator, by blinking or brightening as a microwave beam is encountered.

    Infrared cameras can be used to provide photographic evidence of attacks when persistent pulsed fields are used to cause pain to sensitized joints and nerve nodes, or when coupled with infrasound attacks, to induce severe pain, urination and defecation and gas bloating, during the night, and at work or in public places.

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