Jose Delgado (José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado)

Jose Delgado

Jose Delgado

Jose Delgado wrote around 500 articles on implantation of electrodes in brains of humans and animals and believed in a “pscyhocivilized society”, in which people could alter and influence their own brain functions with the help of electrodes. He implanted around 25 patients with electrodes and published a book in 1969 about his ideas and research.

One of his patients tried to resist the remote influence but couldn’t. Another one was moving his head from the left to the right all the time and insisted that he did so by his free will. A 25 year old woman smashed the guitarr that she played peacefully just a second ago to the wall, after stimulation of a region in the limbic system, which regulates emotion.

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4 thoughts on “Jose Delgado (José Manuel Rodriguez Delgado)

  1. I am a victim of mind control. I know some basic facts that can explain most of your insights and experiences put forth and by similar individuals like yourself. First off this is Soviet Global Mind Control effected by targeting ‘vector waves’ from artificial magnetosphere/ionosphere some 10 to 50 km (rough estimation) from surface of the earth (the chem-trail stuff popularly misunderstood is simply replenishing the medium used for deflecting the energy at the target – if you understand the QED involved in light refraction in glass then you will understand the principle here). The impact energy (vector waves) originate from the east-west direction anywhere on earth and descend at an proximate angle of 45 to 60 degrees. These energy pulses impact any matter to demodulate by thermo-elastic energy process. When a human is targeted the bones (skull) are used to demodulate the energy into coherent ‘mental thought’(thought webs). This could be a dream, a subliminal suggestion or electromagnetic frequency pattern that initiates a physiological process. These mental thought webs are transferred from another unfortunate individual trained to attune to your personality and your ‘self’ in order to enable to drive your consciousness (mind control). The effectiveness of this modality is dependent upon your ability of self awareness or knowing yourself. The more you are attuned to reality and your ‘self’ the better chance you have to become aware of the process and prevent control. Unfortunately there is another way to control individuals that uses a linguistic method (semantics) as opposed to thought webs as briefly described above. The linguistic method can be subliminal (into subconscious) or pure voice as conveyed by the ears (into consciousness). For this to be enables the Soviet perpetrators have to implant a device into your inner ear and one inside the ear canal (if you are a victim you will have scar tissue on the tympanic membrane in your left ear). Contrary to other theories the implants are 1-2 mm in length, 0.5 mm in width and round with pointed ends. Victims can easily find these at other areas of the scull (two on frontal lobe, behind the ears, anterior left temporal lobe and the occipital lobe on bony ridges) by placing 0.5 to 1 cm thick rubber over suspect area and discover a seismic-like wave front that generates a kinetic force effect (seismic-like pulse). To disable the implant you can dig it out if you can see it (sometimes when inserted fresh it can be dug out, the location revealed by small lesion), otherwise impact the spot with a blunt object to disable it. Note that these implants in the scalp are used to fabricate the manifestation of mental illness which is then used to discredit you and do away with you – this happens if you are uncontrollable and you learn out too much of the truth. To disable the implant in the ear canal place polystyrene beads into the canal all the way to the ear drum. This will interfere with the device by producing a metallic buzz (this means that transmission is out of sync). To disable the inner ear device used to read/listen to your sub-vocal thinking place rubber muffs over your ears (left ear is the one used but when this is disabled sometimes they will do the same to your right ear which is not as effective due to language processing being done on the left side). Then cover your head with a carbon fibre helmet that fits snugly over your head. You must sleep with this stuff on your head or you will be brainwashed (I know -not very comfortable).
    There is also sleep hypnosis which is used to control people. Just quickly, this is effected by impacting energy pulses at you left lobe (about the temple, just next to the ear –technically the anterior temporal lobe) to ‘inject’ thought webs during the hypnogogic stage of sleep (first 20 minutes or so before you fall asleep). You may become aware of the process by ‘hearing’ voices or being woken up unexpectedly during sleep thinking you have been dreaming – this may be repeated during the night until you become responsive (sorry this is very brief but it will give you some idea as to what is going on). To prevent this process you have to have your head covered with carbon fibre as only carbon will stop coherent demodulation by thermo-elastic process and prevent penetration of electromagnetic energy (magnetic energy can get through but the brain is an electromagnetic ‘device’ requiring both).
