GPS-Tracking: The Nano Guardian Anti-kidnapping chip is activated when bio sensors sense distress

Here is a new generation tracking device that can be implanted into the human body. The chip is FDA-approved and functions as a RFID-chip (radio frequency identification chip) and is GPS-enabled, that is, it can track individuals down through satellites. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The positioning is real-time, with no delays. The chip is small and usually implanted between the shoulder and the elbow area of an individual’s right arm.

Moreover, the chip can sense a person’s distress, thanks to bio-sensors.

Furthermore, the NanoGuardian chip, is able to transmit, using radio frequencies normally allocated to GSM cellular networks, a distress signal that alerts about a kidnapping taking place. It is bio-sensors that, embedded in the chip, can transmit this kind of information.

More over, the chip can monitor a person’s stress levels and heart rhythm.

This new interface represents the next evolution in the development of an implantable sensor that relies on active RF technology to continuously monitor and transmit in vivo stress levels over an extended period of time.

Is it why Targeted Individuals are constantly kept under distress? So that they can be tracked down? I have often stated that the bio-sensors or implants work best the more emotional, mental and psychological pain there is. That would explain all gang stalking and all harassment. It would mean that the TI is molded to suit the technology. As the biosensors, when “activated” also send information to a remote location, GPS tracking is also enabled. The copying of the nervous system and the mind uploading and the tracking, happen all at once.


22 thoughts on “GPS-Tracking: The Nano Guardian Anti-kidnapping chip is activated when bio sensors sense distress

  1. I have been researching subdermal gps tracking devices for months now, and can with this say that the do not exist. This is truly mind games, the gps signal can not penetrate water nor a person. And the rfid chip is passive that means that the reader has to be closer than a foot,,,, from the chip.. Best Regard TI-Norway

  2. There are 2 types, yes-one is passive and a person has to be near the implanted one to set the device off. That said, they also use electromagnetic frequencies to ebeam, and acoustic transducers to radio-frequencies-to the target. Some are done consensual, others are done without the person’s consent and it is illegal. They silence a person so they will appear nuts. My opinion: Stand-up, and speak-out than get a good lawyer. One maker, Verichip is located in Florida, USA

    • Now that I’ve been a TI another year, I take the statement above back. I agree with this posting. It seems they need us up, moving for the emotional, mental and psychological adrenalin. I too have went without GPS, Cellphone and electricity to no avail. They will prey upon TIs with air and ground support. According to other TIs who’ve been victimized longer, they’re getting much worse. Its the Nanotechnologies combined with wires and implants — anything for these sick universities and DARPA and others.

  3. I have been a TI since 2007.
    I believe I may have an internal bio gps tracker.
    Does anyone have more info?

  4. I traveled from city to city and state to state, using cash, changing vehicles, carrying no electronics, watch, computer or phone. I dropped all luggage, shoes, coats and bought a car within one hour for cash from a private individual whom I never made contact with before after traveling 8 hours from another state and still the OSEH followed me within 24 hours.
    I had x-rays taken of my hands, arms and neck, nothing shows, perhaps it is elsewhere in the body or I need an MRI. In the course of my harassment the perps have entered my premises daily, contaminating all of my personal belongings, my bedding and my food and once poured the chemicals directly into my hair at the base of my neck while I was sleeping; they had ample opportunity to place a nano tracker on my person.

    • recording the biological signals you emit and assigning a tracking number to your individual frequency would possibly work. I would also like to suggest to any one that is targeted that the purchase a parabolic listening device and a digital recorder, I placed mine in our garage and was able to locate the address where our attackers transmit from. A few background checks and now I can rule out God/Devil speaking to me, just some demented people spying on strangers. I am unable to stop them and they are not able to ever stop monitoring me, the microwave signals when concentrated hurt. I get very hot at times.
      The mylar emergency blankets do work. fold in half and keep away from body.

