Neural Decoding, Synthetic Telepathy, Mind Reading – Video by TIs Europe

The power of surveillance is already dangerous. What happens when this surveillance includes your mind, reading your every thought, every feeling, every emotional state? Can you be sure that the Government and Companies won’t be tempted to use the technology to control, enslave and create remote controlled brainwashed individuals? Great workers and wonderful consumers? Can you be sure that you won’t end up in a Minority Report Scenario having your right to live removed? Under the course of modern history, we have seen how governments have played big brother for people, and thanks to authority and trust, they have not respected the human rights of people: innocent people have been subjected to mind control experiments, as in MK-Ultra, syphilis experiments, torture and other kinds of humiliating things. The last thing that we want, is to let them imprison anyone, based on the assumption that some ideas are dangerous. The last thing that we need is for them to create mind – remote controlled individuals, with no ability to think for themselves, and express their human rights and individuality.

Get ready for the future! Question! Inform yourself!

Since the emergence of national states, Government have been interested in creating predictable individuals that could be easily controlled. They have been involved in categorization of individuals, based on race, ethnicity and color, but also on genes, leading to sterilization, or mental or emotional “stability” leading to the emergence of medication and the psychiatry… According to a documentary done by Adam Curtis, the wish to predict and control, had a lot to do with the Government’s need to protect the economy from depression, like the one in the 1930s. But even Utopian wishes like the communism led to total control. Some countries already have laws that ensure that an individual can be jailed, solely on the suspicion that the individual “might” do something.
No matter how noble those in power thing that their cause is, or what covers and justifications they might use, it is and will be of little comfort for the victims of yet another form of control – maybe more dangerous then any other.

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