Mr. James Walbert’s, Removal of Foreign Bodies: Doctor’s Letter of Damages

James Walbert, American inventor, has been secretly implanted a few years ago, and because of complications after implanting the cochlear implant while he had been asleep for an unnormal amount of time, discovered several implants and went to court, won the law suit, but the harassment didn’t really stop. The reason is that the implants are remotely activated or activated even by his own nervous system. Here is the Doctor’s Letter, explaining the murderous damages of the implants.

“The foreign bodies are composed of an implantable self powered piezoelectric generator (generates 288 MHz) that is interfering with his normal muscle stimulation and severe overstimulation of site specific muscle contractions, which interferes with his normal life and work activities. The advanced nano piezoelectrical devices also create an electromagnetic field that causes area cellular degradation, which will lead to increased malondialdehyde production and its 22 sub-metabolites. These compounds are the chemical initiators of various forms of cancers and other chronic diseases.”

Read more on Deborah Dupre’s site about Targeted Individuals.

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24 thoughts on “Mr. James Walbert’s, Removal of Foreign Bodies: Doctor’s Letter of Damages

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  4. My name is Gwen and I live in south west Idaho USA, I never dreamed this could happen here, but it has , I know this because I am a victim. the organized stalking, I believe I have been implanted because my sleep pattern has changed, my head hurts and burns, the loud ringing and tones I hear all the time, property getting torn up a little at a time ,the noise harassment when I go outside, almost getting run off the road, a lot of air traffic and on and on. My husband and I were looking forward to retirement and now it’s all about surviving . please reply, I need to know that there are people out there that care.

      • i have proof that I have a chip inside my left thigh, xray, electrical wire finder, ct scan, but no doctors want to remove it. I have 5 Dr. confirmations that its there but no help. I have a few pics on my instagram, AER512 . This was done by a sheriff in Orange County while I was a resident in San Clemente CA. I will pay anyone money to help me remove this chip.

    • I am a target individual my self my asalent came into my house while I was sleeping under a sleeping pill and placed it in me now they are torture me daily. If you know someone that can help me please write back

    • Hello, I believe I was implanted with one of these chips and was wondering how James found these foreign objects in his body? I went to the ER today to get an xray and they did not find any foreign objects. I have been hearing voices in my head, experiencing telepathy, and have just felt like people are watching me everywhere I go.


  5. My name is Tanya and I am a victim and targeted individual. I wrote the President last night about the dangers of directed energy weapons but I realized this morning that many victims are part of the abuse of rehabilitation. The FCC allows the M-Band to be used for the remote neural monitoring of victims in their homes without consent. I am a woman and I don’t exercise I have never been in any accident yet I am dealing with induced muscle enlargement and extreme muscle spams that caused me to gain 25 pounds in 2 days and is documented by the Aventura Hospital. These abuses continue and we must know that the government funds the experiments and the perps may work in Hospital facilities and not just fusion centers. I had a simple tonsillectomy in 2008 and I believe I was implanted with a ICT chip to cause involuntary movements to my body and changes to my skin color. the use radio frequency like Haarp to move my skull and bones in my body. I can view tiny silver particles all over my body. I am under Police harassment and they continue to defame my name for no reason.

    • I, Aldinilson Carlos da Costa, Brazilian, American Citizen: I lived in Belaire Condominium when it all started, where I moved out several times, and they follow me. I lived in Pine Tree Condominium at 418/47 Lock Road Deerfield Beach Florida 33442, when beginning radiations and magnetic waves be seding in my direction again. The neighbors who lived behind my bedroom and what lived below the apartment I lived and neighbors who lived downstairs from the left side, together they sent radiations and magnetic waves in my direction. In this period I received a death threat on 05/12/2013 on my cell phone number 954.839.0852. I called to the police (911) , but the police said it was a wrong call. The pressure was so great that I finished move out. I moved in to TideWater Estates Condominium at 1804 Mariner Place, Deerfield Beach Florida 33442. When they began to use the houses in 1802, 1806, 1808 same street and two backyards from the house that I’m living, the yellow house and white house the owners sendind radiations too. The others owners homes around in the TideWater Estates Condominium, they are sending radiations, magnetic waves and laser rays. I talked to the polices, but they do not believe me. They (gang) follow me, they sending radiations even when I’m driving, magnetic waves, radiations and laser rays, They (gang) follow me at the gym in YouFit Club at 1309 W Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton Florida 33486. I’m working at Brazilian Depot on 700 SW 10th Street Deerfield Beach Florida 33441. They (gang) are using the house to the left side from Brazilian Depot, in from that house on the corner someone in there sends radiations too. I work from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM Monday to Saturday. They’re sending radiations all the time, when I’m working, taking a shower,when I’m sleeping. When I’m driving. I know they’re gonna kill me and I as American Citizens do not have help. I can not live from one side to another. When I’m driving they follow me. I just wanted someone to help me, but this is impossible, so far. Nobody wants to help me…. Please help me out that they’re going to end up killing me. I’m not quiet all day, they chase me all the time. I’m not marginal. I went with this case in the Police Station of Deerfield Beach Florida and they did not believe me. They (gang) are killing me day by day.What happined with JAMES WALBERT’S CASE, IT’S HAPPINING WITH ME. I beg you all to help me, solve this problem, I guarantee that all true. I e-mailled for CIA, FBI, INTERNATIONAL HELPS, ALL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS, BUT NOT HELP, SO FAR. They’re sending radiations or magnetic waves that leaves my body numb these radiations or magnetic waves coming from the house number 1808 when I’m sleeping. The owner number of the house 1806 she left but someone in that house is sending radiations on me. I hear someone in the house warking.

