Survival Strategies

Targeted Individuals might at first think that there are limited ways in which they could survive or cope with the targeting and it’s effects. But as time goes by, each and every TI will find the strategy that works. Often, these strategies will reduce the perpetrator’s power and empower the TI. There are millions of websites stating many things. What is stated below is a list of “survival strategies” that most TIs agree upon.

Finding balance again in your life and learning to cope, is a process. You might find out that some strategies help you more then others. Notice when you feel better and wonder why. Take responsability. It is your life and your happiness.

– Understand their methods and what you are up against, but do not take everything that you read as true or absolutely false.

– Stay “normal” and “calm”. React only when you are absolutely sure. Don’t assume that everything that happens is already decided by the perpetrators.

– Join us, talk to us, and “let it all out”.  Find support or friendship.

– Don’t be scared. The perpetrators use fear as a means of manipulation.

– Do not write and send letters to the government when you are under attack.

– How you express yourself to other people matters. Keep your speech as eloquent as possible.

– Realize that people are not ready to understand you or even support you.  Most people won’t be interested in giving up their comfort.

– Learn not to care when other’s do not care. Do not have expectations about other people.

– Do not give up in what you are doing. Keep going.

– Once you have found your balance, start finding a job or a source of income. Even if you are black listed you are still a member of society and have a right to live in it.

–  Accept and respect other Targeted Individuals opinions. They might express it differently.

– Assume nothing about the targeting and try to live like it didn’t exist in your life.

– Detox your body and take supplements: B-vitamins are very important, especially B12.

The programming of the TI is usually done in two ways:

1. NLP programming, that is, anchoring emotional responses to words, phrases or sounds.

2. Subliminal programming, that is creating a sense of “paranoia”.

For the first, use methods that any person that suffers from phobias might use. Read self help books and articles.

For the second, use some kind of noise (the radio on) as often as you can, especially when you sleep. Some of the targeted individuals claim that even the sound disturbances decrease while listening to music or at two sound sources at once: have the radio on for example while watching TV or listening to your favorite music at once.

For both, meditate at least 10 minutes a day. There are many tapes and videos online that will guide you through a meditation and relaxation session that will have a healing effect on your mind and body.

When dealing with the effects (an emotional or physiological response to a verbal insult, a word or a sound) try to change your posture as you were happy and proud. Changing your posture will change your state of mind and your whole feelings about it. Train on it at home. Imagine a certain situation that usually triggers attacks or negative emotions. In stead of giving into that negative state of mind, try to change your posture as you were happy and you didn’t care. Notice that your whole mindset will change.

The pain:

In order for the pain to decrease you might want to use something that is healing your magnetic field. There are many products on the market and there are some tips written here and there. Some TIs usemagnets, some TIs use power-balance bracelets 24/7, some go out bare foot in nature, some even find sun shine healing, some use mirrors in the bedroom.

Other methods is to laugh as much as possible. Watch comedies, joke around, make fun, remember fun things from the past.

8 thoughts on “Survival Strategies

  1. I am finding your website useful. It does not make me happy to see that others are suffering too but it gives me heart that I am not alone.

  2. I agree with the comment about laughing. Let me just post this sentence first as a test to see if I’m able to post here.

  3. Although I have spent some time to find the guilty morons, I stopped accusing anyone. As time goes by, you find out the perps within your neighbourhood, apparment houses etc. mostly in Germany they are poor minded STASI EX-dumnheads, who are payed by the bigger noses and who themselves pay the lowest of society who are actually doing the harm to innocent people.

    Best way is to reach out to others, speak properly and intensively about the TI issues and try to find out some good pieces of advice how to lower the physical pain, the psycho pain you will anyway, because they are non-humans animals, just reaching out for money, frauding insurances thus trying to compensate their very very low characters and behavioral attitudes.

    That moment when you find out for yourself and your beloved that you are being gangstalked and or electronically harassed, you could at least try to handle the issue best you can with other TI´s.
    Go out into public, to politicans, to majors etc. and tell them clearly and seriously about the gangstalking
    WHITE COLOR CRIME! Build up communities and do not have fear, they have fear that you might get them, too. I have already taken pictures of very bad guys, ( saved them at friends and family members far away) and I wonder how they might feel being disguised as the perps or more?!
    You can shoot fotos of their cars, of the perps, (in case you watched them ), of their backpacks when they leave the appartment early in the morning etc. Documentation of your injuries also helps, go and report to the police and judges – (though they might not react) one of them maybe would, just also keep them working, because they are the poor ones who had to hire 10 to 20 people per day! What important persons we must be or?!!! They have their budgets too, and do not forget they are not working for anything efficiently like fighting terrorism etc. No, they are just greedy to eat their complete money, money,money.They are the poorest of society by means of character, education etc. and they feel very important that they can act cowardly and kill and injure people from the distance. It is a new university degree: Diplom killer, Master Perp, Dr. Denunciant.

    I pray for all of us – you. best regards from germany heidelberg

  4. New Targets email:

    There is a movement called The Global Revolution and it’s the real deal. It’s a members only organization designed to properly inform targets, provide a network of other targets who are ready to fight against this, give us confidence and the knowledge to wake up everyday feel victorious! We have a plan and it’s going to work! Join us!

  5. This advice is not useful, since you do in fact need to keep on developing to care for others:

    – Learn not to care when other’s do not care. Do not have expectations about other people.

  6. For some reason my post is not shown, so here i try again.

    If I understand this advice correctly, it is not a useful one. Reason is that you need empathy in order to carry on as a whole person. However, if the advice is trying to say you should ignore when others dont care, then yes, in most situations that would be a good advice. Not always though. Because ignoring means creating distance in the long run, again reducing your ability to develop your empathy.

    “– Learn not to care when other’s do not care. Do not have expectations about other people.”

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