    • You are dealing with non-human 4th dimensional entities. Obviously you are of great spiritual value and importance to them or they wouldn’t want your luce energy. They are feeding off of you like vampires. We are all be tracked, dear. Some more so than others…

    • Fred, é séria a sua observação?
      Sou vítima e sou do Brasil > as tecnologias são avançadas no mundo todo pelo poderio em governar o mundo e controlar o homem
      Nossos predadores naturais , acabaram – o homem tem armas
      O homem explora o homem
      Esse pensamento capital faz nova a forma de escravizar
      Siga a linha do raciocínio de que Américas, parte da África e Ásia são maioria de territórios saídos ou tentando sair de ditaduras
      Enquanto militarismo em poder os implantes foram involuntários por décadas, em hospitais de emergências e internações
      Por que você não verifica, ao invés de ironizar e perceber que sua afirmativa é sua mente controlada para não acreditar?…
      Entre em contato com as pessoas da página

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  6. preciso dizer
    alerte aqueles que conheça, mas calcando\apertando, deslizando os dedos em forma de pinça no ante braços, próximo ao cotovelo (lado interno) e ao longo do ante braço (pelo meio do membro na direção do dedo mínimo), saiba que ao perceber na carne deles eles passam a entender rapidamente
    pergunte quem colocou
    pergunte porque deixou
    pergunte quando foi
    dessa forma em choque a percepção é direta
    alerte sobre quadrilha em hotéis e hospitais, táxi, …
    qual suposição
    e diga porque essa pessoa não lembra
    compreenderá a lavagem cerebral e tudo mais criminosamente, como procedem
    aqui no brasil, faço isso com as clientes nas lojas
    alerto, você deve ser artista pornô e desconhece!

  7. I don’t think that they have to use chips to target someone. There might be nano-particles in food and from chemtrails etc that people consume unwittingly to make them more noticeable to the government or whoever else is behind this.

    But essentially, the equipment that they use is meant to be used for warfare purposes, but of course, it has also been designed, intentionally no doubt, to be used on civilians to obtain full spectrum dominance or absolute control over them.

    I am a TI and have been tortured for years (at least 25), not knowing truly what it was until about 2 years ago. I was made to feel it was all supernatural. It isn’t. They crept upon me by stealth and have chipped away at the foundations of my life until they made it fully collapse at the end of the 90s.

    I do know that they use the electromagnetic spectrum to target people. And as someone in the UK, I have found out from an Ofcom chart that practically all of the known frequencies, not used by broacasters or cell phone operators, are under the control of the military or Ministry of Defence here. So they use the ‘spectrum’ as they like to call it as part of the UK’s defence network and it forms part of the missile defence network.

    They can use any band of frequencies to triangulate your position. And the growing cell phone or mobile phone industry has helped with expansion of targeting. All cell phone masts are electro-magnetic wave transmitters and they have something called phased array antennas. They can be used in a passive mode to locate someone, and also have beamforming capabilities to attack someone.

    Satellites are also used in the targetting of someone. You can pick up the attack waves using something called a spectrum analyser. You can measure the power levels of different frequencies. Aaronia in Germany make more affordable handheld models. The frequency range they like to use the most is from 30 megahertz to 450 megahertz. They can use cell phone frequencies of around 800 megahertz of 1900 megahertz and so on. But the lower frequencies penetrate the body most effectively and give rise to the Microwave Auditory Effect more readily (that’s where you get the voices from).

    You can also pick up the radionic sounds of the Voice to Skull with very sensitive microphones – usually from a spy pen camera. These should be amplified and the pitch changed slowed down and speed slowed down using free software like Audacity and you should begin to hear their evil voices coming through. Oftentimes you will hear things that you not consciously noticing. Frequencies I have picked up most intensely are ones between 30-80 MHz or megahertz. These are used according to Ofcom for military radiolocation purposes – ie tracking and targeting of something or someone! The reading levels I received were usually around -41 dBm (or decibel milliwats) – that’s a very high intensity of power. The Aaronia model, which measures frequencies from 10 megahertz to 6 gigahertz, also gives graphic pictorials of the attack waves. I have very many videos of these. But getting someone to help you is very difficult, because you are maligned so much and doctors and so on just love to join in! The final solution to stop being targeted may be to target the class of people that perpertrate this against you directly. What I mean is if they attack you, then you should attack them or disable their systems and apparatus that allow for that. I believe truly that that’s what it will take for TIs to see this stop. There’s so many evil groups involved in this, ie security services, police, military, politicians, geo-politicians, banksters, evil corporations, many, many churches and so on – and war is literally waged against unwitting people using weaponised technology, that would usually be used in a warfare situation – if they keep threatening you and your life, do the same to them and mean it. God is NOT going to save you. He just sits on his hands and allows these people to get away with it. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO TAKE THEM OUT.

  8. I was thinking if only anyone here have an idea, to advance the technology
    everyone has an ID been registers as were we born, if we can in-hence the chip that we hold in our daily life as tracking device thing might be useful. showing our location while been abducted, so the authorities can find us .

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