  6. Hi, I am victim of Microchip implant, I have located my microchip which is embedded deep in my nervous system, I am sure the one I located is not the only one as I feeling vibrations in different parts of my body mainly left arm. I know my thoughts are being heard by the perpetrating stalkers who are camped in a bed and breakfast hotel across the road, I have created a forum on facebook and I would like others to join it too, my X rays are available on face book, go to this link
    or write to me on my email:

    Thanks and kind Regards

  7. To anyone who can help,

    My name is William Howard Wilder III and I am a victim of the same injustice that was done to James Walberg. This was done in Atlanta GA without my consent between 200 and 2002. I was beaten up badly outside a night club and when I went to the hospital I did not have insurance. They released me that night after showing me an X-ray which had only four fractures in my orbital bone.

    Well after laying around doped up for five days my insurance was pushed through on a fraud by a restaurant employee (management) who liked me. My surgery finally commenced. My surgery was scheduled for four hours took fourteen! The doctor claimed my bone was so shattered they had to pick out pieces but that wasn’t what the original x-rays showed. Since then every time I do anything morally risque I am tortured and have been for over 12 years now. I am sure its not some inner splintered psyche either because my splintered psyche and I are impeccably agreeable together. I have also been tortured about not being a christian and harassed about things I didn’t do until they were satisfied that I was telling the truth.

    I even x-rayed my own head while working at a veterinary clinic and you could see something in it one med student who was about to get her doctorate told me (she disappeared suddenly and never came back to work after that day). That x-ray was stolen from my possession.

    I also have a 3 inch scar on the left side of my head exactly under the premotor cortex of the brain just as described in the second photo posted. Please refer to these photos of what I believe was done to me:

    Also, please refer to this company which is in GA and has been doing human trials since 1989:

    Please help if you can. I know what I know and I know that I am crazy but not crazy crazy and I cannot seem to get help without something or someone shutting me down.

    My contact information is:

    William Howard Wilder III.
    PO Box 5428.
    1092 Jupiter Way,
    Crestline, CA 92325.

    909-278-7467 Home
    909-782-1767 Cell

  8. hi my name is jane b delamere i am also a victim of an illegal forced microchip happened when visiting miami as a tourist in sept 2014.i need u rgent help.i am being electronicly tortured and harassad
    .i am in the uk now and iam being torturded .i am suffering radiation sikness from the microwave frequency they are using.i need urgent help with scanning and removal of this microchip implant.does any one know any doctors that do this /??please contact me as soon as possible.with any help.+447424985527

  9. andrea barrow Oklahoma Stillwater ive got a rfid chip in my head on my ears and behind my ears they put medican and the doctors are sayingnothings in my blood when I no there is ive even contacted the government but no one has helped me I need to remove these chips out of my ears very annonying if you no anyone who can remove this contact me at 405 612 6503

  10. andera barrow ive got rfid chip in my head and this person put bags behind my ears medican or drugs the doctors say theres nothing in my blood and I no there wrong causei stuck a needled into my ear and poped the bags behind them and black came out its very hard to find a doctor who can remove this and I have yet to find out whats in my blood I contacted the government 8mts ago but no one has yet to help me find out wahts in my bloo or someone to remove this if you no any one who can remove this call 4056126503

  11. Hi my name is Marbel I am a victim of organized gangs stalking electronic harassment and implantation. I been reading a lot of articles on electronic harassment and I have come to the conclusion the only way to get help is to come together as one voice. We need to educate the public on these horrific crimes. I believe in miracles. I believe the only way to stop this is coming together as one voice. We need to sound a alarm and get media attention. if you have any comments call me. 213 479 4241

  12. Need to find a place that is safe to have microchip removed. I have had it since I was a baby and it has taken my whole life and body away. my brain now feels blind and my body sick with any and all problems you can think of. death would be a welcome option if possible . nothing works. I was also taught all forms of education involving spiritual and chemical warfare. universal beliefs and many amazing things my body can now do. my brain is like a maze of knowledge. Proof of all kinds of existences. please get in touch with me

  13. Please get in touch with me and tell me where to go. My internet is being intercepted and I can’t get any support. I have all and any implants since I was a baby. Alt of trauma suffering. my family friends and children have been kept from me. my brain can do metaphysical things. I am afraid for my children. I live in bristol ct. 81 field st apt 8b. phone #860-385-3073.

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