    Then there is the process of alter identity creation what I call ‘meta- id’ – this is the most dangerous and effective form of control as it uses all aspects of other methods. The process here consists of subjecting the victim to horrifying dreams (this process is popularly known and misunderstood as sleep paralysis), then the victim is regressed to a child-like state and a new personality is created which is controlled by subliminal suggestions. When you are subjected to this process you will have a series of mornings waking to find that you feel like you did not sleep well and did not get any quality rest. The control of you will be slow and gradual at first to get you used to switching from one personality to next. If you are keenly self-observant you may notice a kind of mind flipping that causes a momentary foggy state and perhaps some instantaneous vertigo. This is the id switching. Initially you will be given simple tasks which do not stray from you norm, and when they have you well attuned they can have you do things which are against you morals or interest. While in this state you will be controlled to remember and forget selective events so as to create a fabricated experience and history. The selective forgetting is achieved by blanking your temporary memory, again in the anterior temporal lobe but a different frequency (sorry, again I skip a lot of detail but you will get some idea).
    Finally, beware of medical practitioners as some are victims themselves, especially if they come from other cultures (good psychological reason for this), and some are crypto-communists usually the psychiatrists or heads of psychiatric units.
    And remember, it is not the CIA or the US government (they are victims!), or the Bildeberg group, Illuminati, etc., or the aliens – this is just a distraction – it is the Soviets in every country of the world. To promulgate and expose this system it is the government and the intelligence agency of your country that you should go to inform. Unfortunately many government officials and the elected representatives have been specifically selected because they are susceptible to mental suggestions and you will find it hard to communicate meaningfully and effectively with them (you will know this when nothing is done after you inform them). You will not be able to get close to those who are well informed and self aware because even these people will be situationally manipulated by third party to your disadvantage.
    You should know that internet is manipulated especially for you; if you research, articles will be created and served up for you to find and mislead you. Anything that you think that you have found on the internet that is significant and true –it is not! Nothing that reflects facts about mind control is allowed to be placed on internet. You might think that you have created a web site that many people can see but it is only you and perhaps some delusional individuals. That is why you will not read this; or anybody else who can think on the internet. That’s right I am wasting my time because I know that the perpetrators would never allow material like this to surface. So if you by some miracle read this, copy it and distribute it.
    Finally, above all know yourself; the best defence against this abuse is to know about brainwashing, hypnosis, alter identity and the basics about the workings of the brain. Keep your feet firmly rooted in reality, do not think you know something without evidence or firm and multiple ‘indicators’, procrastinate and think again; and know real history (now even history is manipulated).

    • I think that you don’t understand what really is talked about here.

      This is all caused by electromagnetic pulses. They calibrate lots of intensities, frequencies or whatever they can modulate into the signal the use to manage your brain PHISICALLY,with waves, emulating the natural processes of your mind.

      They force the cells to work as they do in the natural form. They FORCE the cells to produce energy and comunicate with other cells as they do it when you order them to do it.

      When they are beginning the tune of your mind, a computer works hard on it, hitting your mind everyday, every hour and minute an second. One logical symptomps is that you see how you start to eat lots of sugar and flavour (these things are the ones which produce energy faster for your cells -candies, ice creams… and industrial flavour in all ways, lots of cakes…) , and you can also conclude that it’s is due to a higher mental activity, because you can feel it. Your brain is processing lots of energy.


      They tune the frequencies your mind use for doing everything. After that they make you mind work just activating that frequencies. And that’s all. Whatever your mind does, there is a frequency that activate it.

      They can simulate everything on you. And you have nothing to do for avoid it.

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